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Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Janifer Wheeler

Senior Level Executive Contributor

JoyFull Badass Whisperer™

Janifer Wheeler

JoyFull Badass Whisperer™

Janifer Wheeler is a rule-breaking entrepreneur on fire. After 25 years of assisting schools and small businesses with process design, internal structure, education, and workplace culture, she founded The JOYFully BadAss Business App™ to help side hustlers & solopreneurs break away from society's BS so they can be more effective in their DO LESS BE MORE productivity mindset. Her international speaking gigs focus on advocacy, empowerment, AND joy ‒ making it easier for introverted entrepreneurs to succeed! #JOYFullProductivity

The JOYFull BadApp is available for FREE via download on the App Store, Google Play, and World Wide Web!

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Tips For HR Leaders, DEI Professionals, And Allies – Strategies To Overcome DEI Fatigue And Burnout

Discover tips from a productivity & burnout prevention coach on combating burnout and fatigue for DEI and HR leaders.

How To Create A Stress-Less Week With An Effective Sunday Routine | The JOYFull BadAPP

Weekends often serve as a precious oasis of freedom before the relentless workweek begins.

Set Up Your Week On Sunday Like The BadAss Woman You Are

Sunday many of us, carries a daunting weight—the onset of the Sunday Scaries!

Unlocking Success – How AI Empowers Experts To Create Effective Microlearning

Hello there! Are you a coach, consultant, or author looking to expand your professional offerings and reach your revenue goals?

5 Mindset Shifts For Wildly Productive Days As An Overloaded, Introverted Female Entrepreneur

Alright, listen up all you boss babes, side hustlers, and small biz CEO’s! Running your own business is no joke.

Small Satisfying Sips – How Micro Modules Can Boost Your Business | The JOYFull BadApp

Are you tired of traditional e-learning techniques that can take weeks or months to implement, making it hard for learners to remain engaged

7 Tips For Delegating Tasks And Avoiding Burnout As A Busy Female Entrepreneur

Listen up, my fellow introverted, female entrepreneurs!

Microlearning Curriculum Writer – The Key To Effective Learning

As subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, or authors, you understand the value of learning and development.

Leverage The Fresh Start Effect To Achieve Your Productivity Goals

Ready to give your mind a fresh start this spring? It’s time to embrace the “fresh start effect.”

Are You Finding It Hard To Keep Up With The Mounting Demands Of Your Business?

You don't have to go at it alone! A productivity coach can help guide and support you so that you are tackling tasks smarter, not harder.

Entrepreneur Or Employee – You Decide | The JOYFull BadAss

Ok, let’s get real. We all know that the way our society approaches work is toxic AF.

Happy Procrastination Week – 3 Tips For Staying Focused | The JOYFull BadAPP

How often have you started the day with a task list that would make Santa Claus blush and end the day with nothing checked off?

EFF Burnout And The Horses It Rode In ON With Personal Productivity Systems | The JOYFull BadApp

If you’ve been working hard to make your life and business dreams come true, you’ve likely encountered The Four Horsemen of Burnout.

Three Steps For Releasing Self-Judgment And Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

How do you feel when you read the following words: I am already enough just as I am. Most people experience a combination of relief

How To Fall In Love With Yourself – Six Tips For Creating A Self-Love System | The JOYFull BadAPP

Although you may be a solopreneur or side hustler, you are not running your life and business alone.

Evaluate Your Existing Systems For Efficiency | The JOYFull BadApp – Productivity Coaching

Alright, Alright, Alright! Side Hustlers, solopreneurs, and small biz owners, it’s time to get your business systems in check.

Support Your 2023 Intentions With Systems | The JOYFull BadAss – Productivity Consultant

Have you got big-ass intentions for 2023? I don’t know about you, but I intend to launch The JOYFull BadApp

Screw Resolutions – Intentions Are Way Better

I’m sure you are familiar with the traditional approach to setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions.

I Interrupt This Launch To Bring You A Laminectomy – 3 Tips For Managing The Unexpected

I could use JOYFull Productivity to help me determine how to manage the unexpected.
Yep. I’m a witness and here’s my testimony.

Self-Awareness – WTF Does That Even Mean?

We’re all told we need to be more self-aware. But WTF does that even mean? I’ve spent the last few years of my life researching, reading

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CREA Global Awards presented to

Janifer Wheeler

JoyFull Badass Whisperer™

The CREA Global Awards is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition for their creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

Caroline Winkvist


Daniel Ålund

Selection Committee

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Brainz 500 Global Awards presented to

Janifer Wheeler

JoyFull Badass Whisperer™

Brainz 500 Global Awards is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition of their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.

Caroline Winkvist


Fredrik Elfqvist

Selection Committee

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

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