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Exclusive Interview With Ashley Elich – Personal Development Coach

Ashley Elich is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in guiding her clients to make bold life changes from the inside out. Ashley teaches the mindset practices needed to guide her clients to stop people-pleasing, hold boundaries, and release fear, judgment, and comparison, so that they can discover their dream life, take action, and feel confident in their future. Ashley guides her clients to follow their intuition and make the big moves necessary to change the course of their future.

Ashley Elich, Confidence And Mindset Life Coach

Who is Ashley?

I was raised in the south (Alabama, and I visit my family there often), lived on both coasts for many years (San Francisco and NYC) and I just moved to Florida, where I am enjoying the sunshine and beach vibes.

After many years of horrible dates and heartbreak, I met my husband in 2017, through work colleagues, and we married in 2020.

I fell into a career in event planning and fundraising after college (Roll Tide!) I was living a mediocre life of doing what I thought I was supposed to do. I thought if I checked specific boxes, like having a 9 to 5, then I would be set – I would be happy and fulfilled.

In my mid-30’s I decided that wasn’t good enough for me. I wasn’t fulfilled, even after doing what I was “supposed” to do with my life.

I had been living for everyone else, had no time to myself, and had no idea what I even wanted to do with my life.

I set out on a journey of self-discovery, increasing my confidence and trust, and deciding who I wanted to be instead of being who I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

It was through this journey that I discovered life coaching and put myself through coaching school. And then my life took some giant (and new and scary) turns.

I put myself through imposter syndrome, fear and doubt, the drama of quitting my 9 to 5 and enduring the judgment from others…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

As a life coach, what drives you?

Helping you to know and fulfill your deepest desires drives me. Teaching radical self-love so that everyone can have the confidence and freedom to live the kind of life they really want.

I know that we can all create amazing opportunities for ourselves, and I want to help my clients create their desired future.

What do you do for your clients?

I give my clients the confidence to make decisions about their future, to really decide what they want for their life.

And then I give them the freedom to stop caring so much about what other people think and to put themselves first.

And this confidence and freedom allow them to take the necessary action steps toward their desired future.

My clients learn to take a leap of faith on themselves, to trust their decisions, to love themselves freely, and to truly know who they are and what they are passionate about.

My clients have found their dream career, the love life they’ve always wanted, and they have found their true selves.

Who should hire/work with you?

You should hire me if…

  • you have trouble making decisions about your life

  • you are worried about being judged or disliked

  • you are impatient with your life and worried about your future

  • you know what you “should” be doing but you aren’t doing it

  • you often say “I don’t know”

  • you don’t know what you want or what you are passionate about

  • you feel lost about what’s next for you but you know you are ready for change in your life

If you are ready to feel confident in yourself and your decisions, and have the freedom to choose what kind of life you want, I am your coach!

What are your top 3 tips for getting started?

First, remember this – practice, not perfection. Oftentimes, we get wrapped up in how to do something “perfect” and if it’s not the idea that we had in our head then it’s not good enough and we quit our goal. You are practicing, not concerning yourself with perfection.

  1. Notice your brain. Build in pauses throughout your day and practice moving slower so that you notice when you are judging yourself and speaking harshly, or judging others. This gets in your way of having clarity around a goal or decision. Practice being kind to yourself – talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.

  2. Pause before making a decision, especially if you are used to always saying “yes” to others. Consider what you really want and what’s best for you. Practice saying no!

  3. Strive for feelings, not goals. Do you want a big promotion, or love in your life? What feelings would these goals give you? THAT is your core goal. How can you capture those feelings more often? When you can grab those feelings in your everyday life, you are more likely to take the action necessary to get to your actual goal of a promotion or love, for example.

What is your big goal?

My goal is to teach radical self-love because I know that when we heal internally, we can heal externally. The more of us who are empowered within ourselves, the more we can help others. When we are self-aware, being present, and enjoying our journey, we can all help raise the consciousness of the world.

I have a desire to teach this work on a larger scale, though for now, I greatly enjoy one-on-one clients and small group work. I believe that each of us is powerful and that with inner-work, self-love, and focus, we can all have what we want.

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