How to Use the Power of Authenticity and Storytelling for Effective Marketing

Updated: Apr 7

Written by: Krystal Hille, Executive Contributor

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Authenticity and alignment have become real buzzwords in marketing, and the old ways of keeping our private lives and personality out of the equation, are over. This can be scary because often, we don’t like all of who we are. Most of us still carry pockets of shame about things we rather the world didn’t know about us. And herein lies to opportunity of the New Way, the personal growth of the entrepreneur!

Not everything needs to be shared, but we would do well to show up authentically and bring our humanity and vulnerability into your public world.

This means moving beyond the picture-perfect image many entrepreneurs create on their social media platforms. It means cleaning up the things we don’t like about ourselves so that we can fall in love with the amazing being that we truly are. It means sharing the thoughts and beliefs we create as we move through the challenging moments life throws our way. It means sharing our reflections and learnings.

Why is authenticity so important?

People buy from people they like. They want to know that you can relate to them, because you too, have experienced their challenges. To like you, they need to get to know you!

If you show up as something you are not or hide those quirky aspects of your personality that you think are not professional, you will NEVER attract your ideal clients or soul clients, as I like to call them.

If there are things you don’t like about yourself, your potential clients will know that on an unconscious level; and to break through your current income glass ceiling, you may just need to clean up the next layers of fear present in your life right now. I know that’s what it took for me. It takes energy hiding aspects of self. And just like an air balloon underwater, we can only push them under the surface for a certain amount of time before they explode into full view.

The days where we can copy someone’s system are over.

Unless you share YOUR voice and YOUR message, there will be an energetic mismatch between your words, essence, and message. I learned this the hard way. A few weeks back, I copied and adjusted a mentor’s social post that got her great engagement. Mine had no engagement at all. Why? Because it wasn’t in alignment with MY energy, my essence, and my truth! It came from her heart, not mine. When I write from my heart, when I am moved by my words and pour my deepest wisdom onto a page, it lands with 'my people.'

Showing up exactly how we are is sometimes easier said than done.

Most of us still have parts that we don’t like about ourselves and if there is something you are ashamed of and don’t want people to know, change it! If you can’t change it, make peace with it. Journaling is one way to make those changes. Working through them with a coach is another. Whichever way you do it, just do it so that you can share yourself freely, breakthrough your current income ceiling, and attract more of your soul clients.

During this process, it is also helpful to identify the fears that sabotage that desire for authentic connections to our ideal client.

Identifying the top 3 fears of why entrepreneurs don’t share their stories.

a) Fear of rejection: “What if my high-school friends or my mother-in-law find out what I do for a living?” If you cater towards those old friends or family connections, you can’t powerfully speak to your ideal client at the same time.

Who needs to go? One of my colleagues blocked her own husband on Facebook, so she wouldn’t receive his ‘well-meaning’ criticism of how she showed up. What will it take for you to stop watering down your message?

b) Fear of abandonment: This fear has us out of alignment with ourselves and makes us wear too many different hats, showing up in different ways for different people. It keeps the pleaser archetype flourishing and stops our inner CEO king, or queen from running our life.

c) Fear of not belonging: We are tribal beings, and a young child cannot survive without the tribe. But our culture has lost the right of passage ritual from child to adult. We are not taught when it is time to stop pleasing adults so that they keep us safe, and when embark on the adventure of self-validation, self-love, and self-belonging.

The hero and heroine’s journey takes us away from the tribe, makes us go on an adventure to face our inner demons, deep dive into and powerful initiations, and return home as the king or queen that we are, ruling our own lives, showing up authentically so that we can gather our very own tribe and community around us.

Here is to you sharing yourself powerfully and authentically! Here is to your journey!

If you are here to inspire humanity's evolution and empowerment, and would like to share your story and message in a multi-author book to call in more of your soul-aligned clients, let’s connect!

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Krystal Hille, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Krystal Hille is a Soul Leadership Coach, Tantra teacher, and Founder of Krystal Hille Publishing, where she shares stories that inspire humanity's evolution.

She works with conscious leaders to embody their soul essence, claim their gifts, and realize their visions by mentoring and creating bestseller multi-author books to increase their clients' reach, impact, and influence. Pre-Covid, Krystal facilitated spiritual retreats to Egypt and ran the Temple of Conscious Eroticism all across Australia. With 30 years in leadership, a background in theatre directing and female empowerment, Krystal is a popular contributor to online summits, podcasts and is a multiple international bestselling author. Aware of her multi-dimensional self, she is passionate about bringing the divine feminine codes back to this planet, guiding humanity into sovereignty, unity, and grace. She is also the founder of the Galactic Temple, an online membership portal with bi-monthly gatherings.



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