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“A Tree That Does Not Bend In The Wind Breaks” – Spirit’s Words Not Mine

Written by: Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a shamanic practitioner, I am truly blessed to live a life of oneness. Part of that oneness is having the ability to receive beautiful messages from nature.

Beautiful pink languish rose.

Whenever I go through a difficult point in my life, nature always comes to rescue me from the depths of my despair. She puts me back on track to see the beauty within my pain. Like the moon, she represents the fullness of light in the darkness and reflects back to me its essential wisdom. Nature’s wisdom forever leaves me speechless and humbled. I hold on to much of her wisdom because sharing her would mean I must find the courage to share my own pain, my own truth. So here we go… Date: 8th June Spirit began my day by informing me that I needed to ground and carry out personal healing. When I arrived at the woods, I let my feet lead the way, and they brought me to a bench. Around the bench, I offered my seedlings as a sign of gratitude for the spirit of the land's help and protection. I often like to read my affirmations out loud, and the spirits around me come close and listen. So many of us walk around the woods with self-doubt thoughts that we find it interesting and rare to hear positive affirmations. When I finish reading, usually a white light door to the right of me opens where some spirits willingly enter to receive healing within the spirit world. Afterward, I was then asked to go into the woods and collect 7 pieces of Mother Earth's creations. I was led by the spirit to which I collected 3 pieces of bark from oak trees and 3 gorgeous stones, which I placed strategically on the floor. Leaving1 a light pink stone near my heart. I sat on the bench and grounded with Mother Earth as she opened up my chakras to cleanse and ignite the light within and lift my anxiety. I was then taken on a journey through my heart. I was shown a pink rose. This rose semi-morphed into a lighthouse. I called it the Rose House. The rose began to bend and faced me directly, beaming her light. I avoided her gaze, however after surrendering to the light, I heard: “You do not trust” The element air came forward quick and fast, and I heard,

“Lay back” I responded, “what are you crazy I would fall,” ‒ there was no back support on this bench.

I realised spirit was trying to teach me a lesson here, so I tried and surrendered. I was resistant, and I had this overwhelming fear I would break my back – I do not exercise you can imagine my core muscles shaking like an earthquake. I then heard:

“This is why you do not fly nor sore. You do not trust other parts of your body to lead for fear of failure or for fear of hurting yourself. In order to fly we must trust. Allow other parts of you to lead. This may look like allowing your hand to have a brain, your womb to decide or your heart to guide you. You have concentrated on only one muscle, your mind and have neglected the rest of your temple. Work in unison with your body, rebuild trust within you and allow yourself to fly.”

“Believe in ALL of yourself and who you are.”

I will be honest, and I’m still trying to comprehend whether, if I were to fully trust that day, the spirit would teach me how to fly literally. Or was it just a metaphor? My logical mind says the latter, and my spiritual mind says TRUST.

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Giannina Carlino, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Giannina has been able to communicate with spirit since childhood, after many years of suffering from a family curse, her perpetrators let their guard down and Giannina managed to break free and embody her spiritual gift. Giannina heard her calling to become a Shaman and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner. She has since quickly gained recognition for her transformational healings across the country, working alongside her parents, who are also Shamans.

During Giannina’s Shamanic ceremony, she was given the blessing of Mother Energy and draws upon Mother, to transform trauma and pain into forgiveness and love. She works closely to bring deep healing to individuals, buildings and land. – It is no surprise Giannina’s given shamanic name is Mother, as hidden within her name is GAIA.

Giannina’s passion is to help others and what better way than through her natural gift of spiritual healing? Understanding her role in this life is to leave Humanity better than how she found it; Giannina is the Founder of Humans of Humanity, where she offers Shamanic healing for all who seek it, she is also the CEO of Gentle Grow, where she sells conscious products.



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