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Finding Balance – Three Tips For Navigating Action And Surrender, Effort And Ease

I am a passionate advocate for personal growth and transformation. Having personally experienced the depths of pain and fear, I understand the overwhelming challenges that can hold individuals back from living a meaningful life. However, I firmly believe that change is not only possible but achievable with unwavering belief and motivation.

Executive Contributor Joan Cantu

In the bustling life of a traveler's wife, where the pace never seems to slow down, I have found peace amidst the chaos.

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For the past six years, I have traveled alongside my husband to various destinations in Europe, the United States, and South America. Despite his success, he often struggles with feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of his job. Together, we have faced the challenge of finding a balance between taking action and letting go, allowing life to unfold naturally. I have realized the need for change; however, I was unsure of where to start.

Then, one day we understand that, to achieve a balance between action and surrender, it is crucial to prioritize tasks and responsibilities in both our personal and professional lives. My husband and I communicate openly about our priorities and boundaries, valuing and respecting each other's needs.

The first tip is "Whatever" going with the flow.

One day, as I sat alone in the house enjoying my coffee, I began contemplating how to let go of control over things beyond our influence. Recalling the wisdom passed down from my grandparents, I was reminded of a simple yet profound word: "whatever." While it may initially seem dismissive, I realized it embodies acceptance, release, and a commitment to learn and grow from challenging experiences.

The core message of our journey is the realization that we must release our grip on circumstances that are outside of our control. This is where the significance of the word "whatever" comes into play, evolving into a philosophy of taking action when feasible and surrendering when circumstances are beyond our influence. There are moments when my husband may nonchalantly respond with a simple "whatever," whether a situation unfolds favorably or not. Through our experiences, we have come to appreciate the value of acceptance and the practice of embracing the concept of going with the flow.

The 2nd tip I have come to understand is the significance of flexibility and adaptability when navigating the challenges of travel. The journey often presents us with unexpected hurdles such as flight delays, missed opportunities to connect with loved ones, and the inability to partake in significant celebrations. As our third wedding anniversary approaches in September, I realize that we have not yet embarked on a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday trip together. Despite this, we have learned to treasure every trip, relish each meal shared, and value every second spent in each other's presence, whether alone, with friends, or in the company of family.

Given the nature of my online coaching job, I have the freedom to craft my own schedule. There are instances when I opt to stay at home while my husband embarks on solo travels. In such scenarios, our adaptability and flexibility come to the fore, enabling us to navigate our individual commitments while continuing to provide unwavering support to one another.

By embracing flexibility and adaptability, we have learned to let go of the need to control every aspect of our lives and instead trust in the natural flow of events. Our family and friends have gradually come to understand and accept our unique lifestyle and the challenges it presents.

The 3rd valuable tip is the importance of practicing presence and compassion. Often, my husband's mind is preoccupied with various tasks such as problem-solving, planning, decision-making, and goal setting. There are times when we go out for a nice dinner, only to find him engrossed in his computer screen. In these moments, I communicate my feelings to him with compassion. I acknowledge his need to work but kindly request an hour of his undivided attention, explaining how much it would mean to me. With a compassionate approach, his flexible mindset usually responds positively, agreeing to prioritize our time together over work.

Reminding him to practice mindfulness during moments of overwhelm or frustration is essential. Encouraging him to be present in the moment and suggesting that he take a break and restart when he is more focused can improve his ability to handle challenges effectively. By gently redirecting the conversation, guiding him to refocus and regain clarity with determination and purpose.

At times, I prompt him to engage in simple activities like observing his fingers, counting them, moving them, or visualizing himself climbing a tree like a monkey with his eyes closed. This playful approach often leads to moments of joy and laughter, offering a way to shift or reset the mind for a fresh perspective.

In the midst of a hectic life as a traveling wife, my journey has become a testament to the importance of finding balance in a constantly moving world. Through the delicate balance of effort and ease, we have discovered the beauty of embracing life's natural rhythm and cherishing each moment as it unfolds. We have come to understand that true fulfillment is found in the harmonious alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

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Joan Cantu, Triumph Coach

Joan Cantu has journeyed from a challenging past, transforming herself into a pillar of strength and positivity. She stands as a beacon of hope for those who have experienced abuse, dedicated to guiding them towards freedom and transformation. As an author and speaker, Joan Cantu uses her platform to inspire and uplift others. By sharing her own story of triumph over adversity, she spreads a potent, yet simple message of hope, resilience, and self-belief.



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