An Interview With Executive Business Trainer & Mentor Jamie Adamchuk – How to Optimize Your Business

Updated: Jul 1

Jamie Adamchuk has been in the professional training industry for well over 11 years, serving executive management teams worldwide. He’s worked with multiple industries, including healthcare, restaurant & food service, heavy equipment, real estate, and coaching, specializing in Extraordinary Customer Service and Strategic Business Growth.

He's previously served with the Anthony Robbins Group of Companies as a Tony Robbins Certified Master and Platinum Coach, conducting in excess of 7000 coaching sessions, along with providing his services as a Tony Robbins Business Trainer.

He’s coached clients in over 30 countries worldwide, on 6 of the 7 continents, and has most recently traveled to Australia to do so.

Read the full interview with the founder of UE_Coaching Jamie Adamchuk below!

Jamie Adamchuk, Founder of UE_Coaching
Jamie Adamchuk, Founder of UE Coaching

As a World-Leading Professional Business Mentor and Expert, you help new and established business operators relieve unnecessary stress, scale their businesses, and finally step into the role of a true business owner. When did your successful journey as an entrepreneur start?

My journey as an entrepreneur started almost 14 years ago when I recognized where I truly wanted to be. I had to do something different than I was currently doing. At the time, I was a new father, working one of those “great” corporate jobs – the ones that gave you all the certainty that you could ever ask for. The only unfortunate thing about the job is that to be working where I was, I had to be living in the city, and no matter the amount of certainty that the job brought, with benefits, pension plan, and stocks, the $300.00 I had leftover after all the bills were paid was enough for me to recognize that as long as I remained working for someone else, I’d only be able to earn what they were willing to pay.

From that point, it took me several years to have the lesson really sink in. I experienced ups and downs through those years, experiencing only marginal increases in my income. However, it was the lessons I learned during that time that have made the biggest impact for me today.

It wasn’t until I had endured a very contentious divorce, persevered through the struggles of a child custody battle, experienced the loss of my father to cancer, had relocated my family several times due to that “secure” corporate job, and then ultimately losing that secure corporate job to downsizing that I finally decided to double down on me.

The incredible lessons that I was provided through all of this built a resiliency inside me and paved the path to where I now am. Those lessons ignited the passion within me to help committed, motivated business operators achieve their dreams of business success while never having to experience that same level of struggle that I did.

You were also a Tony Robbins Certified Elite, Master, and Platinum Coach, where you were selected as 1 of 12 people out of thousands of applications, which is a huge accomplishment. What did Tony see in you that sets you apart from many other business coaches?

I asked my trainers and mentors this same question when I became a Tony Robbins Coach and Business Trainer, and they narrowed it down to several key factors. The first thing was my level of energy. I possess an extraordinary amount of energy and infuse that into every segment of the content I’m training, which creates a highly engaging experience for my clients, unlike any other they’ve experienced before.

I also have a way to articulate content to my audience that creates a greater level of understanding and meaning, enabling those participants to have a richer experience and take away specific strategies of exactly how to implement the new knowledge immediately into their businesses. As we know, what is learned, practiced, and then implemented has the greatest chance of success over what is learned and then forgotten.

Business optimization is one of your top skills and qualities. Could you share 3-5 tips, steps, or secrets that businesses could use to optimize and leverage?

Absolutely. Rather than focusing on making massive changes, say increasing your workforce by 50% or doubling your client count (as those multiples an