Harassment & Technology – Part 2

Written by: Motti Wein, Executive Contributor

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"Harassment" is perhaps the most feared word in business today. Each Human Resources department worldwide invests countless hours and dollars into training and other preventive measures to avoid it.

What if there is a much cheaper and less time-consuming way to protect oneself and one's business from harassment difficulties?

Last issue I spoke about being on a “last-name-basis” in all business relationships. This ensures the business relationship remains purely business.

This issue, I would like to focus on technology.

Few would even think of bringing a member of the opposite gender into bed or the bathroom with them with their own spouses nearby—I hope that even without their spouses nearby, yet with the smartphone, that is exactly what is being done today.

Most businesses today rely on the smartphone to answer emails and do other business-related tasks at all needed times, even if away from their desks. The downside is this creates a deep culture of familiarity between business associates where they engage in conversation together in places where previous generations would have never. As discussed last issue, familiarity is the key thing to avoid at work.

One of my Torah teachers, Rabbi Shmuel Neiman shlita, recommended a simple yet powerful solution: There should be a “no communication” policy between co-workers beginning at a certain time each evening. This policy would last through the following morning. For example, beginning at 8:30 pm, one would cease communicating with co-workers through the following morning, thereby freeing one up to focus on their own family for at least a couple of hours each evening.

Another possible solution is to allow our spouses access to all of our electronic communication, which would serve as a powerful deterrent knowing that nothing is guaranteed safe from their eyes. My wife has access to all of my emails & texts while I have access to hers, and this we found works beautifully. It must be emphasized that if a spouse shares access to the other’s electronic communication, the same rules of privacy that apply to the worker must also apply to the spouse.

Lastly, one should accustom themselves to be as curt and short as possible in all electronic communication. Smiley emojis, heart emojis, “LOL,” “OMG,” and the like are not professional. I prefer, where possible, to even avoid, “How are you?” Get straight to the point.

Electronic communication is to convey information, not feelings.

One of the many things learned from the Coronavirus pandemic is money & businesses come & go. Our earned "good name" stays with us forever.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to sharing more tips in future issues.

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