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Mastering The Energy Exchange – Attracting Your Dream Client That Aligns With Your Brand Ethos

Joana Dockute is a business development specialist and a business coach with a background in running her own direct sales and marketing company for 7 years. When it comes to helping her clients go to the next level Joana perfectly understands their problems, as she had to go through most business development stages herself before she became a business coach.

Executive Contributor Joana Dockute

Do you know that sales are just an energy exchange between your dream client and yourself? And once your dream client feels understood by you, feels like you get them, and likes what your brand ethos is about it is easy. However, attracting your dream client that aligns with your brand requires a bit of planning, preparation, and analysis of your dream client. So, before you start making your content strategy you should understand what your dream client went through before they discovered your brand.

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Understanding your potential clients

To understand what your dream client is going through when searching for your expertise online let’s take a step back and look at what happened to your dream client before they found you online.

From information overload to DIY master

There is so much information out there. They probably ‘heard it all’! And your dream client is perhaps suffering from information overload. This leads them to become a DIY master as with so much knowledge shared online they start believing they could do it themselves. Usually, it’s a very burnt-out and exhausted DIY master who is still ‘struggling’ to get the desired results. In my particular case, I am amazed at how much my new clients understand marketing. They learned bits and pieces online on how to market their business. However, they still struggle ‘to connect the dots online’ (meaning, they can’t get a consistent flow of new customers). And that’s the time when they seek the help of a professional to help them move their business forward.


And that applies to any niche out there. Think about your current clients, you are probably amazed by how much they know about your niche/subject. That’s the new information age we live in. Do you know what the doctors hate the most? When a patient comes in and starts telling the doctor how to heal their disease the way Google told them.

Expectation of instant gratification

And then there is an expectation of instant gratification! ‘I want the results yesterday!’ One thing I learned back in a day while running my sales agency is to conduct 1 hour-long expectations meetings with new salespeople. During that hour I used to tell them what might go wrong on their journey as a salesperson. So, when they stumble across the challenge, they don’t freak out or throw in the towel, they think ‘Oh, yeah, Joana told me this is going to happen!’ Having expectations meetings with your new clients or prospects takes a lot of stress away later, especially in this ‘instant gratification world’. And that thing alone might ‘set you apart’ from your competition. Educating your dream client on the process and managing their expectations might even make them respect you more.


Once you understand what your dream client went through mentally when trying to solve their problems you could look at how they were consuming content!


Content consumption stages

Your Dream Client will go out and check your branding, and the content you share. Your dream client needs to be sure that the two of you can ‘vibe together.’ In other words, they are checking your brand ethos (your brand’s character) and your online presence history. But before they discover you as a brand, they check your ‘surface-level’ content.

‘Surface level’ content

When a prospect is looking for answers to their problems online they aren't looking for you in particular. They are looking for solutions to their problems. Initially, if they see your posts or videos, it would be just a surface-level interaction. If they like what they have seen they will go and explore more. They will check your other content. Businesses use this basic/industry-related content to attract prospects initially to them.

But content that makes them convert into your customers isn't surface-level content. ChatGPT is full of surface-level answers. If you got my Content Strategy Workbook, it's the initial 20 questions I teach you to brainstorm in the beginning.

Specific content that adds value

Once your prospects are satisfied with the general info they will want to explore more. Your prospect's interest level rises once they find answers to specific questions. Questions or the angle you answer them differently from anybody else. Your Dream Client feels like you added value to them. If you are in a fitness niche a specific question would be 'How do I save time preparing my keto meals?' You see, they don’t ask ‘What is a keto diet?’, or ‘What should I eat on the keto diet?’ Now at this stage, they are very close to converting as their questions are of somebody, who is already considering, getting it.

But your dream clients might not be ready to convert yet, especially if you sell a high-end product/service. Check out my article about the 5-Step Marketing Strategy if you are selling a high-end product here.

Your Dream Client needs to get to know you better and start trusting you more. Your dream client wants to make sure that you are the right fit.

Content with personal branding

If you aren't Huawei and can't beat other tech companies on price it's your personal branding, that will push your prospect over the line. If your dream customer believes, they can hit their goals with you, or you will help them solve their problems they will buy from you. In other words, they buy from you because they like you.

If you ever did sales before this is the oldest trick in the book. People buy from you because they vibe with you, your dream clients think that you are cool, and they resonate with you.

Content that involves Personal Branding is unique to you. But it’s quite simple. Don’t be afraid to show who you are, your interests, and your views. You will get more customers by being yourself, rather than trying to be ‘cool’, and sounding like your competition.

Content creation challenge

How do you get to that stage where you aren't afraid to show your authentic side? It's easy. Every entrepreneur can do that. But you might not like what I am about to suggest for you.. You commit to 90 Days of Content Creation. No matter what for the next 90 days you will go out and create a piece of content every day. You might ask me ‘But why do I have to create content about topics that my competition is already talking about?’ Yes, you might have another 5 business owners talking about the same thing in your city but there will be something different about you:

  • Maybe it’s the way you answer the question

  • Maybe it’s a different intake on a solution

  • Maybe it’s your client’s testimonial, that will resonate with your dream client.

To discover what to expect if you do decide to commit to 90 Days on Your Content Creation Journey check out my video on ‘Becoming Better, In Creating Content’ here.

And remember:

The content you think your customers need to know and the content your customers want to see are usually two different things! But you only discover that by creating content consistently and analyzing which content brought you clients.


To rehash, attracting dream clients that resonate with your brand ethos is easy. It requires a thorough understanding of your dream client. From what happens before they find you, why are they looking for you and how is your dream client deciding to buy? And just remember why you are doing it. Meaning, why should you spend time analyzing your dream client? If your business wants to acquire more customers, you must create the right marketing message and content that resonates with your dream client. To understand what content to create you need to understand your dream client’s problems, how they tried to solve those problems, and what happens if they don’t.

Thank you for reading this article on Mastering the energy exchange: attracting your dream client that aligns with your brand ethos. If you need help with anything I discussed above feel free to reach out to me for a consultation via my website.

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Joana Dockute, Business Development Specialist/ Business Coach

Joana Dockute is a business development specialist and a business coach with a background in running her own direct sales and marketing company for 7 years. When it comes to helping her clients go to the next level Joana perfectly understands their problems, as she had to go through most business development stages herself before she became a business coach. She loves helping business owners 'find their voice', design, and implement customized business systems and processes. Each business is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all. Joana's mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed without having 'to sell their soul'. Meaning, if the strategy doesn't align with your values you shouldn't even consider it.



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