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Finding Strength And Endurance

Written by: Roar Thun Waegger, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor  Roar Thun Waegger

3,8 K swimming in the Hardangerfjorden from a ferry into Eidfjord, add 180 K cycling from the fjord on the west coast of Norway across the high-mountain plateau, Hardangervidda, to Tinnsjøen on the eastside, then add a third leg with a marathon (42,2 K) with the final goal at the mountain peak, Gaustatoppen, at 1883 meters altitude. I look extremely proud because my eldest son, Kristian, participated in his first long-distance triathlon, and received the famous black t-shirt as one of the 160 best athletes.

A photo of three men.

In the world of endurance sports and professional development, there are surprising parallels that can be drawn between seemingly disparate activities.

The Norseman Triathlon often hailed as the world's hardest triathlon due to its extreme conditions and demanding course, shares intriguing similarities with the "Power of Nice" negotiation training from the Waegger Negotiation Institute.

While one involves pushing the limits of physical endurance, the other focuses on honing the skills needed to navigate complex business negotiations.

Let's delve into 5 connections that can be drawn between these two seemingly unrelated pursuits

1. Mental resilience

Both the Norseman Triathlon and the Power of Nice negotiation training demand participants develop unwavering mental resilience. In Norseman, athletes battle freezing waters, steep ascents, and unpredictable weather conditions. Similarly, in the high-stakes arena of negotiation, participants encounter challenging scenarios that require quick thinking, adaptability, and emotional stability. Just as a Norseman triathlete faces the mental challenge of conquering icy waters, a skilled negotiator must maintain composure even when discussions turn tense.

2. Preparation and strategy

Success in both endeavors hinges on meticulous preparation and strategic planning. A Norseman participant must train extensively across three disciplines – swimming, cycling, and running – and familiarize themselves with the treacherous terrain. In negotiation, a well-prepared negotiator studies the subject matter, researches the other party, and outlines clear objectives. Just as a triathlete paces themselves during the race, a negotiator strategically paces the conversation, revealing information at the right moment to achieve the best outcome.

3. Adaptability to changing conditions

The Norseman Triathlon's course, featuring mountainous landscapes and unpredictable weather shifts, demands adaptability. Athletes must adjust their approach on the fly to navigate unexpected challenges. Similarly, negotiations are rarely linear; they often take unexpected turns due to changing circumstances or new information. A negotiator trained in the Power of Nice approach is equipped to pivot gracefully and find mutually beneficial solutions even when faced with unforeseen obstacles.

4. Collaborative mindset

Both the Norseman Triathlon and the Power of Nice negotiation training emphasize the value of a collaborative mindset. In Norseman, participants and their support teams may assist each other during the race, fostering a sense of camaraderie despite the competitive nature. The Power of Nice approach promotes a cooperative spirit by encouraging negotiators to emphasize the value of building relationships and finding win-win solutions. This mindset aims to create lasting partnerships rather than merely securing short-term gains.

5. Goal orientation

Setting and achieving goals is a cornerstone of both the Norseman Triathlon and negotiation training. Norseman participants often have personal goals for completing the grueling course, whether it's conquering a specific mountain pass or finishing to receive the famous black t-shirt. Negotiators, too, work towards defined goals, aiming to secure favorable terms for their side while ensuring the other party's satisfaction. The discipline required to push through physical limits in Norseman aligns with the persistence needed to attain negotiated agreements.

The unlikely pairing of the Norseman Triathlon and the Power of Nice negotiation training reveals unexpected commonalities. Both demand mental resilience, preparation, adaptability, collaboration, and goal orientation.

While one tests the limits of human endurance and the other hones the art of skilled negotiation, the underlying principles of discipline, strategy, and perseverance are universal.

Whether racing through icy waters or navigating intricate business deals, the lessons learned from one realm can undoubtedly enrich the other.

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Roar Thun Waegger Brainz Magazine

Roar Thun Waegger, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Roar is a facilitator, advisor, and mediator, and he founded Waegger Negotiation Institute (WNI) in 2017. Up to 2017 has Roar been working as a lawyer with employment and labor law, and he has extensive experience in practical negotiations and long-time influence work. With his experience and training from Harvard PON and Pepperdine’s Straus' Institute in negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution he helps his clients solve their challenges.



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