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Get Unstuck And On Purpose!

Written by: Jayne Sanders, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Everybody gets stuck. Sometimes, somewhere, somehow. Taking action is what separates the paralyzed from the successful.

Taking action and getting unstuck requires inner work…discovering and stepping into your authentic self, innate life purpose, and special gifts, and, working through your blind spots.

As leaders, how can you reach the full potential of your business if you aren’t clear about your blind spots? How can you make the difference you are meant to make if you aren’t being authentic to your core being? Or if you aren’t embracing and using your natural gifts and talents? And especially, if you aren’t sure that what you are doing is in alignment with your innate life purpose? Answer…you can’t!

You probably guessed it, yes, this means stepping willingly into personal growth and transformation. Being willing to look deep inside, find your purpose and passions, and LIVE them! Understanding your challenges, patterns and blind spots and taking steps, even baby steps, to address them.

Transformation can take many forms using many different tools and resources. Several powerful assessments exist to help people uncover their strengths and challenges, and they can be very helpful. All need guidance and interpretation by a knowledgeable, if not certified, facilitator.

Many therapy technologies exist as well and can be very helpful with identifying blind spots and moving through them. Talk therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, and numerous other forms.

In addition, several modalities exist to help people identify their innate life purpose. Years ago I was so stuck and unhappy in my work, desperately searching for meaning and fulfillment. Believe me, I tried every modality I could find. And some were quite helpful. Nothing, however, gave me the detail and specific description of my purpose, innate gifts, and blind spots that Scientific Hand Analysis gave me. And I hear the same feedback from my clients.

The experience… its depth, accuracy, and actionability…blew my mind! When I took action on that information, my life started changing, in subtle yet powerful and significant ways. (Forbes wrote an article about me and the accuracy of this work.)

This unique neurotechnology interpreted for me the blueprint in my hands that revealed, at my core, who I am and why I’m here. My innate life purpose, how I’m meant to make a difference in the world…my gifts to help me make that difference…and why I was getting stuck, along with what to do about it. Woo-hoo!!

Finally, with a little further guidance, I was able to find the work I LOVED and that aligned with my core purpose. Taking action on my blind spots changed EVERYTHING.

So whether you are happy with your work or not, if you are wanting to better your business, yourself, your contribution to the world…take action! Don’t stay stuck. Invest in yourself. Waiting for things to change doesn’t work. Hoping for an epiphany doesn’t work. Doing nothing doesn’t work.

If you’ve been trying for years to figure it out yourself, where will you be in another year? Two years? Likely the same place. I was stuck for YEARS because I kept thinking I could figure it out myself. I encourage you to take action, in whatever form feels right to you and resonates with you.

Action is what separates the paralyzed from the successful. I wish you the very best in life and work!

Jayne Sanders

Master Scientific Hand Analyst

Purpose, Law of Attraction, & Spiritual Life Coach

Purpose Whisperer

After an MBA and over 25 years in the corporate world, Jayne Sanders grew unfulfilled in her career and began a search for her life purpose. She found Scientific Hand Analysis, and her life hasn't been the same since! Jayne's passion is to help other people, entrepreneurs, and business leaders feel the same way…fulfilled and inspired every day! 303-828-8333,

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Jayne Sanders, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

A MASTER Scientific Hand Analyst with an MBA, corporate background, and 3 coaching certifications – Purpose, Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Life Coach – and featured in a FORBES article about her work, Jayne Sanders helps leaders, business owners, and teams love their lives and their work.

Using her extensive past corporate experience, along with Scientific Hand Analysis and her proprietary Coaching process, she reveals your purpose, special gifts, and blind spots, then guides you into the inspired meaning, passion and fulfillment you crave in life and work. Corporate and team benefits are numerous as well. When not doing her purpose work, Jayne can be found out on the trail riding her beautiful chestnut horse Scarlett, or eating dark chocolate . And sometimes both at the same time!


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