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Here Is The Reason Why Toblerone Must Drop Iconic Matterhorn Mountain From Packaging

Written by: Katie Scott, business reporter Brainz Magazine


Toblerone will soon lose its iconic Matterhorn logo after a change in where the bars are made.

US firm Mondelez, who makes the chocolate bars, has opted to move some of the production from Switzerland to Slovakia; and so the bars have lost their “Swissness”. The company will instead use a generic peak.

The chocolate bars first went on sale in 1908 in Bern, reports BBC News but it wasn’t until 1970 that the silhouette of the Matterhorn appeared. For the bars, alike any milk-based products, to continue to be Swiss, they would have to be exclusively made in Switzerland.

Other products whose names and authenticity are tied to their country or place of origin include Feta cheese and Darjeeling tea.



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