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What Might Be Holding You Back From A Success Mindset?

Written by: Abbey Dyer-Amonette, Executive Contributor

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I had a talented Female Entrepreneur tell me the other day, that her problem, was that she just could not get out of her own way. No surprise, high achieving women can often be their own worst enemy.

Our thoughts play tricks on us, with one thought leading to another and landing in a snowball of doubt. But one of the foundations of change is awareness. We need to slow down and take note of our thoughts.

Some obstacles to watch for:

  • Are you approval-seeking. If you do things just because you want attention or recognition from others, including pats on the back or other rewards, you’re setting yourself up for challenges in decision making and action-taking.

  • Feel yourself blaming others. When you place blame on other people or things outside of your control, you look for reasons to accept failure. While it’s true, you cannot control others, the best thing to do is to accept and/or apologize.

  • Hear any negative self-talk in your head. When you lack confidence and talk badly to yourself, it’s harder to get things done. You’re held back because you don’t believe that you can achieve it, whatever it is

There are ways to counteract these obstacles when pursuing a success mindset. One easy way to start on this path is daily affirmations. And I know, you might say that you don’t have time for one more thing.

I get it, you are balancing building a business, career, kids, dance class, ball practice, aging parents, and much more. You also have a fire inside to help others through your business and need a mindset that helps push you even on the hard days.

But what if I told you that you could do this in just ONE MINUTE a day?

You can find two sets of my most successful daily affirmations and a guide to writing your own affirmations below.

Grab my One Minute Daily Affirmations Workbook here:

We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. - Maya Angelou

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Abbey Dyer-Amonette, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Abbey Dyer-Amonette is an Entrepreneur and Success Strategist. After several traumatic life experiences left her with self-doubt and anger, she found purpose and positivity by creating strategies to develop and maintain a success mindset. She is dedicated to helping others move past blocks and limiting beliefs, to create a life and business that lights them up. Dyer-Amonette has been a corporate leader for 20+ years, coaching and mentoring leaders with a Fortune 100 company. She also has a handmade product business that creates leather goods and jewelry inspired by nature.



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