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A Rebel Leader Creating Business Transformation - Exclusive Interview With Maria DeLorenzis Reyes

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Maria is an executive leadership coach and she helps CEOs and leaders go against the grain of corporate thinking to create cultures of belonging and high performance. While most of the consulting industry follows the model of traditional business, Maria is committed to helping leaders and their teams feel more connected, so they perform at a higher level than they ever thought possible. Maria's expertise spans leadership, training and development, product management, client service, business process innovation, and organizational process optimization. She is the creator of THE SCALE FACTOR FORMULA program and the creator and host of the weekly podcast and TV Streaming Series "Finding the Upside," launched in 2022.

As the CEO and Founder of Training Innovations and MDR Brands, she has helped thousands of businesses, both large and small, to restructure, grow and transform. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, cultivated over many years while working with a variety of clients across numerous industries and through numerous changes. Her impressive track record includes working with over 1600 companies across more than eight business sectors, presenting over 5800 times, and training over 200,000 people.

She is a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach (PECC), Certified Master NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy (TLT). A passionate advocate for female entrepreneurship, Maria actively supports women in business through education, mentorship, and by challenging outdated societal norms. She serves on the advisory board for Seton Hall University's Stillman School of Business CX, Customer Experience program and is committed to continuous learning and personal growth.

Maria's mantra, “Transformation is on the other side of implementation,” encapsulates her approach to achieving real business change through innovative thinking and proactive leadership.

Maria DeLorenzis Reyes
Maria DeLorenzis Reyes

Can you start by telling us about your business and how it makes a difference for your clients?

Training Innovations and MDR Brands are dedicated to helping businesses achieve real transformation through comprehensive training and consulting services. We assist leaders and their companies in identifying barriers to growth and productivity and then provide tailored solutions to overcome these challenges. Our approach is rooted in innovation and practical implementation, which empowers leaders and teams to drive sustainable change.

Training Innovations and MDR Brands are about bringing change to companies, and people. My businesses provide solutions to problems that I saw weren’t getting solved; what I experienced in the corporate workplace over my time there was something I wanted to fix, and my brands offer solutions to those problems that I still see today in companies I get called on to work with.

Training Innovations offers a range of training and consulting services. Can you describe these services?

We provide a variety of services including customized training programs, business process optimization, leadership development, project management, and client service enhancement. Our offerings start with a thorough needs analysis to ensure that the solutions we deliver are aligned with our client’s unique requirements. We also offer direct consulting services, such as training program design and build, onboarding processes, strategic planning and business reengineering and assistance with system implementation projects.

Starting a few years ago, we have expanded to digital delivery and the products we create are now also used by individuals as more and more people are choosing to take control of their own growth. We offer online courses and group coaching for them to upskill or reskill to switch careers or elevate their own success in career growth rather than waiting for their employer to offer that. Creating digital products has allowed us to serve more people, all over the US and globally with ways to take charge of their own development.

Maria DeLorenzis Reyes
Maria DeLorenzis Reyes

What are some of the latest tools or methodologies you've incorporated into your training programs?

Due to the expansion into digital-physical products, we have incorporated lots of software and applications that are now available to create content, courses and assets that can be shared with our followers, subscribers and clients. Building on the mission to share the knowledge and insights I have gained is the foundation of the resources and products we are committed to creating to have a bigger impact and serve more people.

We all face challenges. Can you talk about some tough times you've had in your career and how they've influenced your path?

One of the toughest times in my career was transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Facing skepticism and resistance to change was challenging, but it taught me resilience and the importance of steadfastness in my vision. These experiences reinforced my commitment to innovation and helped shape my approach to helping others navigate their own transformations.

What would success look like for your business in the long run?

Success for Training Innovations and MDR Brands means serving more people and being a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking transformative growth. This includes expanding our reach, developing more innovative training products, and continuing to inspire leaders to focus on connectedness and transform cultures so teams can achieve their highest potential. Ultimately success is measured by the lasting impact we have on our clients’ growth and prosperity, in their businesses and lives.

Maria DeLorenzis Reyes
Maria DeLorenzis Reyes

What is the most common feedback you receive from your clients, and how has it influenced the evolution of your training programs?

The most common feedback we receive is appreciation for our customized approach and the tangible results clients receive. Feedback on our services shows us where we excel, and where we don’t. Having tangible feedback on what we do for our clients allows for us to improve our services and continue to evolve what we offer to adjust to changing demand.

Could you share an example of a significant transformation of one of your clients?

One notable transformation was with a company we worked with that was struggling with stagnant growth and high employee turnover. Through our needs analysis, we came up with a holistic strategy and tailored training program, where we addressed leadership issues, helped to transform the culture to one that supported growth and support and optimized business processes.

Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve for your business?

Looking ahead, I am focused on expanding the training and coaching products and services to a broader audience, both here in the US and globally. I plan to develop more innovative products and resources, publish books and produce talks and content delivered on the podcast, TV series and speaking on stages to promote leadership and diversity -- all to further support our mission of driving transformative change. Additionally, I hope to inspire and empower more women entrepreneurs, showing them that success in business is within their reach and available for them to achieve.

For more info, follow Maria on Instagram, LinkedIn and visit her website!



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