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Full Guide For Developing Inspiration & Creativity At The Workplace

Written by: Elena Antonovska, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Inspiration and motivation are two inextricably linked, magical energies that give us drive, desire, and excitement at the thought of contributing and progressing in life, in general, and certainly at work.

These energies usually blossom when the organizational culture is focused on employees and customers and when the work environment is harmonious and esthetically designed to support it.

We usually expect that these external factors will provide the basis for increasing inspiration and motivation, and thus productivity. But what happens when the conditions for these external factors are not met? The key is in the expectation and the short-term results of their fulfillment.

Motivation and inspiration, like all internal values, are only permanent and long-term when they come from within. This is due to the fact that they belong to the category of nouns (values) that we are always searching for, such as happiness, joy, fulfillment, peace, success, satisfaction, etc. regardless of the context and aspect of life we want to feel them and have them.

Here we will focus on the business context and how we can be inspired by our colleagues, environment, work, or location, but of course, you can apply and adapt the same in all areas of life.

We have already mentioned that the work environment has a serious influence on inspiration. In fact, all aspects of the organizational culture affect equally. However, within the perimeter of our responsibilities, and sometimes outside of them, if we decide to increase our influence in the company, we can create an environment that supports and encourages us, if we allow ourselves to change our mindset and aim for success. That would mean that we take responsibility for meeting the personal needs related to work. With that, we also affect the overall quality of our life.

We will mention several important things that can support you to be inspired and motivated at work.

1. What do I want? Why do I want that?

Each of us has a different concept of what we want from life, what work we want to do, about success, and advancement. It is good to explore and question your drives and reasons for being where you are at the moment. Ask yourself the question “Why?” often. Why am I doing this? Why is this important to me? And how important is it to me? What do I want to achieve? What is possible? Why do I contribute or not? These and other questions will give you the answers about whether you are in the right place and if YES, they will point you in the direction of change and progress. If most of the answers refer to material gain and money, don’t expect too much from yourself and others.

2. Analyze the situation.

Write down the factors that support you, but also those that kill your inspiration. It can be colleagues, lack of creative space, routine activities, or excessive obligation.

3. Company vs. personal values

Think about your Why and your values, then see if they align with the company’s values. Equalized them. This will give you eternal motivation and inspiration at the workplace and with the clients.

4, Use every moment wisely!

If you travel a long time to and from your workplace, use the time while traveling in a useful way. Listen to an audiobook, read books or inspirational quotes, and visualize your successful day or your goals. Affirm positive thoughts, do introspection and reflection, think about how to improve your life, or just be with yourself, because this is perhaps the most important time in your life. In those moments, try to allow yourself to relax, and after all, practice being empty, without thoughts, without feelings. In the long run, it will bring you a huge benefit, one of which is a constant inspiration and a wealth of ideas.

5. Make your workplace more pleasant and work-friendly

This is where you spend a lot of time, so it should be a place where you will be comfortable staying. Make it your home, or at least a space where you will want to spend some time. Insert details that will support your imagination and good mood. The workplace looks like you, regardless of the fact that it is provided by your employer. It radiates your energy and will reflect you. So, make it a magical place.

6. Control your mind

Realize that you are in control of everything that is yours, including your mind. This means that if you allow yourself to be obsessed with negative thoughts about colleagues, the environment, and the work, you will end up infamous. Direct your mind to solutions and alternatives every time you notice yourself spiraling into a negative thought cycle. Force and practice solving situations, not looking at failures.

7. Set long-term goals

Look at your current circumstances and current work responsibilities as experiences that will lead you to where you want to be and help you achieve your goals. Your goals must always be in front of your eyes, which will ensure that you can more easily go through situations that are stressful for you, work responsibilities that you do not want to perform, or stay in an environment that you do not like.

8. Focus

Do not bother with unimportant things and details that will take your attention away from what is crucial. When something happens, ask yourself if and how important is this. Does it affect me, my work, and my goals, and how much? Most of the time, the largest percentage of what happens to us is a distraction. Focus on what matters, on improvement and advancement.

9. Take care of yourself

Learn to breathe deeply, meditate, exercise, get enough sleep, eat well, etc. Lead a balanced life. Make a plan, take breaks, and go on vacation. All of this will help you deal more easily with anything that is causing you stress and will make you feel better.

10. Success

Successful people support others to be successful. Successful people are always at the service of others. Observe the people you work with and try to understand what they need for their success and motivation. Ask yourself what contribution you can make for them and create an atmosphere of support and affirmation. Encourage them and motivate them. Give positive feedback. Help them understand the power of togetherness. Help them develop, and their success will inspire you to be even better and more productive.

If this is impossible with some colleagues, focus on those who want to work, progress, and succeed. Create an environment for yourself and for them that is supportive where everyone will thrive.

11. Share knowledge

Be selfless in passing on the knowledge you have. Colleagues, especially those who are behind you with experience and years of work will appreciate it. Knowledge sharing and mentoring will inspire you to learn more and improve yourself.

12. Mindset and personal development

Work on yourself constantly, every day, in terms of becoming a better person, with strong values, integrity, and personal authority. Commit to always giving your best. In this way, you will acquire the ability to manage situations and people around you more easily and quickly.

13. Celebrate your success

Mark each of your successes as your biggest and celebrate it with your colleagues. Make it known that it is a shared success, not just a personal one, whether you achieved it alone or not.

14. The big picture

Do not forget it EVER. Who are you, what are your values, and goals, where do you want to be, what are your abilities and resources, what are your identity, your mission, and vision. And most importantly, how to use it all to benefit other people, to leave something behind, to make an impact. Or rather, the big picture is related to the question: What would you like to be remembered for?

Even in the smallest things (work), we create an impression and results. It is up to us to decide how we will create and inspire them.

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Elena Antonovska, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Elena Antonovska is International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach with the main focus on deep transformation through coaching and other methods and developing individual leadership potential, widening the perspective and supporting motivation, creativity & connection. She is a Personal & Professional Development Mentor, Master Teacher with a vast knowledge of the human nature and methods of working with it. She acquires her professional experience in various business environments in the field of communication, coaching, training, entrepreneurship, and practical approaches in personal & professional development. She brings the experience, knowledge, and understanding to her work with leaders.



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