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A Rebel Leader Creating Business Transformation - Exclusive Interview With Maria DeLorenzis Reyes

Maria is an executive leadership coach and she helps CEOs and leaders go against the grain of corporate thinking to create cultures of belonging and high performance. While most of the consulting industry follows the model of traditional business, Maria is committed to helping leaders and their teams feel more connected, so they perform at a higher level than they ever thought possible. Maria's expertise spans leadership, training and development, product management, client service, business process innovation, and organizational process optimization. She is the creator of THE SCALE FACTOR FORMULA program and the creator and host of the weekly podcast and TV Streaming Series "Finding the Upside," launched in 2022.

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No, You Aren’t Crazy – We All Long For Things We Can’t Reach

As a psychologist, you would think that one of the hardest things about specializing in grief and loss would be sitting alongside people...

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3 Tips For Giving Comfortable Feedback

The topic of feedback is always a passionate one. We crave substantial, actionable feedback, yet sometimes struggle to deliver it...

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How To Stop Emotional Spending

Have you ever wondered how to stop emotional spending? Maybe your spouse or financial planner has told you to stop spending so much money.

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How To Regulate Your Emotions

Have you ever experienced a time when you couldn't control your emotions because of how upset you were?

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How To Reframe Rejection

Society has taught us that feeling rejected is a bad thing. Even the word itself sounds bad; it sounds close enough to ejection.

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10 Sleep Hacks Busy Professionals Need Now

Are you constantly hitting the snooze button? Exhausted by endless to-do lists? You're not alone. But what if the key to unlocking...

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Thinking About A Mindset Coach? 10 Reasons To Say Yes

Having a mindset coach by your side can truly transform the way you approach challenges and opportunities in life.

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3 Focus Areas for Successful Branding

Written by: Anna-Karin Lingham, Executive Contributor Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute...

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7 Simple Tips For Creating Healthy Habits That Stick

As a performance and change coach, I've seen countless individuals struggle to adopt healthy habits, only to abandon them shortly after.

Quote of the week

"The moment you remember you are the writer, producer, director, and main actor of your life... your greatest life begins."

Boost Organic Traffic With Voice Search

Voice search is changing how we think about SEO strategies because more people use voice assistants for online searches.

Why We Love The GLP-1 Medication For Weight Management

If you're struggling with your weight, I want to share why GLP-1 receptor agonists may be the medication you've been waiting for.

10 Mood-Boosting Habits To Improve Your Mental Health – Even In The Midst Of A Crisis

At some point in your life, you will have to contend with a mental health struggle or crisis. Although the causes for each person are...

Thriving With Chronic Illness — 12 Essential Strategies

Living with chronic illnesses often feels like an endless uphill battle, but it doesn't have to dominate your life. After years of trial...

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Brainz podcast

With Maria DeLorenzis Reyes - What Is The Best Way To Train And Develop Someone?

As the CEO and Founder of Training Innovations and MDR Brands, she has helped thousands of businesses, both large and small, to restructure, grow and transform. Maria's mantra, “Transformation is on the other side of implementation,” encapsulates her approach to achieving real business change through innovative thinking and proactive leadership.

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