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Women’s History Month – The Connection Between Legacy And Leadership

Written by: Dr. Denise Moore Revel, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Happy Women’s History Month! This month we celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and recognize the many ways women have impacted our world. Women are leaving a legacy in all walks of life, from business to politics and from science and technology to the arts. It is important to recognize and celebrate these accomplishments and to recognize the progress that is still needed.

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This is a good time to think about how we can leave our own mark on the world, regardless of gender, and how we can build a legacy that will inspire future generations.

So how can we leave our own legacy? One way is to find something we're passionate about and make a difference in that area. Whether it is volunteering for a cause we care about, starting a business that solves a problem, or pursuing a career that allows us to make a positive impact, we can all find ways to make our mark on this world.

We can do this by also serving as a role model for others. By sharing our stories, our struggles, and our successes, we can inspire others to pursue their own dreams and make a difference in their own way. We can also support others by lifting them up, mentoring them, and advocating for their rights. If you are looking for ways to make a lasting difference that will help build your legacy and the legacy of those around you, here are eight more ideas you can start today!

  1. Notice others. It can be a challenge to actually see those who are right in front of you. Consider the custodian at work, the elderly man who walks his dog past your house each day, or the sales clerk at the convenience store. We all offer something of value to the world. Focus on who is around you and acknowledge their presence.

  2. Make a personal comment. A kind word, funny statement, or short conversation can make a positive impact on another person’s day – or sometimes, even their life.

  3. Emit positivity. No matter where you are, nothing has a greater effect than a positive person in the crowd. Be that person.

  4. Keep your eyes and ears open to the needs of others. Maybe an unemployed neighbor has a teenage daughter who desires to complete a training program for her dream career. Unfortunately, the program costs $500 and your neighbor cannot afford to pay this fee for his daughter. Can you? What would it mean to you and that young lady if you’re willing to pay for the training that will make her dreams come true? You’ll be exhilarated once you begin to give what you can to others in ways that will enhance their lives. You simply cannot imagine this feeling until you have experienced it.

  5. Be willing to give your time to something worthwhile. What if a friend needed to complete a class but had no babysitter for her child? Would you step up and offer your babysitting services free of charge? Think about how appreciative she would be. Perhaps, at first, she would not accept your offer. There may be times like these where you must insist in order to help another. The experience will be quite rewarding for you.

  6. Be brave. Whenever you reach outside your comfort zone to affect others, it will feel different, awkward or a bit uncomfortable at first. Embrace the idea of doing something to affect another person in ways you might not even understand or realize right now. Exude your confidence in the process. Try it and see what happens.

  7. Start your own “slush fund” for contributing to the lives of those who need it. The total amount is less important than your intentions to do something that matters. If you want to give a larger amount than you have right now, save a little at a time. If you save $50 a month, at the end of a year you will have $600 to contribute. You will be surprised at the opportunities you will discover to do something great for someone. Your generosity can change their life for the better.

  8. Think of the long-term effects of your contributions. When evaluating situations to determine whether to help, consider the long-term consequences.

Leaving a legacy is a daily practice, start by looking around you. It is exciting to know that with a bit of extra money, time, or work, you can dramatically change the life of another person forever. Commit now to make a difference and leave a legacy, just like the powerful women throughout history who have made our world a better one. You will be amazed at the renewed passion you feel for your own journey!

Leaving a legacy and the ability to be a strong and effective leader go hand in hand. Legacy and leadership are connected in that a leader's actions and decisions can shape the legacy they leave behind. A strong leader who prioritizes values such as integrity, innovation, and empathy can leave a positive legacy for future generations to follow. On the other hand, a leader who lacks these qualities may leave behind a negative legacy that can hinder progress and growth.

The daily practice of being a leader takes work, but it does not have to be difficult. It is also an ongoing practice – so you do not have to be perfect, nor do you start that way. Realizing this and more as a personal and professional development coach inspired me to think of ways to leave a legacy of my own. I created worksheets to give to my clients and students that help them meditate and take action towards the best leader they can be.

I would love to share the Leadership: Becoming the Leader You’ve Always Wanted to Be worksheets for free! This dynamic resource will guide you through a series of vivid exercises and activities designed to help you unleash your leadership potential.

Through our worksheets, you will feel the rush of excitement as you identify your strengths and weaknesses and the thrill of discovery as you set powerful goals for personal and professional growth. You will be empowered to conquer any obstacles in your path to success, as you learn from real-world examples and implement practical tips to become the inspiring leader your team deserves.

Do not wait another day to ignite your leadership potential. With our Leadership: Become the Leader You Always Wanted to Be worksheets, you will feel the urgency to take action and transform your leadership skills. Download now to begin your journey towards greatness!

Ready to unleash your leadership potential and become the leader you always wanted to be? Do not wait another day. Download our Leadership: Become the Leader You Always Wanted to Be worksheets now and experience the thrill of transformation!

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Dr. Denise Moore Revel, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Denise Moore Revel, PhD is a Thought Leader, Best-selling Author and Personal Development coach. She built a career and business in Speech-Language Therapy before realizing she had more to offer when it came to helping others use their voice. This revelation inspired her to become the CEO and founder of the Own Your Amazing Movement (OYA). OYA is a movement that speaks to women who are looking for the perfect balance of happiness and success in their lives. Dr. Denise helps her clients discover their personal power beyond their job title and accolades to achieve a fulfilling life beyond their wildest dreams.



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