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“From Stagnation To A Limitless Life”

Written by: Alejandro J Tornato, Executive Contributor

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As part of my life’s journey, I know that my purpose is to add value to as many people as I can by empowering them to get out from a life of stagnation and to begin living a boundless, and limitless kind of life.

Now, as an International Speaker, Leadership Development coach and Trainer, I have the great opportunity to talk to lots of people; and many of them ask me the same question: “Alejandro, is it really possible to live and enjoy a limitless life?”, and without any doubt or hesitation my answer is always a loud “yes…of course it is not only very possible, but I truly believe it is our birthright”. I will expand on my answer by explaining that as spiritual beings, not only we are co-creators of our experiences, but we are also connected to the Source that created us.

Now, some people call the source, God, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind, Universal Energy, or whatever name resonates with you; that Source creates in two ways, “abundantly” (“limitlessly”), and “perfectly”. Therefore, we have been created to live and experience a completely limitless life. The beauty of this fact is that every person in the world has been fully resourced to live this awesome abundantly limitless journey, regardless of nationality, culture, social and economic status, highly educated or not, etc. There are no exceptions to this but one, and that is the self-limitations that we impose in our own lives.

Now, there are a few statements and quotes that I would like to share with you, the reader, and the first one comes from Abraham Maslow (who developed the hierarchy of needs), and he said:


The “Comfort Zone” for many people is that place of “safety” that Maslow refers to in the statement above.

The “Comfort Zone” is definitely a place of “Stagnation”.

The dictionary defines stagnation as “the state of not flowing or moving, lack of activity, growth or development”.

Let me share a few things about this cozy, comfortable zone, and let me give you a powerful visual: in your mind compare these two scenarios, first of all, picture a body of water, perhaps a pond where the water is restricted and cannot flow, it is said to be “stagnant” and within a relatively short time that water becomes depleted of oxygen so all fish and living organisms die, and harmful bacteria begins to form, the water turns green and begins to smell very bad; this is a clear picture of “stagnation”. It is a clear picture of a dying place for sure.

This is exactly what happens when people spend time in the zone of safety, in the “Comfort Zone”. Nothing ever grows there, you don’t grow in any area of your life if you are there for too long, there is no movement or activity of any kind in this zone.


Now, picture this second scenario, a rushing flowing river, perhaps coming down a mountain and the moving water is crystal clear, cold, and in most cases safe to drink. Fish and all kinds of living organisms, not only live, but thrive in this healthy and living environment. This river brings freshness and life to everything in its path, it causes animals to quench their thirst, and vegetation along its banks to grow with vibrancy. It is a sign of life, and a clear demonstration of what Maslow refers to when he says: “Stepping forward into growth”.

Another way to describe this is to call it: “Being in your strength zone”. In this place there is movement, there is growth, there is a degree of fear (and fear is good, because it means you are taking action, you are doing something even if you are making mistakes), there is creativity, there is PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), and there is the desire to get better and to make an impact in people’s lives.

John maxwell, one of my mentors reminds us that:


Next I would like to share five (5) steps to begin living a limitless life:

1. Become more “Intentional” as supposed to having lots of “Intentions”. Many are those who go to their death-beds with a heavy burden of intentions which were never realized during their active years, and now they look at them with much regret. Without being morbid, I invite you to come with me on a virtual tour across any cemetery, and we will see hundreds if not thousands of great intentions that went to their graves along with its owner; books never written, trips never taken, relationships never started and developed, businesses that never happened, and so on…

When people live lives filled with intentions they are unconsciously saying to themselves and to the world: “It’s not the right time to begin”, and that is a self-imposed limitation.

2. Create your own rules.

Most people have the tendency to follow anybody’s pathway thinking that if it worked for them, well, it must work for me too!!! In some cases, this process may be true, but not in all of them. It is much better and beneficial for you to build and forge your own personal path and leave a trail and legacy behind. Rather than following other people’s rules, which by the way it is easier, why not creating your own rules and live by them.

Let me share a quote by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius: “Everything, a horse, a vine is created for some duty; for what task, then were you yourself created? A man’s true delight is to do the things he was made for”.

3. Your beliefs create your reality.

Most of us if we are honest need to admit that as we reach adulthood, we start a personal journey of deprogramming our minds from the beliefs we were taught during our most crucial formative years. Unfortunately for most of us, the people close to us during those years, our parents, teachers taught us what to think as supposed to how to think; and many years later we begin the painful process of deleting most of that program to acquire new beliefs. Remember that your beliefs drive your behavior, and not the other way around.

4. In this point I want to address the area of investing. Too many people, in my opinion, invest in the wrong things, because they spend lots of time and energy acquiring material possessions which have a temporary value and may be lost at any time. However, real and lasting investment is in yourself, in the acquisition of knowledge, in the development of close and trusted relationships, and in taking risks trying new ideas, failing often and keep trying again and again never quitting, expanding your experience.

5. Last but certainly not least, I encourage you to pay close attention to the language you use every single day. As a Speaker I have come to a very good understanding of the awesome power of words and language not only in people’s lives, but in our own lives as well. Words can certainly be used to edify and encourage a close friend; to elevate the morale of a team before and during a challenging project. However, words can also be used to hurt, diminish, and demean another person.

Very often I encourage my coaching clients to be extremely careful in the use of “I am…” statements, because without knowing they may be manifesting negative experiences in their lives by the creative power of such words.

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Alejandro J Tornato, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alejandro J Tornato is the Founder and CEO of "Tornato Speaking, Leadership & Coaching LLC", offering Motivational Keynote Speaking, Leadership Coaching and Personal Growth & Development Training. Alejandro is a powerful and dynamic sought-after International Speaker and Coach Certified through the “Maxwell Leadership Organization”. He is also one of the Founding Directors at "Have The Edge", with a mission to provide the most comprehensive coaching and training programs for business leaders and entrepreneurs. Alejandro's teachings and communication style immediately connect with individuals and groups from all backgrounds. Alejandro is the co-author of "Create Terrific Teams", and the host and producer of both "The Alejandro Tornato Show" and "Have The Edge" Podcasts. Alejandro is a Top Mentor on Wisdom, the world's largest audio mentoring platform.


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