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Empowered Mindset Hacks You Can Achieve With Akashic Records

Patty is a transformational energy healer, author and spiritual teacher of the Akashic Records. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007 launched her self-healing path to soul empowerment and alignment,

Executive Contributor Patty Oliver

The Akashic Records constitute a vast, non-physical repository of knowledge and information about the universe. Each soul possesses its own unique Akashic Record, which can be intuitively accessed for guidance, insight, and manifestation in accordance with that soul’s distinct blueprint. This information is embedded in our DNA before we incarnate, meaning we always have access to our soul-level knowledge. The key is to learn how to access it.

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As a long-time healer and teacher of the Akashic Records, I believe this is the only spiritual tool necessary for profound life changes and manifestation, including the ability to release negative thoughts and emotions, fostering an empowered mindset. Your Akashic Record contains every thought, emotion, and action from all your soul’s incarnations, showing you precisely how you’ve reached this point in your life.

Your Akashic Record reveals the truth of who you are, free from ego or societal influences. By accessing it, you can identify and release negative patterns by understanding their root causes, which may include unresolved past-life trauma, ancestral karma and family conditioning, or misalignment to your soul gifts to name a few.

Healing negative thoughts and emotions and fostering an empowered mindset are essential for personal growth. Clearing karma and utilizing your soul gifts to manifest joy and abundance begins with believing you can, as we choose our behavior based on what we believe to be true.

Your Akashic Record is a powerful resource for gaining clarity on the root causes of negative thoughts and emotions and for rewriting outdated stories. Accessing your Akashic Record helps you remember that you are a soul having a human experience, and that your earthly existence has a much grander purpose than you might realize. Understanding why certain events occurred in your life, past or present, enables you to transform old scripts into new narratives aligned with your highest potential.

Three mindset shifts from accessing your akashic record for healing

1. Identify limiting beliefs

Past-life trauma might be causing you to hold back and hide your authentic self. Recognizing these patterns in your Akashic Record can give you the courage to take more risks and grow beyond your perceived limits. Limiting beliefs are often accompanied by negative self-talk. By bringing awareness to this, you can learn to speak kindly to yourself and become your own best cheerleader as you strive to improve.

2. Choose to see all experiences as learning lessons

We live in polarity and duality, which means we all will experience negativity at some point, defined by our unique set of chosen life experiences for each incarnation. When you can look at negativity as an opportunity to grow and learn, it becomes a game-changer in your ability to clear karma and take new action outside your comfort zone, both of which are required to manifest new outcomes in your life. 

3. Adopt a new perspective on abundance

Abundance isn’t just about money! It also includes having supportive relationships in your life, good health, and inner peace. Maintaining balance in all areas of your life is important to your overall well-being. Being too focused on just one form of abundance will create lack in another area of your life or cause you to miss opportunities.

Anyone can learn to access their Akashic Record for healing, transformation, and manifestation. You don’t need any special skills, and I will teach you how to do it in my Akashic Healing course, “Live a Soul-Powered Life!” 


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Patty Oliver, Energy Healer, Author, Spiritual Advisor

Patty is a transformational energy healer, author and spiritual teacher of the Akashic Records. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007 launched her self-healing path to soul empowerment and alignment, which she now passionately shares with others through soul coaching and spiritual online courses.



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