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Thank God For Office Massage – 11 Reasons Why Your Office Should Start A Massage Program

Written by: Giada Labrecque, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If we could all choose exactly what our lives would look like, I doubt most of us would choose to spend 30+ hours sitting in front of a computer answering emails and meeting deadlines.

Physiotherapist giving back massage to a patient in clinic

It is unlikely we would choose to get up early to drive through traffic only to work from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening, just to spend more time in traffic and get home exhausted. And yet, so many of us do... This is the typical way of the working day, which is hard to avoid because it is a productivity model that "works." It is because it "works" that it is next to impossible to alter or improve. That is, of course, until now. Sure, we may not be able to avoid hours spent in the office, in the warehouse, or at a desk. At the end of the day, that is the deal: time spent and jobs done for income earned. But what we CAN do is bring in a bit of sunshine to a tepid and monotonous landscape. Offering a stay-cation right there in the workspace. Who wouldn't like their day broken up by a bit of TLC? Name 5 people who would sooner choose a day of work without a treat, rather than a work day embellished with something sweet. In this case, I am referring to the wonderful world of corporate wellness and more specifically to office massage. In this article, I will share 11 reasons why YOUR office should start an office massage program today!

1. Less Stress

One of massage therapy's best qualities, among many, is its ability to reduce if not eradicate stress.

The soothing effects of a therapeutic touch is and have been known for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is one of those undeniable facts, proven time and time again, where the patrons need no convincing and the skeptics inevitably convert upon meeting the right therapist. This is because massage accesses the cheat codes of the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual bodies. It works with the nervous system to unravel its tensions, mitigate its pains and settle the mind. What I don't understand is how remedial massage hasn't already been MORE integrated and normalized in society, especially in the corporate spaces? Where tensions build, there's stress in spades, and yet nothing is offered to manage it or make it go away? What an oversight. What a missed opportunity. Because not only does remedial massage lessen stress, it manages pain.

2. Resolving Aches and Pains

There are few things that can truly bridge the gap between zen relaxation and pain management, yet massage does just that. Whether the pain is tension in the neck and shoulders from chronic stress, pain and numbness in the hands from carpal tunnel, or lower back pain and fluid retention in the legs from too much sitting, massage can help that. Massage can help address pretty well all work-related repetitive strains, with few exceptions. Even if office massage is done in a special chair rather than on a plinth, and fully clothed with no oils or creams, there are still so many things that can be done to clear the client of persistent shoulder pain, or unrelenting jaw clenching and tension headaches. There are all manner of statistics out there that say how many days of work are lost, how many hours of productivity goes down the drain, all because of stress and repetitive strain. So it seems almost silly to me that corporations concerned about their bottom line DON'T take advantage of the countless benefits of on-siteoffice massage therapy services. Not only for the "in real time" benefits, but the longer term course corrections that practically save them millions.

3. Course Correction

Any time a person gets a remedial massage, an angel gets its wings. Haha, all jokes aside, I firmlybelieve that every time a person gets a remedial massage, a course is corrected. Why? Well you see, over time if some mild tensions go unaddressed, they have the very real potential to become chronic pains. What can start as a lacklustre postural habit can inevitably become a structural deformity and ripple out into a myriad of disc issues and nerve compression syndromes. And who wants that? No one. This is why proactive self-care and pain management strategies are so important. If you are an employer, or in the role of a people manager, would it not be in your own and your teams best interests to course correct even occasionally? I think so. Not only are you saving your employees from many potential future problems and pains, but you are saving yourself potentially large workplace injury payouts in the future, all because you gave them:

4. Real-Time Benefit

Having worked in a few corporate spaces myself, I can confidently say that real-time workplace benefits are few and far between. Sure, there are the insurances and paid leaves, which are of course great. But how much greater would it be to know that your employer is also looking out for the needs of your day-to-day aches, pains, stresses, and strains?

How privileged would you feel knowing that after your 11 o’clock meeting, you’ve got a massage scheduled and then it’s time for lunch? How reassuring would it be to know that you've got a 15-minute back massage scheduled for next week right after that stressful presentation? See, not only does massage bring "in real-time" relief, but it also gives a person something to look forward to. Like a mini-vacation, where the lead-up and intrigue is often just as good and soul-satisfying as the trip itself. When this happens in a collective, such as an office space, there is a palpable change,a shift in the immediate atmosphere.

5. Improved Atmosphere

Treats are always a cause for celebration and good cheer. Just look at the lead-up to holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Even thinking back to the days in elementary school when the class would be rewarded with a Pizza Party, there was pretty well always a buzz throughout the entire week. The same thing happens when a workplace prepares for a day of office massage. I've heard it time and time again what good form is brought about by just announcing the plan to bring in a massage therapist for a day. People get excited, they feel relieved, they feel grateful, and they let the worries of the world weigh on them less.

6. The Attitude of Gratitude

One thing I've noticed over and over as a practitioner these last several years is that gestures of genuine care go a long way.

These days, it almost seems rare to see someone do something for someone else out of pure consideration and good nature. So when it happens, people are pleasantly surprised and markedly grateful. This is what I would love to see develop stronger within the corporate culture. Doing good for your employees out of the sheer gratitude of what they do for you, day in and day out. Yes, of course you pay them. They don't do it as a favour. But that shouldn't stop you from wanting to go above and beyond for them to express your valuation of them, which is why...

7. It's a Great Reward

There aren't many things that are unanimously loved. Massage doesn't quite have a 100% rating, but it comes pretty darn close. Even though I believe massage therapy should be a basic human right and necessity, most consider it a luxury. Knowing this alone should perk up the ears of any person looking to reward their team. A "luxury"... on-site! Sign us up! Right? Office Massage is fantastic for all kinds of reasons, but one of the best reasons for the employer has to be:

8. A change of pace without breaking the workflow

Many office perks like yoga classes, lunches, group meditations and outings all have something in common. That is, they take all the workers away from work at the same time and create a significant loss in productivity for the day. Office massage has similar effects to these things in making people feel appreciated but has the unique bonus of keeping the work day flowing. Since the office massage therapist can only treat one person at a time, that means everything else is business as usual. Meetings can still go on. Calls are still being made and emails are being answered. In some cases, the whole office doesn't have to avail of the massage.

9. Creates Incentive

Let's say you want a way to reward your top earners of the month. Or maybe a special team did some really difficultwork. Maybe you want to give your "work from home" staff an extra reason to come into the office more regularly? Whatever your goals are, using massage at the office as an incentive is hardly immoral. Arguably, it is one of the best ways to benefit someone. It is certainly better than a box of donuts, anyway. To read more about the many benefits of massage, check out my article "Massage Helps That"

10. Bragging Rights

What's more, is that the people who avail of this benefitwill most likely brag about their massage at work to friends and family. If not brag, they'll definitely mention it because massage in the workplace is noteworthy. What does this mean for your company? Well, it will give it some brownie points for sure. Credit goes where credit is due, and if people know that you're one of the corporate "good guys," you are way more likely to have keen applicants and longer-lasting employees.

11. Employee Retention

Training employees and getting them to a place of being a solid member of the team can cost companies hundreds if not thousands or even tens of thousands. A lot of employees don't realise this, nor do they really care. What they care about is if they are happy and adequately rewarded for what they are giving you in return. People who work in an environment that is considerate to their daily pains, who know they are valued because they are shown on a regular basis, and who are given great incentives to do their best will most definitely stay longer in their place of work than someone who doesn't.

This seems pretty straightforward. Sure, there is always the odd situation where people leave for other opportunities, but realistically, changing jobs is stressful and risky. People don't want to have to change jobs regularly. They'd rather find a good one and stick with it.

Office massage gives you a window into being that type of workplace. One where people are happy, where they are stressless and thrive in the jobs that they do. Office massage gives you the opportunity and tools to be the good guy, to be the great place to work. Obviously, it doesn't do that completely and fundamentally all on its own or in a vacuum, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

There are so many great tools out there that can help any workplace do just that.

Check out Office Kneads, a corporate wellness company that specialises in on-site office massage.

If office massage isn't in your budget just yet, maybe check out the book "Self-Care Solutions @ Work". It is the gift of self-care HOW TO, in the form of a friendly resource and guide teaching its readers about everyday aches and pains, how they come up, and what can be done about them simply and 100% naturally.

For any questions on what might be best for your workplace, sign up for a consultation call with me here.

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Giada Labrecque, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Giada Labrecque is an enthusiast and advocate for all things holistic and natural. As a massage therapist, she helps people every day with their aches and pains, offering real time help, remedial advice and practical self-care strategies. As a bus accident survivor, Giada has a great understanding of pain and rehabilitation. She has a great interest in natural pain relief, as well as natural immunity and stress relief solutions. Giada is the owner and operator of two massage based businesses in Galway Ireland, named She Kneads and Office Kneads. She is also the author of "Self-Care Solutions @ Work" and a public speaker.



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