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Written by: Audrey Bartolomei, Executive Contributor

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Are you looking for THE JOB that will make you happy?

Yet, you don't know where to start, how or even what to do?

Many of us are going through these questions. I was one of them. Lacking a purpose in my life, looking for a job that will make me happy, but I didn't know what to do or even where to begin!

It is a long process of self-discovery, doubts and challenges. I know how it feels! That is why I have decided to make my life mission to help people find their passion.

In my journey as a coach, I discovered that when we are lost in our lives, it is often because we lost the connection to our inner child. I am convinced that we find many hidden treasures and natural motivations in the exploration of our childhood’s dreams/life.

In my interview today, Camille will share her story with us. She says: ‘I AM AT THE RIGHT PLACE TODAY’. How powerful is this feeling?!

Camille and I met in Singapore 8 years ago. Back then, she was working in marketing and I was in Business development.

Camille recently came back to France and decided to go back to school! In both ways: to study first and then to teach!

I was curious to know how she made it happen from ‘This was my dream’ to ‘This is my job’. Many steps, obstacles must have come on her way, so how did she make it happen? We will get many learnings from her journey. Let’s listen to her answers.

Audrey: Camille, you recently reconverted yourself into a teacher. Tell us more.

Camille: After getting my diploma in marketing, I went to Singapore for personal and professional reasons.

I started my first job in marketing, and it was an amazing experience!

When I was studying in Business School, my dream was to work in luxury marketing and become a manager at 30 years old. I wanted to have these clear career steps. At that time, it was the perfect job for me.

After a while, I asked myself if I was really happy about my job. I didn’t have a lot of holidays, I couldn’t spend a lot of time with my family, I was questioning the balance between my professional & personal life.

For many years, I was thinking of becoming a teacher or trainer. I had the opportunity to train teams in my job and I loved to share my knowledge, help people to improve, give them advice and be more connected to the ‘human side’ of business.

Three years ago, one of my friends - who did the same business school as me - reconverted as a teacher. And at that time I thought: ‘WOW, very lucky!’.

"You know, sometimes you see people that can do the job you really want and succeed at it."

What held you back from doing it too?

At that time, the main barrier for me was that I had to be in France to pass the exam to become a teacher.

So when my husband got a job opportunity in France, I had to quit my job and I thought that this could be a chance for me to do something else. We returned to France, and I was happy to find a balance and spend more time with my kids.

Yet, after 7 months without a salary, I finally decided to get back a job in marketing. I didn’t want to give up my dream to become a teacher, so I registered online to pass the state exam. On average, it takes about a year to prepare for this exam. Unfortunately, I had NO TIME to prepare for it: I had a full-time job, my husband was working a lot and 2 kids at home.

Months passed and the Corona crisis arrived. My company put me on partial unemployment.

I thought that this was maybe the time to think about my project. I took online courses, worked day and night and finally passed the exam after only a few months of preparation!

Congratulations! What was the trigger that made you do the first step towards your dream?

I was thinking about this project for a very long time.

Different events happened to push me to make it happen.

Coming back from Singapore to France opened the door for me to become a teacher. Still, I decided to find a job in marketing for financial reasons.

But I would say that the real trigger was the lockdown.

I remember watching TV and thinking that essential workers like doctors, nurses and teachers were helping people in a difficult period. In the meantime, I was thinking about my professional purpose and wondering what I was doing in marketing?

I always wanted to do something that makes me happy. I was asking myself: Are you really happy about what you are doing? What is the next step for me?

Now I am 30 years old and I work in marketing, like I imagined. I arrived at the point where I wanted to be. I couldn’t find my next step anymore!

Suddenly I thought: ‘That’s the time!’ If I don’t do it now, I will never do it.

I thought that this was maybe the time to think about my project. I took online courses, worked day and night and finally passed the exam after only a few months of preparation!

You decided that 'the time is now'. Still, I imagine that there were some barriers/doubts coming into your mind, a little voice finding all kinds of excuses not to do it.

Yes, of course! This little voice was telling me: 'I am already 32 years old, my life is comfortable now, I have the experience, stability, etc.' or 'If I try, maybe I will not succeed.'

There are a lot of doubts coming to your mind.

But then I said to myself: 'I will try! And if it doesn't work, I will go back to my old job.'

There were also some challenges in my life at this moment: I had 2 kids at home, my husband was still working, I had to take care of the household, etc.

Having the support of my husband and my family was very important to overcome this period. And as I said earlier, I studied day and night!

On top of that I had to prepare for the exam, but I didn't even know where and how to start: which book to read, etc.

You said, ‘I didn’t know where to start.’ How did you find the answer to your question?

It was difficult. I did some online research and joined a Facebook community to find a lot of advice and information. I suddenly didn’t feel alone anymore. I realized that we were many people in the same situation.

Joining a community was very helpful.

That is interesting. To start a project, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are other people going through the same. Reaching out to these people and getting their support and ideas is very helpful. You joined a positive environment that helped you move forward. I think this is key to succeed and achieve our goals.

Yes, and talking about the project was very helpful as well. Talking about it to family and friends to get their support is key. My husband even said to me: ‘Try. You have nothing to lose!’

During this reconversion journey, what were the beliefs that helped you move forward?

I was thinking about my kids. I wanted them to be proud of me.

Besides, I had this project for many years, but I was too busy in my daily life. I liked my job, but there was something missing. I wanted to do more of my life.

Reflecting on that, I am grateful that it happens now and not before. Six years ago, I didn’t have the same experience and maturity.

Would you say that being a teacher was a dream you had when you were a child?

Yes! When I was very young, like many girls, I wanted to be a teacher. My mom was a teacher, my grandfather was a teacher, I was always in classes with them. Yet, my mom never pushed me in that direction.

Growing up, I then wanted to be a pediatrician - doctor for children.

It was always about children actually!

And you became a mom quite young as well!

That's interesting. Your family passed on to you the passion for working with children, you grew up spending a lot of time in classrooms, but you didn't go in this direction immediately. You took another path, went abroad, explored yourself and now you go back to your roots in a way!

Exactly! :)

How did it feel to enter the class for the first time as a teacher?

It's very funny that you ask me this question. The children arrived and they said 'Good morning teacher!'.

"At this exact moment, at the first second, I felt: I am at the right place today."

I was not thinking anymore like I did in the past 'what am I doing here?' I was thinking I am going to bring them something and they will bring me something.

That’s so powerful! You knew in a second that you were at the right place.

When we doubt and we are not sure, it is because it is not the right place for us. That means we have to keep searching, keep looking to find this unique feeling to be at the right place.

Thank you so much, Camille, for sharing! I am sure that your story will resonate with many people.

One last thing, what would you like to say to the people that are reading this article and are hesitating to live their dreams?

You have to listen to your little voice, the positive one! Stop thinking about ‘one day, one day, one day…’ Time flies. You have to take time to think about what you really want to do.

"The first step is to try, not to succeed."

Don’t be afraid of what people will think about you. You need to try one time, two times, enough times until you succeed. It is very important not to try to not have any regrets.

Finally, surround yourself with people that give you good motivation and talk about the project! There is no stupid project.

In a nutshell: TRY NOW! Thank you, Camille & we wish you all the best in your professional journey! :)

If you are also wondering about changing your career to something that is more meaningful to you, here are the key learnings we take away from Camille’s story:

Time & money are the 2 biggest challenges people face:

  • Are you ready to take the time to prepare for your career transition? How can you make it feasible in your current personal situation?

  • Are you ready to earn less/invest for the time of the transition? How much less & for how long? Make a concrete financial plan.

Support: it is very important to get the support of people that are close to you.

  • Who can you ask for support in your family/circle of friends?

  • Are you part of a support group/community? If not, do not hesitate to join one that makes sense for you!

Mindset: Don’t be afraid to fail or fear what others will think about you. Just try! You have nothing to lose. As Nelson Mandela was saying, ‘I never fail, either I win, or I learn.’

If you don’t know your next move yet, explore your childhood’s dreams/life: what did you love to do as a child? Where did you love to hang out? Where were your parents working? How connected did you feel to their jobs growing up? By asking yourself these questions, you will find many answers, I promise!

Remember to be kind with yourself, you are on a journey.

And one day, I promise that you will have this feeling, too: ‘I am at the right place today’.

Suddenly, everything will make sense...


Audrey Bartolomei

You now have interesting tools to manage your career transition. If you would like to explore more, follow me on Linkedin, Instagram & feel free reach out to me directly!

Audrey Bartolomei, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Audrey Bartolomei is a passionate leadership & career transition coach. After living in several countries across Europe and South-East Asia, she recently settled in Switzerland. For many years, Audrey didn't find a purpose in her professional life until she reconverted as a coach 3 years ago. She decided to make it her life mission to help people find their passion. In her coachings, she uses modern and customized techniques. Her favorite one: the exploration of the inner child. She is convinced that it reveals many hidden, often forgotten, treasures and natural motivations. Today, Audrey is working with top-ranked business schools & leading international outplacement companies. Apart from being a coach, Audrey is a wife and a mom, two very interesting roles that are giving her a lot of inspiration!



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