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Lift Up Your Vision To Energize, Elevate And Expand The Impact

Written by: Tanja Bogataj, M.Sc., Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I believe we are limitless in our potential to learn and create, if we are also willing to go on that journey and do what needs to be done to make it happen. On my journey so far I haven’t met anyone that would ’prove me wrong’ and wouldn’t have at least one answer to share when asked “what’s still in you (idea, song, book, project, impact, etc.) that you’d like to bring out, create, and share with the world?”. And yet, we do it or we don’t. And both is okay, if this is our choice. I’m sharing this article for those who are already on the journey of their vision, or need a little encouragement along the way. In the article I share how you can lift up your vision with the power of your gifts so you can energize, elevate, and expand your vision to make the impact that you desire to create. The lift is ready for you. Are you, dear reader? Let’s lift you up. It’s time.

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I. From an “Image” to “Living it”

We all have the capacity to find or create the way toward our desired goals, and usually, it’s way more simple than we think or make it. It’s also often more abundant and prosperous, if we surrender to the path, and not trying to ‘get it right’ with ‘knowing’ from the past. As they say, ’your path is as light, bright and vibrant as you are”. We are asked to choose and become as light, bright and vibrant as we need to be to create, nurture, create, and live our vision, so it is available also for others to step in, take it further, and add to the vision their unique qualities and gifts.

If only … If only we’d be more aware in the beginning stages of the vision growth process and not interfere, not trying to rush or force the way. If only we could help ourselves to work smarter, and not harder, by learning and growing through our vision’s path and process. If only we could imagine and acknowledge how powerful we truly are so we don’t put our power into things that we don’t want to create, nurture or impact. If only we could be as present as we can be, as brave as we can be, and as compassionate as we can be to get it just right – showing up for ourselves, our life and our vision, doing our half of the work, and allowing the Universe to meet us halfway, and not interfere with the process and roles. All these ‘if only’ are available for all of us. They are not just available but also possible and accessible. The question is, if you are willing to go on this journey, to learn, and grow as needed along the way. The question is, if you are willing to do the work when and as needed, and be okay with each step of the way.

The question is, if you are willing to take the risk by being 100% here and now for your life, its purpose, and its potential to create the difference that you are here to be and do, individually, and as a part of the collective. The question is, are you willing to stop doubting, clouding or blocking your vision and path, and start being all in. I invite you to check the video (duration 9:29) that I’ve recorded a year ago on “Trust me, I’m All IN”. It will help you get more clear on where are you currently on the scale from 1-100% with your commitment, on your ‘why’ you’d like to be all in, and the gap from where you are at and where you’d like to be.

II. So, what do you really want?

I recall one lady that I had a privilege to coach few years ago. We’ve met at one conference and found out that we both love the New York City vibe. At one point she passionately shared that it was always her dream to once live there, but after she divorced and became a single mother she gave up on this dream. Years later she met her current husband, who by chance also had this same dream as she did. She was so excited that now they can make this dream their reality. After we did some coaching, they’ve realized that they more loved the dream and the fact that they shared this same dream for so many years than actually move to New York. They’ve recycled their ‘dream life’, and stayed in Europe. For the ‘New York dream’ they’ve committed to visit it each year to celebrate their love and to recommit to their desired future. At this point I encourage you to recheck, if the vision that you’re contemplating on is really the one that’s yours, and the one that’s still relevant. To prevent the unnecessary heavy lifting, I invite you to first revisit your vision, idea, dream, or goal to see if it needs some adjustments, or reinvention. You can use 1 of 3 strategies I share in the recorded mind-stretching be powerful and free® session on how to recycle your ‘dream life’ to ‘live your life’, and fulfil ‘your dream’ (link to video, duration 29:45).

So, what do you really want? What’s your true heart’s desire?

III. Vision Growth Process and “It’s done”

I often call the vision growth process a process from seed to bloom. When we are planting the seed (seeds) we need to have in mind and heart a clear and alive image of our desired end result (bloom). I invite you to help yourself and your vision with my 4 steps be powerful and free® Model to get you from where you’re currently at with your vision, what’s already available, what’s possible, and what would be the empowered action for the impact that you desire to create. Just in case you still need a gentle push-pull, or maybe an additional encouragement to really step in and step up into the ‘creator’ role, and make this vision growth process personal, I’m here to do that for you. Come to the edge.

  • How can you make your vision as alive as it needs to be to become your reality?

  • How you’d need to create your vision, so that you feel it as ‘It’s done’?

  • If you could use one of your unique gifts to assure that your vision will become your reality, which gift you’d use? And why?

IV. Lift up your vision

1. I invite you now to continue your journey and LIFT UP your vision by using your gifts. First I invite you to find and use your gift of inspiration.

Paraphrased from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, “when you are inspired all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction; you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful worlds; dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive; and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be”.

2. Then I invite you to connect with your core, and come to “your here and now”. Connect with your vision. Connect with your “Gift bank”. Now energize your vision by using your gifts of imagination and breathing, and breathe life into it. Elevate your vision by using your gift of body-mind connection to balance out what weights you down, and what lifts you up. Expand your vision by using your gifts of visualization, creativity, and impact.

3. Then do some further mind-stretching on“How to lift up your vision” that I’ve recorded for your guidance (video in the link, duration 24:37).

4. Are you ready now to embark on your journey to the unknown? Where are you going? Which gifts do you need to get there? Which gifts you already have to get there successfully? What’s preventing you to go on your vision journey?

5. Now lift up your vision:

You’re one decision away from your desired future. Which decision do you need to make? Make that decision today, and keep in mind:

“You are powerful beyond measure whatever you do with your energy. You can make magic by using and sharing your gifts of power and freedom to add more love and beauty into your life and living.” ‒Tanja Bogataj

Dear reader, I wish you to choose daily to be powerful and free and give the world the best of you so you can be and do the difference you are here to be and do. Keep inspiring by your example.

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Tanja Bogataj, M.Sc., Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tanja Bogataj, M.Sc. ( | is a Leadership Coach and Consultant, Founder of the be powerful and free® approach, Host of be powerful and free Platform, Founder and CEO of the Power for Change Institute. Tanja’s motto “In the world where you can be anything, choose to be powerful and free while making a difference”.


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