From Unknown in Sweden To Famous Model And Influencer In Thailand - Here's Helena Busch's Journey

Helena Busch, 23, is a model, influencer and designer who moved from Sweden to Thailand to invest in her career. Brainz Magazine reached out to do an interview with Helena who currently has over 160,000 followers on her Instagram.

Helena Busch

What made you move from Sweden to Thailand?

- The modeling. I got a good offer and signed with a manager in Thailand, and since my heritage is Thai I felt pretty confident with the choice and was very excited to test something new while staying in the country my mother is from. I also speak the language and have relatives here which of course made it easier.

What have you learned during these years?

I’ve learned that nothing comes easy in life but it is important to take risks, have the courage to get out of the "comfort zone", only then can you learn, grow as a person and automatically more opportunities will appear. Moving to a new country with a new culture is very challenging but at the same time very fun, you learn to see things in a different perspective and you meet so many new people from all over the world!

What do you think are the reasons behind your success?

I think it's about having a clear character, it simply depends on how you want people to see you! I’ve also noticed that when you make a debut in various competitions such as pagents, reality shows, comics etc, these are good ways to be "exposed", what you do after to continue to be "interesting" to people is another thing and I think that's where you have to show what your platform is all about. This makes it clear to your followers as they know what content they can expect from you.

Would you recommend others to make the same journey if they got the opportunity?

- I think everyone should take every opportunity that comes up! It’s a "once in a lifetime"- experience. Even though you may not be the greatest, the best or the most beautiful, you will learn so much from it, and as for me, learning and experience is something you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Because of this journey a lot of other doors will also be opened!

What are the pros and cons of your profession?

- For me, the benefits are definitely all the contacts you will get. You meet different people, respected women and men, from different types of professions. This gives you so much knowledge and chances to test something new. I have, for example, managed to start my own clothing brand which with my "fan base" makes it easier for marketing. Another advantage is free food, clothing, hotels and offers.

Helena Busch

How does a normal week looks like for you?

- It depends on how many model-jobs I have that week, usually between 2-4. The rest of the week I usually workout and do influencer-jobs on Instagram, right now I'm pretty busy with my clothing brand, so right now I'm spending a lot of my time on that.

What are your best tips for someone who wants to succeed and do the same journey you've done?

- Be yourself, find something that you like and are good at, be specific in what you choose and something you know you are really interested in. For example lifestyle, fashion, comedy etc... Interact with your followers because they are the one who looks up to you and will be your biggest supporters! Make yourself recognized in a way, for example through a competition, then it will be easier to work your way up.

Helena Busch

What’s your next goal?

My goal is to get my brand all across the world, to get more jobs in the fashion industry, to become a well known influencer and hopefully a role figure for charity and to stop global warming.

10 quick questions:

Summer in Sweden or Thailand?

- Sweden

Swedish or Thai food?

- Thai

City or beach?

- Beach

Singing or dancing?

- Singing

Rice or noodles?

- Rice

Netflix or YouTube?

- Netflix

Adventure or chill?

- Adventure

Morning or night?

- Night

Comedy or horror?

- Comedy

Cardio or weightlifting?

- Cardio



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