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How to Grow on Instagram - Expert Samanta Cimerman Shares her 3 Best Tips

With over 1 billion users, it makes it almost impossible to stand out from the rest. Getting more followers to your Instagram-account is difficult, but there are a few tricks you could use to increase your chances of getting a popular account. Read the interview with Instagram expert Samanta Cimerman below!

You are the Social Media Entrepreneur with the very eye-catching Instagram account @_socialsam_ that provides content to help people with Social Media growth and strategies.  How did you come up with such an eye-catching feed? What’s the reason and purpose behind it?

– Thank you so much. I started this account to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Instagram and gain exposure for my services. Since there are millions of amazing educational accounts on Instagram, one of the ways I try to stand out is design.

If you could share 3 tips for someone who’s new to Instagram, but wants to grow quickly, what would that be?

1. Give them a reason to follw you.

– Give people a reason to follow you by creating content as valuable/entertaining/Inspiring as possible. And try to be different than other accounts in your niche - either by putting a different spin on your content or design of your feed. 2. Engage.

– Engage with your target audience as much as possible.

3. Shoutouts.

If you have some budget to spend, try shoutouts from bigger accounts with a similar audience.And a bonus tip - don’t just focus on the numbers. The quality of your followers is way more important than quantity. Also, be patient - it gets easier as your following starts to grow!

And for someone who’s already on Instagram, but find it difficult to gain followers and engagement. What tips and advice can you give someone who’s looking to gain more followers and more engagement?

– If you’re taking the time to engage with people (which will give your profile a lot of exposure), but your account is still not growing, maybe consider changing your content.

– If you feel like you've tried everything and nothing is working, I suggest getting your IG account audited by a social media pro.

What kind of services do you offer people, and who do you mostly work with?

– I still do a little bit of social media management, but my focus is on creating social media strategies, profile audits and educating through the content on my channels.

– I also have a membership website where I provide small businesses with monthly done-for-you caption templates called So my world revolves around Instagram - you can imagine what my screen time is.

Finally, what do you have in front of you, and what’s your next big goal or project?

– Right now, I’m preparing for an SMX Social Media Growth Summit where I’m going to be one of the speakers, but after that, I’m finally going to start working on my first Instagram course.

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