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Bringing Us To The Heart Of Worthiness And Prosperity ‒ Interview With Gail Kauranen Jones

As an intuitive coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, I have a knack for quickly finding and releasing a client’s internal blocks. Additionally, I trained in neuroscience, with Dr. Joe Dispenza and others, in learning to rewire the brain for optimal outcomes.

What distinguishes my decades of work from more traditional coaches is the way I also use 40-plus years as a writer to help the client instill the “right” words to create rapid shifts. These words often arrive as “divine downloads” to me, and they are customized for each client.

Going one step deeper, I guide clients in building a strong sense of worthiness, from which they more easily and impactfully create a new life story and manifest prosperity in ALL areas of their lives.

Gail Kauranen Jones, Transition/Worthiness Coach, Author and Teacher

The pivotal moment:

This “worthiness” calling came to me after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Three different healers/health professionals told me that claiming my worthiness to live could extend my longevity. Hence, I dug deep for 10 years in learning all I could about worthiness, not just to stay alive longer, but to thrive in all areas of life.

I was so impacted by what I discovered, that two years ago, I rebranded my 20 year-coaching business, originally called Support Matters, to Shortly thereafter, I appeared as the guest “worthiness coach” on national TV (the Emmy award-winning talk show, The Doctors), national radio, and in some major magazines ‒ including yours (and I later became an honoree for your prestigious CREA award for my writing on mental health issues, particularly about worthiness and high, self-esteem).

The key message I want everyone to know about worthiness is this:

“WORTHINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB: It is not based on external circumstances. Nothing outside of you can give you the worthiness you must find within. Worthiness isn’t about what you have; it’s about WHO you are. We are all born worthy.” ‒ Gail Kauranen Jones

To become more prosperous—with money, relationships, health, or whatever your desired outcome—commit to building that inner foundation.

The missing piece in most abundance and Law of Attraction (LOA) approaches is that they fail to address the need to reparent ourselves, which requires doing “the inner child work” that reacquaints us with our innate worthiness.

That inner child must first feel safe in the new story to fully engage with it, and move beyond the familiar, limiting ways of being.

This is courageous work, and you must be witnessed by a competent professional or loving adult. For, the reason you don’t feel worthy, is you were not seen, heard, validated, and acknowledged in the nurturing ways you needed during the first six or seven years of life (or through a life curveball later in life).

Reading self-help books or attending seminars is rarely enough to instill a sense of worthiness. Learn more about the impact of that early life conditioning in this short, 3-minute video.

MY PASSION IS TWO:FOLD: Extending my worthiness platform to youth and helping others instill a new love-based model for success.

My first passion is to teach worthiness on multiple platforms for both adults and children. I am working on a dream of bringing forth an online program that can be delivered worldwide, trusting the right resources to make that mission a reality will arrive. I know I’m doing “my part.”

Adults who do their own work of creating a stronger sense of worthiness attract and become better partners. Then, if they become parents, they are their children’s first teachers, with an opportunity to guide their offspring in growing up feeling valued for WHO THEY ARE. I am certified as a high self-esteem coach for parents, educators, and children—in addition to all the other transformational work I do with clients based on my trainings in neuroscience and energy psychology.

We have a mental health crisis now, with one of out of four teenagers having contemplated suicide, according to the CDC. Every child has an innate, unique greatness. Let’s stop the pain with many of our youth “not feeling enough” and help them know they were born worthy.

My second passion, based on the foundation of worthiness, is helping clients create a love-based model for success. The old paradigm of hustle until you drop just doesn’t work in living a fulfilling, balanced life as we’ve seen with “The Great Resignation” in the workforce. And often that paradigm, which leads to burnout and exhaustion, doesn’t even produce the monetary rewards of prosperity for which we hoped.

In the prosperity classes I teach, I extend the focus to include building a loving relationship with money, aligned with our authenticity and “knowing our why.” Again, these teachings involve a lot of letting go of past conditioning to open to new breakthroughs in upgrading your finances. By using EFT, which I consider the best energy psychology tool, I help clients more rapidly release the past stories, trauma, and blocks around money.

I am particularly fond of teaching (and seeing results from) reframing money as a loving source of connection to others, which allows us to both give and receive more abundantly. Without learning to receive, we block prosperity. Receiving, and taking in, requires vulnerability and letting go of being in control. For many with trauma in their backgrounds, control became a protective mechanism, which unfortunately can block abundance subconsciously.

“STRESS, EXCESSIVE BUSYNESS, and BEING IN SURVIVAL MODE BLOCK PROSPERITY: Living from the higher, energetic vibration of prosperity benefits us all, yet contrary to what we’ve been taught about all the ‘productive ways of DOING,’ we manifest money (and health and other desired outcomes) best from creating a restful state first. I use tools that help you relax into greater abundance and well-being, that go beyond meditating.” ‒ Gail Kauranen Jones

My source of replenishment:

As a both a coach and writer, I spend significant time in solitude and reflection, especially in nature walking the lake outside my home. Often, I meditate on my clients before a session. Other times, just by becoming quiet, I get sentences or chapter themes whispered to me for whatever I am writing.

Increasingly, I have come to believe that my “alone time” has given me far more wisdom than all my trainings and certifications. I see it as a purification process, creating a clean slate or “Space for Grace” as I call it (which is the name of my next book in the works).

Adding play, which I do through hiking, kayaking, pickleball or even dancing of late, balances my life and further ignites my creativity. I have many stories around, “The more I play, the more money I make,” when the best opportunities came forth during the times I chose to disconnect from the world and indulge in downtime.

We need to listen and trust the guidance that arrives in unexpected moments. The title for my second book, “Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living,” came to me in the middle of the night after I initially vowed I would keep my healing journey private. I accepted then that there was another spiritual plan for me to share publicly how I brought love into the healing equation by clearing emotional stressors that contribute to disease. I believe my love-based approach saved my life, and later helped me (and many of my clients) rebuild finances as well. (Grievances, for example, block prosperity.)

My daily spiritual practice also connects me to wisdom far greater than my own and keeps me centered in living from love, which I believe is the ultimate purpose for all of us to be here.

Our job is to find and use our own unique expression of love to serve. It’s in service that we find our greatest happiness.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or visit my website for more information. Check out my free, guided meditation on worthiness on the home page. I also offer a complimentary 30-minute consult to explore guiding you forward on your path.



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