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Interview With The Award-Winning Wellness Expert Behind Aliona’s Beauty Corner – Aliona Andrejeva

Aliona Andrejeva is an award-winning massage and facial therapist with a real passion for wellbeing. With 5-star rating across multiple platforms, Aliona takes real pride in her treatments and strives to provide excellent customer service to every client stepping through the door. Keen interest in human body mechanics as well as skin science have been the main reasons for her to pursue this career path. Aliona believes that although beauty and wellness industry seems to be oversaturated, this industry is also the most dynamic, which makes it such a great platform for discovering new ways of bringing balance and wellbeing into our daily lives.

Aliona Andrejeva, Aliona's Beauty Corner

Can you provide a brief overview of Aliona's Beauty Corner, including its mission and the range of beauty products or services offered?

Aliona’s Beauty Corner or ABC (how I call it behind the scenes) is a beauty and wellness venture focusing on holistic approach to treatments. My mission is to enhance and promote natural beauty, aid body, and mind rejuvenation, and promote overall wellbeing of every client stepping through the door.

What sets Aliona's Beauty Corner apart from other beauty businesses, and what is the unique selling proposition that makes your products or services stand out in the market?

The main USP of my business is the focus on and balance between wellbeing and beauty. In my treatments, these two concepts are interlinked and work so well together. Very often in the industry businesses focus on either or, but my aim is to deliver both. My passion and interest lie in body anatomy and skin science. This is why I approach each treatment from both beauty and wellbeing side.

How do you prioritize customer experience, and what steps have you taken to ensure satisfaction for your customers, both online and offline?

There are two main things I always focus on in my communication with clients – polite and professional attitude (language and behaviour) and sense of urgency. I understand how valuable time is in our day and age, and I value time of my customers. This applies to anything from replying to online requests in a timely manner to keeping existing clients up to date with any changes in business operations.

When it comes to polite and professional attitude towards guest experience, I believe it’s a foundation of great customer service. We all have different needs and different idea of what good or bad service looks like. Approaching every customer interaction in a professional and polite manner always helps to create a positive first impression. First impression matters!

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial. How does Aliona's Beauty Corner leverage its website and social media platforms to connect with customers and promote its products or services?

I invest a good amount of time in creating (filming, planning) content for my social media. I actually love filming and putting short promotional videos together. I aim to post 3-4 times a week on Instagram and Facebook as well as post on TikTok.

Often, I film my fellow industry professionals when we meet to exchange skills and of course family members. When it comes to pictures, I always ask my clients for permission before taking any before/after pictures.

I have also started filming short tutorials where I give tips and advice on various topics (those are yet to be released).

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

Of course, this would be winning 1st in The National Massage Competition 2023 in the Facial Massage category. This was an amazing experience to compete alongside highly skilled industry professionals and showcase my skills. It is difficult to put into words the atmosphere and emotions experienced. I never thought competition could be so friendly! Everyone was celebrating each other’s success.

I am now planning to take part in European Massage Championship in Rome next year.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

We were sitting in the kitchen with a friend of mine brainstorming potential business ideas. I enjoyed the job I was in at the time, but corporate life was just not for me.

I always liked skincare, skin science, and body anatomy, but I never really thought of working in the industry. That day she encouraged me to explore this opportunity further and research some available courses that I could take up. “At the end of the day, if you don’t like it, at least you learn something new. You love studying!” – she said.

That was true, and so I followed the advice. After the first day of the course, it was very clear to me I had found my true passion, so I forged forward. There is still so much I want to learn and experience, but I truly love what I do!

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