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Success Redefined

Written by: Claire Muller, Executive Contributor

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There are many books and definitions of success. In the dictionary, it states success is:

  • The accomplishment of an aim or purpose

  • The good or bad outcome of an undertaking

If success is accurate by the dictionary definitions, there would be a never-ending search for success.


Success is objective, and everyone has their definition, but they may have difficulty articulating what success means to them. Society has taught us that it is fame and fortune that equates to success. In recent years we have seen a change, and it is becoming the norm to not conform to societal conditioning.

I recently had a revelation on what success is and means to me would like to use this opportunity to share my insights. For years, my colleagues, friends, and family saw something that I was aware of but not paying much attention to the changes experienced. I embarked on a quest for self-awareness, actualization, and development, and my growth has been steep and continues as I immerse myself in my personal growth.

On this journey, it dawned on me that I have achieved what many strive for through my years of self-development - a state of calmness, heart-centered success.

While many have achieved fame, fortune, and titles according to their values, mindset, and yardstick definition of success, there are no rigid rules to success, being right or wrong. The journey to growth and success would then be the need to feel fulfilled.

A rush of happy hormones becomes addictive and more sought after for the continued feeling of happiness from achieving. The natural reaction is to want more when the 'high' subsides.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more, and it is what growth is. However, the short-lived rush is worth it but hardly fulfilling. We love cheering for the next person's success and want to help celebrate. We love hearing the success stories and want to know how we can achieve the same.

There is an unspoken competition in many circles that is more evident when living according to someone else's standards. Actions and facial expressions would re-iterate this unspoken competition, and if it overheard, it could sound something like "I want you to do well, just not better than me."

Achieving true heart-centered success

I have often seen this need; through my work and coaching clients, which is why I created my methodology for heart-centered success, as illustrated in the above diagram. The method can assess where a person, team, or leader is in their self-actualization and empower them in their journey.

No judgment. Everyone has their value system and journey.


The need to impress culminates from living according to someone else's standards and definition. If this resonates with you, you are sabotaging your journey and success. The need to impress keeps you spending more time watching what your competition is doing and comparing rather than walking your path. It can be tiring being in a constant state of measure and impress cycle consuming time and energy.


Those who work on themselves are no longer part of the arrival syndrome and wanting to impress. These individuals grow and move into a sphere of influence. In the influence sphere, a change is noticed to positively influence and be more efficient in actions without external validation.

The mind divides and judges according to what we heard, are taught, or have experienced. Negative thoughts could result in a downward spiral of doubt and anguish. Being self-aware and questioning the root of such negative mind-talk experienced can pull you out of the downward spiral. Mindset work is powerful and takes time to validate the truth or falsity behind a thought, breaking the cycle of limiting beliefs.


Simplified my definition of success is a personal journey of intentional actions towards a goal or a state of being. True heart-centered success would be:

  • Having achieved,

  • Self-mastery,

  • Excellence,

  • the desire to positively impact others to do the same, possibly resulting in a legacy and creating a culture of impact.

True heart-centered success is lasting and not only a mere sense of achievement but fulfilling, peaceful, and joyful.

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Claire Muller, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Claire Muller is a business and executive coach. She has transitioned from 23 years of working in the Travel Industry to fulfill her purpose and positively impact the world by empowering women in business. Claire is a qualified Trainer, Assessor, and Coach. She is also a Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner who challenges limiting beliefs and thinking patterns, reframing those thoughts positively. Her toolbox includes Life, Business, Executive, Abundance, Creativity, and Enneagram Coaching.




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