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Preventative Care For National Kidney Month

Written by: Sarah Alysse Rosner, Executive Contributor

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March is National Kidney Month!

Kidneys are vital for our bodies to function properly. Do you know how you can protect them?

Knowing the facts about kidney health is important not only for you but for your loved ones as well. My father passed away in 2016 from kidney cancer, just two months after being diagnosed. His sudden passing really opened my eyes and made me realize that many people don’t fully understand the function of their kidneys and how to take care of their kidneys.

Here are some kidney facts you need to know:

  • Your kidneys are two small organs in your abdomen, just under your ribcage. They do a variety of things to keep your body running, such as removing waste and excess fluid, filtering your blood, and regulating blood pressure. When blood is filtered through the kidneys, the kidneys remove waste products from the blood and the waste exits the body as urine. The filtered blood is now clean and can move throughout the body, sustaining its vital functions.

  • Chronic kidney disease (also called CKD or kidney disease) is a disease that causes your kidneys to not function properly. This results in waste building up in your blood, which affects your whole body. Kidney disease is treatable, but if left untreated, it can progress to kidney failure.

  • Kidney disease is most often caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic use of painkillers (over the counter medication). My father had severe migraines most of his adult life and he tended to take Naproxen. Check out these medicines for pain to see if they are the right fit for you.

  • People with kidney disease can benefit from following a "renal diet" low in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Cranberries, egg whites, buckwheat, and pineapple are a few examples of foods that are good for kidney health.

  • People often don't know that kidney disease is not the same as kidney cancer! Kidney cancer is what my father had. It is a condition in which a malignant tumor grows in the kidney tissue. Early detection is crucial to treat this cancer. If you have kidney cancer or you are a caretaker, please visit for support and resources.

Kidney stones are another condition to be aware of today. These “stones” are small, hardened masses of minerals that have built up inside your kidneys. They are very painful, but fortunately, they can be treated without causing damage to the kidneys. In America, they affect 11 percent of men and 9 percent of women.

It is incredible what our kidneys do but also unnerving how they can affect our health. There are preventative measures you can take to lower your risk of kidney problems.

Eating heart-healthy and kidney-friendly foods such as those mentioned above can help. Regularly doing aerobic exercise is helpful too. To reduce your chances of getting kidney stones, you should drink plenty of water, especially after sweating, and cut back on your sodium intake. Finding ways to lower your stress through deep breathing, meditation, reading, and journaling will also benefit your kidneys and your whole body.

Keep in mind that you should not hesitate to see your doctor if something doesn't feel right with your body. Kidney disease, kidney cancer, and many other conditions are more responsive to treatment the earlier they are detected. That’s why preventative care and doctor visits are crucial.

Remember, when your kidneys are healthy, your whole-body benefits!

I am passionate about spreading the word about health, especially kidney health. If this inspired you to take better care of your kidneys and want to make a positive impact to others, please consider donating to the Kidney Cancer Association. They are the universal leader in finding a cure for kidney cancer and are improving the lives of people with cancer and assisting their families.

No matter how big or how small your donation is, you have the power to join this amazing cause that helps people like my father. Click here to donate to the Kidney Cancer Association.

Lastly, if you want to hear a story of an incredible man who battled kidney cancer listen to this episode on Stress Free SOULutions podcast. Since the airing of his episode, I’m grateful to share that Erron Jay has received a new kidney and is thriving pursuing his passion as an actor.

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Sarah Alysse Rosner, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Alysse is a corporate stress management coach that helps companies cultivate a low stress environment so that their employees can be happier and more productive. She’s the creator and CEO of Live Well Enhance You which formed out of a need for her Pilates clients to find balance in their lives. She branched into the corporate market to assist employees in creating out of the box wellness solutions. She utilizes her BFA Musical Theater Performance background to coach others how to be confident and understand the connection between the brain and body. Spanning over a decade, Sarah has collected an abundance of certifications from Integrative Institute of Nutrition, STOTT Pilates, to National Academy of Sports Medicine. She’s been featured on WGN's Living Healthy and WGN Around Town’s segment as a Stress Management Expert. Also, she has been promoted on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Authority, Kivo Daily, LA Wire, The Chicago Journal, NY Wire, NY Weekly, IdeaMensch, and US Reporter. In addition, she’s the host of the Stress Free SOULutions podcast.



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