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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Stubborn Belly Fat?

Written by: Jeanette Lowry, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Jeanette Lowry

6 Reasons middle-aged women need to incorporate at least 2-4 times per month 48-hour intermittent fasting with a Detox Elixir containing body-nourishing antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, minerals and herbs to help rid the body of toxic chemicals while adding nourishment to the body during the time of fasting.

Photo of two women showing their belly

We are exposed to “Toxins” on an ever-increasing basis just because of the world we live in today. These tpxins are like little darts that are attacking our cells every second of everyday. When the body overloads with toxins (also known as our body is very ‘acidic’ where we want our body to remain alkalized) Our fat cells begin to create a barrier around our gut & internal organs. (visualize FAT cells gobbling TOXINS and taking them in like a Pac Man) so these bad guys can’t get to our internal organs.

What happens when fat cells are so filled with toxic debris… Well, this is when our body & organs get diseased. (100% of autopsy’s done postmortem on Cancer patients show these bodies are all acidic) Disease grows in an Acidic Body… Disease can't grow in an Alkalized body.

Our body\ is the miracle and functions at 100% if left to do so without environmental attacks.

OK Jeanette, what does this have to do with my stubborn belly fat? Keep Reading…toxic build up in our body has everything to do with stubborn fat and disease.

Here’s how toxins are directly related to why & how we hold on to this stubborn belly fat… especially after age 35yrs. There are 100’s-1000’s of Toxins bombarding our bodies 24/7 through the AIR we breathe, water we drink, products we slab on our body, hair and face, the produce and protein we get from the SOIL which has been dramatically altered today often laced with fertilizers, GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides etc...

The two most important Detox organs are the kidneys & liver to filter out the ‘Debris’/ Toxins from the bloodstream so these ‘bad guys’ can be eliminated in our urine and flushed down the toilet bowl. (overly simplified for context)

Of all the culprits that hold our fat cells hostage in the belly area are because of the chemicals, dyes, fake sugar, toxins, GMO’s, preservatives etc. which are found in foods we eat and drink every day.

Think about the Food we consume today verses when our great grand-parents sat down at the dinner table. There is a direct relationship between the rise of Cancer, Heart Disease, and the obesity rate today versus 50 years ago.

Here are 6 health benefits for women over 35 making intermittent fasting a lifestyle habit to incorporate weekly or 2/x month to help with belly fat release

  1. Boosts metabolism: Intermittent fasting can help boost metabolism, which is essential for burning calories and losing weight. By following this regimen, women over 35 can increase their metabolic rate and burn more calories even when they are not exercising.

  2. Reduces inflammation: Intermittent fasting can help reduce inflammation in the body, which is linked to weight gain and other health problems. By reducing inflammation, women over 35 can improve their overall health and well-being.

  3. Improves insulin sensitivity: Intermittent fasting can help improve insulin sensitivity, which is important for regulating blood sugar levels. By improving insulin sensitivity, women over 35 can reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other health problems.

  4. Improves brain function: Intermittent fasting can help improve brain function and prevent age-related cognitive decline.

  5. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases: Intermittent fasting can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

  6. Promotes longevity Intermittent fasting can help promote longevity by reducing the risk of age-related diseases and improving overall health.

The detox elixir Cleanse for Life along with close to 300 choices of CLEAN food, snacks & drinks that won’t add chemicals to your body and will keep you ALKALIZED 24hrs/7 days when used as directed… is backed by 22 years of science, PUBLISHED 3rd party studies and multiple 100,000’s of happy customers. For more information on my 11-Day Jumpstart your metabolism using Intermittent Fasting, Detox Elixir & Clean Eating

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Jeanette Lowry Brainz Magazine

Jeanette Lowry, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jeanette is an established Transformation Coach focused on Residual Income and Well Being. She provides an unparalleled step by step methodology to build a business at home with her Signature training: PIVOT. For 32 years her passion has been teaching women how to exit the 9-5 by learning Entrepreneurship aligned with a Brand Partner and like-minded supportive women she calls her TRIBE. The satisfaction that comes from watching women up level their Mental, Physical & Financial Health while living a LIFE they DESIGN is what continues to fuel Jeanette's passion for coaching.



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