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Unveiling The Heart's Melody – Exploring The Frequency Of Green 

Ellen Jenny Watkins is an artist, best-selling author, and award-winning trainer and coach. She’s inspired by the intersection of spirituality, modern science, ancient wisdom, and the connection back to our soul.

Executive Contributor Ellen Jenny Watkins

Welcome back to my series on the frequencies of color! Today, we delve into the fascinating world of green, the color intimately linked to our hearts. In fact, I also find it to be one of the most interesting colors to work with. Let’s dive in! 

Green canvas

Green: A vibrant tapestry 

When I think of green, a specific shade comes to mind. It's not a lime green or a deep forest hue but a vibrant mix, with depth and energy. It embodies the essence of springtime, when nature awakens but hasn't succumbed to the Texan summer heat. This green pulsates with life, a symbol of hope and renewal. 


Green's expansive embrace 

Unlike some colors that draw us inward, green possesses an expansive quality. You can almost feel its intensity when you gaze upon it. Working with Phthalo Green, a shade with a natural luminosity, is a joy. Adding a touch of sunshine yellow creates the perfect balance for my paintings. 


This expansiveness resonates with the heart chakra, the center of our emotional well-being. Science now confirms that our heart energy radiates outward in a toroid doughnut shape, extending several feet beyond our bodies. The more I learn from experts like the HeartMath Institute, the more I witness the scientific validation of the heart's power. As humans, isn't that what we crave—to leave a positive mark on the world? We achieve this through the outward expression of our hearts. 


Admiring the view: The impact of the heart

The heart acts as a bridge, connecting the lower chakras of our physical being to the higher chakras of the spirit. It fosters inner balance and allows us to express our deepest emotions. When we achieve this equilibrium, a wellspring of love and self-acceptance opens within us, a space beyond the mind's domain. 


Healing thrives on connection, a gift from the heart. We all experience that inexplicable feeling when someone enters a room – their energy either draws us in or creates distance. As social creatures, connection is vital, and the heart's energy fosters these bonds. 


The heart also embodies compassion and resilience. It whispers, "Wait a moment," when the mind urges us to shut down. This openness fuels possibility and allows us to navigate grief, trauma, and disappointment. Even when guarded against further hurt, the heart yearns for love, for connection to the best of our ability. This energy is ever-flowing, ever-growing, ever-seeking connection. When we persistently block it, the real pain sets in – holding onto hurt requires more energy than releasing it and forging connections that make us thrive. 


The color of love

Green evokes peace and happiness. Interestingly, it also carries the association with jealousy, captured in the phrase "green with envy." However, envy stems from a longing within the heart. We see something another possesses and desire it for ourselves. Could "jealousy" simply be a label for this yearning, not a negative emotion, but rather the expression of a core human desire? Lately, I've been deconstructing societal labels for emotions deemed "evil." The key to reconciliation with these emotions lies in compassion. As for green, I see it not as jealousy, but as compassion. 


Green acts as a balanced anchor for the other colors, residing in the middle of the visible spectrum. Here, wavelengths stretch and lengthen, mirroring the heart's expansive energy. It's fascinating that this visual representation aligns with the heart's essence – to spread outward. 


Green light even finds application in clinical settings, calming patients and reducing inflammation. It's no wonder we associate green with health, prosperity, fertility, and sanctuary. It's the color of love, grace, and compassion. As we delve deeper into frequency medicine, I expect to see this vibrant, alive green color gracing more public spaces, fostering a calmer society. 


The frequency of green itself vibrates at 590, corresponding to emotions like peace, love, and joy according to Dr. David Hawkins' Levels of Consciousness emotional frequency scale. 


Peace and serenity: We all want love

When we tap into love, it ripples outward, shifting and elevating the vibrations around us. A baby craves to be held and loved. An adult desires respect, love, and care. The cliché holds true – love starts within. It's an internal generation, not something external. 


By harnessing the heart's power, we cultivate love for ourselves and others, for the natural world, and for the beings we encounter. We find beauty in art, music, and movement. Love unlocks our memories and potential; it's the power of connection, the true essence of the frequency of green. 


Stay tuned for more explorations of color frequencies! 

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Ellen Jenny Watkins, Abstract Artist and Certified Coach

Ellen Jenny Watkins is an artist, best-selling author, and award-winning trainer and coach. She’s inspired by the intersection of spirituality, modern science, ancient wisdom, and the connection back to our soul. With a focus on quantum physics, neuroscience, and chakras, Ellen is currently exploring the frequency of color and how it affects the body and environment to bring calm, inspiration, and healing to the chaos of the modern world. Ellen coaches individuals and groups through her unique approach to Creative Leadership and her signature works, Divine Explosions.



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