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Why You Should Consider “Luxury Shoes” An Essential Investment!

Written by: Jason Eugene Moran-Smith, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Investment in luxurious shoes means not overlooking sophistication and trendier styles in favor of the classics. As with most things in life, every designer or “luxury” shoe is not created equal. There are shoes, then there are designer shoes, and there are “designer luxury” shoes. There is not considerable variance between a simple pair of shoes and a pair of designer luxury shoes for a common person until one comes across a pair.

The mere sight of a luxury designer shoe straightaway conveys a world of difference among ordinary shoes. Unquestionably, they are not called designer luxury shoes for nothing. A luxury designer shoe lives up to its aptitude any day, any time. A consumer just needs to be captivated whenever they simply encounter one!

Every outfit that people adorn, shoes play a significant part subsequently, it becomes very imperative to find the right kind of luxuriousness, and sophisticated luxury footwear with unique edges and style as your shoes alone have the power to break or make your look. A cultured and well-appointed pair of Shoes will allow you to be very well complemented with every complete ensemble you wear. Luxury shoes can take your style quotient up a notch. There are numerous means to explain the luxury of a shoe, from the material and the brand, among other things. These days Many individuals from every profession are passionate about shoes. Why do people across the globe just love shoes of every shape, color scheme, sole, and heel, to design, irrespective of their cost?

Many people have become famous for their passion and endless love for shoes. There are many luxurious options, such as Jimmy Choo's designs to J.E.M.S VIII. Such a vast variety gives you the choice and liberty to pick the most suitable. All people around the globe need to take out the time to know that they should invest in a good pair of luxury shoes. A good “luxury shoe” is worth the money! Here are some of the reasons that explain why your shoes are an investment:

Revitalization of confidence level

Shoes are indeed an investment as they play a significant role in the revitalization of confidence levels. Capitalizing in luxury shoes undoubtedly means that you are investing in self-confidence. Hence, the superior the shoes, the better the owner will feel. Instead, if somebody’s shoes are old and worn out, they usually tend to hide them. Such shoes will also lower self-confidence. Plus, old shoes have the potential to distract you from many imperative things that particularly need focus.

Hence, investing in a luxury shoe allows you to have a great day as it will boost your confidence regarding appearance. For example, whenever a person buys a new luxury shoe, they feel enthusiastic about using them, content, self-assured, and concentrating on what they are doing. Moreover, a luxury pair of shoes can affect relationships during an important meeting or a blind date as they will give an excellent first impression to every person.

Shoes are an investment as they help to put the right style.

The person who wishes to look sophisticated will assuredly purchase a luxury pair of shoes. Into the bargain, investing in a luxury shoe helps people to show off their signature style. For example, a pair of J.E.M.S. iii are made as statement piece of every look even a less expensive outfit can be dressed up, whereas such brands as Adidas or Nike will make anybody look to be styled more prominent in athletic and sportswear specifically. While shopping for shoes, it is imperative to recognize luxury shoes. Anybody wearing luxury clothing with cheap or poorly made shoes fails to make a good lasting impression as they will not blend well. So, it is wise to invest in a luxury shoe to have a fashionable and sophisticated overall look.

Luxurious shoes save money.

A well-appointed pair of shoes will assist you in saving money. Like so, you will end up making more reserves by having more prospects to buy an extra pair. In other words, you can also save money by capitalizing on luxury shoes rather than the cheap ones. However, most people think that buying a cheaper pair helps them save more money. This is not the case because a low-luxury couple with having to replace that shoe will eventually cost them more. If you invest in a poor-luxury shoe, they seem by statistics to have to be replaced every six months, although a luxury pair will take you a lot further. That is why less is more cannot be applied in this context, as the luxury corresponds to savings terms.

It leaves the unsurpassed impression.

It is incredibly significant to Cherry-pick luxury shoes prudent to make sure that shoe helps you develop your own unique, lavish style. If you are wearing authentic luxury designer shoes, everyone will judge your style based on the foundation you are standing on, the “SHOES.” So, always look for a luxury shoe that gives you the preeminent impression of elegance to your look. In the meantime, the appearance of everyone around the globe matters the most, no matter if you are going to work, the gym, or to a social gathering with friends. Everyone can make the best impression with their shoes, their clothes, and everything else will fall into place automatically. In addition, personality and character will also stand out with a luxurious shoe.

Upright for your feet healthiness.

Shoes are an investment, and a luxury pair of shoes should always be your first choice to wear because of the material they are made from. Furthermore, they retain the excellence to keep feet hale and hearty. Shoes of low luxury have the potential to cause severe complications to your feet. Underprivileged pairs of shoes can be the reason for bunions, bad odor, and severe foot disease. It will be sensible to go for superiority leather or materials that bids uncountable reimbursements to keep the feet healthy. While purchasing a pair of sports shoes, it is imperative to look for luxury when defining quality to give the equilibrium and helps to evade damages in the sports ground. So be wise and invest in the right pair of luxury shoes to keep your feet healthy and avoid circumstances that need to undergo a surgical procedure.

Be responsible for a comfortable experience.

It is very annoying, and you find it problematic to pick a shoe that gives a contented feeling. Nonetheless, if scratches approaches relate to your shoes, then their eminence is debatable. A good luxury pair of shoes every time provides a sensation of luxury. If you are buying a luxury shoe, it will be great to wear on copious occasions where you have to socialize, shop, or run. For instance, a pair of good athletic luxury shoes will always offer comfort and allow players to do all their exercises without thinking about their shoes. Correspondingly, when someone buys a pair of luxury leather shoes, it will be beneficial to wear them for a whole day, no matter how fatiguing the day is.

Bargains appropriate sustenance.

You must purchase a pair of shoes depending on the type of your feet. Your shoes must give your feet the desirable support. There are different types of feet, such as flat feet, a normal arch, and a low arch. Thus, people who have flat feet need to buy shoes made for feet with a high arch. This way, it is easy to avoid any possible injuries and pain. So, every time you invest in a luxurious shoe, you should purchase the right pair that will make you feel at ease by offering the proper support. At J.E.M.S LUXURY SHOE CO., every pair of shoes is custom made to order, and satisfaction guaranteed!

It is imperative to keep in mind all the conceivable reasons to capitalize on luxury shoes, as the shoes will encourage you to invest in yourself. It is not sagacious to hesitate while buying luxury shoes, as the well-appointed pair will help you make a suitable impression for years to come. Consequently, it is vital to invest in luxury shoes if you want to feel comfortable, look stylish, and have an asset that you can use for years.

Own Permanency and longevity.

Your interest in shoes has the potential to force you to invest in two or three pairs of cheaper shoes for the same price as a luxury pair. Many times, you can purchase a cheaper shoe at low prices, some even mimic or look the same, but if you look at the manufacturing of a good luxury shoe, there is an unprecedented quality in the manufacturing and craftmanship of an authentic luxury shoe that enables that authentic shoe to last for years. Even so, the making of the luxurious shoe always overshadows the copy kat version. By Choosing an authentic pair of designer luxury shoes with higher luxury leather (animal cruelty-free), you can feel better and more at peace about our environment and your unique style than synthetic cheaply glued rushed mass-manufactured pair of shoes with low-quality materials.

Good cruelty free-leather shoes are more long-lasting, serving as a better long-term investment for the buyer and guaranteeing more value for money.

Rallies Elegance

Excellent luxury shoes might be a bit more expensive, but they will always come in what we call classic styles. JEMS V, for instance, makes any outfit look amazing. It is a “luxury designer” statement staple. Take the example of a classic court shoe, which has been popular for many years and never goes out of fashion. It is equally famous in the workplace, where they portray a professional look or wear them out for a sophisticated dinner dates, where they always give a trendily modish look. J.E.M.S LUXURY SHOE CO partnered with ALIVE SHOES to make an impact by designing luxury shoe lines with the excitement of mixing various textiles and colors shapes and patterns, and Alive’s 100-year-old manufacturing.

An investment in your shoes will give you a professionally smart and smartly sophisticated look to every outfit you wear, guaranteeing self-assurance and confidence and your own style.

A good absorption and breathability

Foot odor is a big problem for many people, and shoes can alleviate this problem occasionally. Always keep in mind that shoes made up of genuine leather and materials with superior qualities can absorb dampness and permitting your feet to breathe easily. Therefore, a good luxury shoe creates less chance of embarrassment whenever you have to slip your shoes off. By investing in a good pair of shoes, you can be confident every time you remove shoes without fear of offending anyone with foot odor.

Improved Health and well-being

In this era of eating healthy and exercising more, it is essential to give more thought to your foot health. Many people who have rocked around in poorly fitting, low-priced bad quality shoes in their 20's and 30's are now paying the price in their 40's and 50's.

Good luxury and genuine leather and shoes made with the best quality materials have the potential to adapt the shape of your foot, assuring that your feet are well cared for the moment you step in. Such shoes will help you to avoid foot discomfort and many medical problems such as callouses, pain, or damage in the future. Thus, by investing in a good quality pair of luxury shoes, you always find ways to spend the money you will be saved and even buy another pair of “luxury shoes.”

Global Footwear Market Analysis

In this world of progress and development, the global footwear market has been on the rise by leaps and bounds. This is trendy because of the far-reaching increase in consumer spending configurations and a change in consumer belvedere. Because of such a merchandising revolution, major shoe corporations are experiencing phenomenal growth. The overall global footwear industry is not likely to slow down, as the worldwide demand for footwear is increasing at an impressive rate.

By observing the online and offline booming sales of footwear products, market analysts have assessed that the footwear market will make revenue of close to $353 billion by 2022. This will be one of the significant reasons to trigger the growth of the global footwear market even more quickly.

Top luxury Shoe Companies in the World

Some of the top companies to buy a good and luxury pair of shoes are:

J.E.M.S Luxury Shoe Co.

Now you know I was not, not going to “toot” or shout out my own company! J.E.M.S. is one of the most renowned new luxury shoe designers based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their primary goal is to change the way society thinks about buying luxury shoes. J.E.M.S. LUXURY SHOE CO. is a luxurious footwear company with an incredibly unique and sophisticated style.” I promise to deliver a custom luxury shoe to your door, satisfaction guaranteed.” Our shoes are supportive enough to maintain the body’s biomechanics to reduce disproportionate impact and stress on parts of the feet and knees. Other than physical improvement, our shoes make the wearer confident to participate in society by highlighting their induvial style, personality, and sophistication. Moreover, we not only offer a no-questions-asked return policy and free shipping to further make our customers satisfied and give them individuality among competitors.

Giuseppe Zanetti

This brand offers a very legendary style of men's and women's shoes. Their versatile collection of boasts and classic boots have the potential to grab the attention of every shoe lover. They offer lace-ups, different styles of tasseled loafers, attractive summer sandals, and practical slip-on in many styles. They offer many Boastings sportswear and glam-rock style men's sneakers which are a must-have for an urban style wardrobe.

Christian Louboutin

It is one of the world’s largest luxury shoe brands. At present, they sell over one million pairs of shoes in one year. They have approximately 150 department stores boutiques in 35 countries. This brand grew up in Paris. They believe that the design of their shoes can "make a woman look sexy and beautiful.” Comfort and uniqueness are their core characteristics.

Jimmy Choo

This brand is based in the East End of London, and they catered to the global jet set, including Princess Diana. This company was founded in 1996 with Mr. Choo’s niece, Sandra Choi. It is a leading global luxury brand working with an empowered sense of glamour. It is a British high fashion house specializing in luxury shoes and many other products. They have the power to inspire the world by grooming and polishing the personality of their shoe wearer.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs shoes infuse the sophisticated design with an unconventional touch. Block colors and masterful craftsmanship enhance the footwear and strengthen the personality of the wearer. This company was founded in 1997 by Mr. Marc Jacobs.

The growth of footwear inspires the major shoe companies to focus on improved luxury, quicker distribution, and personalization. All such factors are predominantly driven by comprehensive know-how, supply chain rebellion, and fundamental restructuring. Evolution and improvement on the industrial front guarantee that they can capitalize on a luxury pair of shoes without any apprehension. However, Adidas and Nike are two of the forerunners and are among the major shoe companies in establishing and executing customization performances. Such methodologies enable footwear companies to appeal to consumers and support the intensification of the feelings about brand loyalty. Consequently, inspiring people to make investments in luxurious and sophisticated pairs of shoes aboard.

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Jason Eugene Moran-Smith, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jason Eugene is a luxury shoe designer. After his mother told him she wouldn't buy a pair of luxury shoes for him, " The Penny Hardaway's," to be specific. Jason Eugene recalls, "my mother told me she wasn't buying named brand shoes unless my name was on them". I have had this seed planted since I was a kid to do just that, today we have J.E.M.S. LUXURY SHOE CO. " Jason Eugene has also overcome so many obstacles, including molestation, diagnosis of ADD, homelessness, incarceration, and addiction. After incarceration Jason Eugene dedicated the last 20 years of his life to global entrepreneurship and consulting. Jason Eugene found his freedom and his voice in the fashion world of luxury shoe design as the Chief Luxury Designer and CEO of J.E.M.S. Luxury Shoe Co., the newest luxury shoe brand to hit the market. J.E.M.S. promises to be fashion-forward, classic, but comfortable, and always luxurious. Jason Eugene is currently working on designs for a few celebrity clients and is already starting to work on his next three lines. I think it is safe to say this luxury shoe designer has a definitive plan, and it looks like he plans on being here for a while.


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