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Your Past Is A Terrible Indicator Of Your Future

Written by: Ashley Elich, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You can’t use your past to figure out what you want in your future.

When you were a kid, you hated vegetables (just me?), but now you like vegetables (some of them) or, at the very least, you eat them because they are good for your body.

What if you never ate a vegetable as an adult because you hated them as a kid?

Nevermind the health concerns…why would you base a future decision on your past?

What if you never loved again because you got hurt...What if you never applied for a job because you got rejected a few times...What if you gave up on your dream because it took longer than expected…

There are all of these old versions of you. I think of it like how a snake sheds its skin.

They are the old you, not the you that you’re trying to be right now.

We change and we grow. You’re allowed to change your mind about vegetables, about yoga classes, about that guy you’re dating, about your career, about where you want to live… You’re allowed to become a more patient person, more loving and open, more self-confident, and more ready to set boundaries.

You are allowed to want something different and new for your life.

This is the question: What would my future self do?

Personally, it overwhelms me to think about who I am in a year+, so I think about who I want to be in 30 days. I ask myself, ‘What would the 30-days-from-now version of me do?’ Or, ‘In order to be who I want to be in 30 days, what needs to happen today?’

These questions up-level my way of thinking. I am forced to think outside the box, to get creative, and to face the junk building up inside my head in order to take a step toward my desired future.

You can't make a new future based on information from your past. Are you ready to let go of the old you so that you can become the new you?

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Ashley Elich, Executive Contributor Braiinz Magazine

Ashley Elich is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in guiding her clients to make bold life changes from the inside out. Ashley teaches the mindset practices needed to guide her clients to stop people-pleasing, hold boundaries, and release fear, judgment, and comparison, so that they can discover their dream life, take action, and feel confident in their future. Ashley guides her clients to follow their intuition and make the big moves necessary to change the course of their future.



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