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Unlocking Business Success With Your Energetic Blueprint

Mia Poulsen, thought leader and business coach, is on a mission to ignite the spark in female entrepreneurs, guiding them to craft purpose-driven online businesses.

Executive Contributor Mia Poulsen

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, attracting clients and growing your business can feel like navigating a complex maze. But what if I told you that there’s a unique key to unlocking success—one that lies within your own energetic blueprint? Enter Human Design, a powerful framework that can revolutionize the way you approach business.

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What is human design?

Human Design combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and quantum physics. It provides a personalized map of your energy system, revealing your strengths, challenges, and purpose. By understanding your unique design, you can align your business strategies with your innate abilities.

Attracting clients: The energetic approach

  1. Know Thyself: Before you can attract clients, you must know yourself deeply. Human Design offers insights into your energy centers, channels, and profile. Are you a Projector, Generator, Manifestor, or Reflector? Each type has distinct qualities that impact how you interact with the world.

  2. Energetic Marketing: Instead of following generic marketing strategies, tailor your approach to your design. If you’re a Projector (wise and perceptive), focus on building authentic connections. Generators (energetic and magnetic) thrive on consistency—create content that resonates with your energy.

  3. Business Partnerships: Your energetic compatibility matters. Seek partnerships with individuals whose designs complement yours. A well-aligned team can amplify your impact.

Growing your business: The blueprint advantage

  1. Strategic Decision-Making: Use your Human Design chart to make informed decisions. Are you designed for long-term planning (like a Projector) or spontaneous action (like a Manifestor)? Leverage your natural tendencies.

  2. Work Environment: Consider your energy centers. Do you need a quiet, focused space (Throat center) or collaborative interactions (Sacral center)? Design your workspace accordingly.

  3. Energetic Flow: Optimize your daily routines. Align tasks with your energy peaks. Generators thrive when they follow their gut responses, while Reflectors benefit from lunar cycles.


Your energetic blueprint isn’t just woo-woo—it’s a practical tool for business success. Embrace your uniqueness, honor your design, and watch your business flourish.

Learn How To Attract More Clients & Grow Your Business With More Ease By Using Your Energetic Blueprint - Your Human Design In Your Business

In my 60 min on-demand masterclass, you will learn:

  • How your specific Human Design is the missing key and a powerful tool to design, build, and scale a thriving business

  • Why client flow starts with you knowing your strengths and how to use your energetic blueprint in the correct way (because, yes, you get to be successful just by being you!)

  • The 3 specific aspects of your Human Design that determine if you sabotage your client flow or actively and intentionally create it.

  • The pitfalls in Human Design, that will make your business grow slower than it should be (this is the good stuff no one is talking about in the Human Design community )

  • Join the Masterclass here!

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Mia Poulsen, Business Coach & Thought Leader

Mia Poulsen, thought leader and business coach, is on a mission to ignite the spark in female entrepreneurs, guiding them to craft purpose-driven online businesses. She advocates for empowering women to architect lives and businesses that leave a lasting imprint on the world—no personal sacrifices required. Mia is all about cultivating success that aligns with your purpose.



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