How to Know if You Are in Alignment With The Income That You Want?

Written by: Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alignment, funny word isn’t it? It's a word that I never got exposed to until I started to learn about metaphysical things like the law of attraction and energy. However, alignment is not more than the straight line that connects where you are today, with where you want to be.

Imagine a hummingbird trying to feed from a flower. The hummingbird can flop their winds up to 12 times per second, which in case you haven’t notice is super-fast. This speed at which they flop their winds requires them to align precisely with the flowers they are going to feast from, otherwise they’d miss them. But you don’t see bunch of hummingbirds laying around starving because they couldn’t align with the flowers, do you? That’s because they can naturally align with that, they want the most.

The same way you can too learn to align with that income that you so much want. In these times could be even having a job, or selling your house, getting more clients or even getting a promotion; and don’t tell me is not possible, because just this last week I’ve seen each and every of these cases above to materialize to people I coach.

But, how do they do it? How these people can get more income when the world is going crazy? Simple, they were able to get in alignment with that, they want the most. In this case more income. How do you know if you are in alignment with the income you want, or any other thing you desire? There are two easy ways to know if you are in alignment:

  1. Are you getting what you want? This is the obvious not so smart way to measure your alignment, because it’s an after the fact methodology.As you can imagine there is a lag between when you start your alignment process and when you actually can taste and touch what you desired, so even when this is a good reinforcement, if this is the only way you use to measure you alignment level then you are always going to be behind the 8ball.

  2. Or, you can pay attention to how you feel. You see, everything you want is contain in the vibration of happiness, because the only reason you want those things is because you think that by having them you will be happier, therefore that promotion, the extra money, the extra clients, etc.; are all located in the same energy level as happiness. So, if you want to get those things in your life, all you must do is to consistently feel happy, and inevitably more things that make you happy will come your way, including those that you desire. It’s like the old saying: when it rains it pours, and this saying is true for better and for worse.

As a good practice, you can check couple of times a day how are you feeling, and if the average feelings you have are closer to happiness than not, then you are probably in the right track. If not, you need to work on your happiness meter to make sure you get there!

Carmen Benton, International business strategist

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Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carmen Benton is an International Life Strategist, dedicated to help women over 40 to find happiness and live with purpose. Why? Because everything you desire in life you want because you believe that by having it, you will be happier… and so how wonderful life would be if you can be happy right now, right here, with the life you already got. Carmen is a Mechanical Industrial Engineer with an MBA from a branch for Harvard Business School, and although she’s been very successful in her professional life after going through a divorced twice, she’s learned a thing or two about not looking for others to fulfill your desire of happiness, but instead to look within and to Live with Purpose and Passion.



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