How to Sell Online Without Being "Salsey"

Written by: Stephanie Pye, Executive Contributor

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When most entrepreneurs start out, they’re told it’s all about the numbers, cold call, walk-in, direct message as many people as you can, someone will say yes… What they didn’t tell you was there is another way.

You see, building a business online and building business relationships online is much like any other relationship in real life. Cold messages, and cold calls are the equivalent of asking someone to marry you on the first date, most of the time you’ll freak someone out, they’ll go cold and probably never talk to you again.

If you’ve done this method, and you’ve come on too strong, you might be getting used to being left on read or seen! It doesn’t have to be like this; there is another way.

"If your content is so strong and you build the relationships effectively, your content will sell itself"

It’s all about attraction marketing, getting visible and setting yourself up as an expert in the industry. Building real relationships and treating your customers like people and not numbers. Once the switch is made from what you can do, to what you can do for them, everything changes.

If your content is so strong and you build the relationships effectively, your content will sell itself, without having to be pushing or come on to strong. You can build your relationships within the messages, then when your audience actually see your content, and they will thanks to the algorithm thinking you’re friends, it will show them your content.

If your content is strong and followed by an enticing call to action, if they are interested, you’ll be sure to know! There are so many options when it comes to your call to action;

  • Click the link in my bio

  • Sign up to read my blog on the [specific topic with an enticing headline]

  • Join my free challenge / masterclass (and you upsell at the end)

You want to take your audience through the know, like and trust process and build your network. Remember, not everyone is ready to buy right now, but you want to be the person they think of when they are. Set yourself up as an authority and build your relationships.

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Stephanie Pye, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Stephanie Pye is an Internationally sought after Time Management and Instagram Coach, with a passion for helping women in business, particularly mums become more productive, more profitable and monetize Social Media. She teaches them, they too, can have it all. As a mum of young children herself, she knows the importance of adaptive planning, a strong why, a strong vision and to focus her daily activities on getting her closer to the vision. She has helped women all over the world gain clarity, balance and become more productive in their business.



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