Positivity is Magic for Success – 5 Powerful Tips to Remain Optimistic During Crisis

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Written by: Adelina Stefan, Executive Contributor

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While living in a volatile world characterized by significant changes and uncertainty, it can be very challenging to stay positive. However, remaining optimistic is a core ingredient in coping successfully with a crisis.

Below you will find five powerful tips to help you stay positive in challenging times:

1. Focus on positive facts.

When we experience challenges or obstacles throughout the day, negativity will likely come in our mind. You may think I'm not good at this. I'm lazy, or start working about: What if I won't be successful? What if the worst happens? Think about it. No matter how difficult or bad it may be, remember this is only a temporary situation, and it will not be this way forever. Transform your negative phrases into positive statements. Instead of spending more time feeling sorry for what you could not achieve, start framing in your mind something like Because today I was not effective as I wished to, I will plan better for tomorrow so I can accomplish all my tasks. Think about what you can do to overcome those moments and improve your life.

2. Cultivate gratitude.

Many studies have proven that gratitude makes us happier and healthier. Similar to other emotions, gratitude should come naturally and should not be forced. By practicing gratitude, you will create a habit to focus more on the positive things surrounding us. For instance, you can practice gratitude regularly by writing down five things to be genuinely thankful for – either when waking up, during your lunchtime, on your way back home, or before going to bed. When something negative comes to your mind, remember the things you expressed gratitude for, including even those you did not ask for or the negative ones that allowed you to move forward and opened new opportunities in your life. Showing gratitude doesn't necessarily mean that everything in your life is great, but by acknowledging your blessings, in time, you will feel more in control of your life, and staying positive will become a way of life.

3. Do more things that matter.

As a Coach, I often hear from my clients that they feel overwhelmed with too many things they have to accomplish, and their goals have become too distant, and they are not getting closer to them. Asking yourself What really matters to you is crucial to identify your path and set your priorities. How important is something that you need to accomplish, and how the result impact your life? By prioritizing your actions and constantly working on the important things, you will think more clearly and have the confidence that you are moving in the right direction. Even though developing a positive mindset is not easy, by regularly practicing to stay focused, you will feel more empowered and cope better with challenges.

4. Get support.

When you surround yourself with positive people, you will hear more positive stories and enjoy more daily activities. Their positive attitude and words will influence your way of thinking, and you will find yourself using more affirmations and improving your state of mind. Work with a coach or mentor to help you remain productive and build up your confidence and skills to be successful.

5. Celebrate small achievements.

When working with my clients on their strengths and values, I often hear that they haven't accomplished anything special in their careers, and they were merely doing the job. Remember that employers don't expect you to know everything, but emphasizing your smart stories with an optimistic attitude will make them feel that you are willing to learn and open to embrace newness. Hence, reviewing your priorities regularly and celebrating your small achievements is crucial in staying positive and focusing on what matters to you.

Last, as mentioned above, showing gratitude for others will increase your enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy. At the same time, it is equally important to cultivate a state of gratitude towards your actions and celebrate your small achievements.

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Adelina Stefan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Adelina Stefan is a Professional Certified Coach & Intercultural Facilitator specialized in Career Development, with a deep expertise in international HR recruitment and selection and Training and Development. Having worked for 10+ years across cultures, Adelina seeks to catalyze individuals’ potential, helping them create and implement their unique career blueprint and, at the same time, achieve a healthy work-life balance. She specializes in working with expats and mid- to senior-level executives dealing with challenging work environments that can affect both their performance and well-being. She supports organizations in building a corporate coaching culture by highlighting individuals’ maximum potential and engagement so that they become dedicated and highly successful employees. Her practice includes Career, Life, Executive, and Agile Coaching for individuals, as well as developing and implementing corporate Human Resources practices for improving intercultural relations.



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