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Crafting Your Course Around The Transformation

Written by: Abbey Dyer-Amonette, Senior Level Executive Contributor

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As a coach, you have a unique gift to offer the world. Your skills, knowledge, and experience can help others transform their lives in profound ways. But how do you reach the people who need your guidance? How do you make a difference on a large scale?

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One powerful tool that can help you amplify your impact is creating an online course. By sharing your expertise through a digital platform, you can reach people all over the world and make a positive impact on their lives.

But creating an effective online course requires careful planning and execution. In this article, we will explore how coaches can craft their course around the transformation and create courses that have a massively positive impact on the world.

Step 1: Identify the Transformation

The first step in creating a transformative online course is identifying the transformation you want your students to experience. What is the goal of your course? What do you want your students to achieve? Take the time to really think about this question and be specific in your answer. People don’t pay for information; they pay for transformation.

Step 2: Develop Structure

Once you have identified the transformation, it's time to develop a roadmap that will lead your students to achieve that transformation. Your roadmap should be structured in a way that takes your students on a journey from where they are currently to where they want to be.

Step 3: Develop Content and Decide on Technology

The structure is the foundation to begin writing your content. Each module should build upon the previous one, and each lesson should be designed to move your students closer to their transformational goal. Determine the best way to deliver the course; whether that’s live or recorded. And determine the best technology needed to support that selected delivery option.

Step 4: Engage Students

Creating an effective online course requires more than just presenting information. To truly engage your students, you must create a learning experience that is interactive and personalized. Incorporate worksheets, workbooks, checklists, and to encourage your students to actively participate in the learning process. Provide personalized feedback and support to help them stay motivated and on track.

Step 5: Build a Community

A sense of community is essential for any successful online course. Encourage your students to connect with you and each other in a Facebook Group. By building a community, you create a support system for your students, which can help them stay motivated and committed to achieving their transformational goals.

Creating an online course that has a massively positive impact on the world requires careful planning and execution. By identifying the transformation that you want your students to experience, developing a structure and content that leads them to achieve that transformation and building a sense of community, you can create a course that truly makes a difference in the world.

So, go ahead and start crafting your course around the transformation. The world is waiting for your unique gift!

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Abbey Dyer-Amonette, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Abbey Dyer-Amonette is an Entrepreneur and Success Strategist. After several traumatic life experiences left her with self-doubt and anger, she found purpose and positivity by creating strategies to develop and maintain a success mindset. She is dedicated to helping others move past blocks and limiting beliefs, to create a life and business that lights them up. Dyer-Amonette has been a corporate leader for 20+ years, coaching and mentoring leaders with a Fortune 100 company. She also has a handmade product business that creates leather goods and jewelry inspired by nature.



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