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Exclusive Interview With Marcus Matthews ‒ From Suicidal Police Officer To Transformation Coach

Marcus Matthews, is a Transformation Coach who's mission is to disrupt our relationship with words like Anxiety, PTSD, Suicide and show the world that all these experiences are gifts we have misunderstood.

Using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive coaching to help upgrade people to fulfil their true purpose and step into their authentic power Marcus truly believes the universe has our backs and his approach shows people possibility once more.

A former police officer and soldier Marcus found his true calling by working with the amazing Marisa Peer after being on the verge of suicide and as well as running his own business Marcus now helps Marisa and the More Than Enough Team shape the lives of others as one of Marisa' trainers.

Marcus has worked with other Mindvalley greats like Lisa Nichols and Regan Hillyer and like them wants to help change the world to be a better place one step at a time.

As an author, speaker, podcaster and trainer Marcus' diverse background from Soldier, Police Officer and Leader allows him to connect with real people to help them set themselves free.

He believes everyone should live a fulfilled and happy life and when you remove the destructive feelings from the toxic stories you tell yourself everyday, you can step into your own version of possibility. easily and effortlessly so you can make your life count.

Marcus Matthews, From Suicidal Police Officer To Transformation Coach

Who is Marcus Matthews? Let’s start with who I was.

Born near Manchester in the United Kingdom in the 1970’s I was led to believe that life was about working hard, being kind to people, then the world would look after you.

As working class boy who played football, loved nature, cycling and had a loving family, on paper all was good. My life would be redefined when I wanted to end my life as a serving police officer, but let’s turn back the clock to the time I asked a big question, one that I continue to explore now. I remember sitting in church with my mum around 8 years old, listening to the vicar talking about God, Jesus, service, love, then asking if God is everywhere and I can talk to “him” at any time, why am I sat here when I could be playing football. Looking back I have always had more questions than answers. Looking back I have always shone a light into dark places and asked – Why? When you do that as a child, from a working class background, you get told, stay in your lane, don’t question, do. For 43 years I was a dysfunctional battery in a life I didn’t understand or want, it was programmed into me. Finally breaking I then entering a mental health system that was set up to protect the public rather than empower it. Having transformed my vision of life, now I help others do the same.

What is your business name and how do you help your clients? My journey led me to ask WHY am here, how can I now make my life count, so that became my business name Make Your Life Count. I help people find the root cause to why they feel the way they do, bring meaning to those false narratives and stories, so they can step into their own personal vision of greatness and self-love. I help people to remove the labels others have placed on them and empower them to change their own life based on what they believe and feel, not what society tells them.

What is your work inspired by? Failing a lot and certainly awakening to the fact that the answers lie within us not outside of us. That journey really started when I broke and felt so abandoned. Through that experience, I met my mentor Marisa Peer in London, that encounter would go on to change my life forever. Marisa offered to train me in her amazing RTT™ method and now besides helping my own clients break free, I help train the next generation of therapists at the RTT School.

Having been to the darkest of places and climbing out of that valley, I made a promise to go back in that valley to help others move into the light so they could once again see new horizons. What kind of audience do you target your business towards? I mainly work with professionals from a range of backgrounds, but at the moment I am passionate about working with more men. The coaching and therapy space feels very female orientated at the moment and from my own experience men are regressing inwards, even more, often feeling they have no purpose or value. When I look at my own journey connecting with someone who understood how I felt was difficult, so I guess I had to become the person who didn’t exist for me. We look outward for the answers and as society becomes more fractured the information we seek becomes more distorted, it is difficult to anchor into what our purpose is. In turn, this creates underlying beliefs of I am not good enough, I am different and why can’t I feel free and loved. I help my clients go within to find the answers to the questions that keep them stuck, without drugs or long spells of therapy. What are your current goals for your business? My present goals are to be more, serve more and ultimately work less. I dream of breaking through the stigma of therapy and educate people that Anxiety is your superpower, not your weakness. I dream of impacting a million lives by waking people up to their own personal greatness and at the same time bringing flow and true abundance into my own life.

What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future? Pure and simple ‒ Freedom, Peace, Love and Flow. I don’t want a business and a life, I want a life that brings me purpose in all aspects and in turn allows others to step into that same reality. Who inspires you to be the best that you can be? My future self. What I know is that no one can inspire me, because inspiration without action is just a fluffy feeling that dies once that person leaves your life. One of the outcomes of my work is clients start to manifest the things they need, but many focus on inspiration, affirmation and procrastination, but the one thing 99% of people don’t realise is the most important aspect of the Law of Attraction is the last part action.

We look outward for inspired action, when in truth the answers to your greatness lie within. Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far. Learning that success is measured by the amount you fail. Success is an inside job, not another person’s opinion Success is sitting in fear and knowing everything will be ok Success is not having clients and worrying about how you will pay the bills, but at the same time spending time and money to move your dream forward and then realising that energy didn’t give the results you wanted, but it did give you the experience you needed. Success is writing an article no one will read. Success is laying one brick at a time so that one day you look up and you realise all that pain has built you the opportunity to serve more, but now your cup is full and you are serving from your overflow If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why? The biggest challenge in the personal development and wellbeing industry is fake personalities. When people say “You just need to change your mindset” it shows a lack of understanding about where that person is. When people focus on telling people “Do I have the product for you that will allow you to manifest 10K a month”, they are focusing on the wrong thing, money is energy and unless you understand what that means, you are robbing people of their purpose. One of the biggest things to change though is coaches who coach coaches, to coach coaches. Great impact comes in going into the darkness to bring people into the light, not staying in the light because you are too scared to face your own fears. I dream of allowing people to understand their pain as their power and that when you harness that, freedom flows in. Ultimately I believe we need to give people the opportunity to create a life that allows them to have the wisdom of an adult with the freedom of a child. To choose happiness over ego

Service over greed Self-love over self-loathing Where can people connect? If you have received value from this article, if any part of it resonates with please get in touch and please share this article because I guarantee there is someone you know suffering and this article may give them the courage to seek help. I am always open to speaking opportunities and podcasts to help serve, so if you would love to connect on any level then please do. On the 20th of March 2022 at 8 pm GMT I will be co-hosting an event to raise money for the people of Ukraine so I would love the readers to join me, we hope to bring light to the people of Ukraine and all those attending. You can register at

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