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7 Habits Destroying Our Youth

Nathan Francis is a 30 Year old former school teacher from Australia. Nathan is a podcast host and youth self-sabotage coach/mentor who freely admits that his mission is to lift the self-esteem and health of our youth.

Executive Contributor Nathan Francis

Our modern society is littered with chemicals, poisons, habits and distractions to stop us from feeling what it is we need to feel in our reality. Furthermore, it inhibits us from stepping back onto the path of greatness or toward something better. In simpler terms, it keeps us stuck exactly where we are in life. As the saying goes, ‘comfortable being comfortable.’ Today’s generation of youth are picking up these habits and chemicals much earlier, which is quite alarming.

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As a society we have become super dependent on the ‘system’ and all of the fake entertainment that comes with it. By being this far off the path, you have forgotten why you are and who you are as a human. Our youth of today are yearning for something more meaningful to mirror, mimic and copy. Furthermore, our youth are mimicking fake ‘idols’ on their screens and in their ears… To top it off, they have these fake Instagram ‘influencers flaunting their plastic bodies, bums in bikinis, steroid-juiced-up muscles and abs, all while promoting the latest toxic skin care product or toxic whey protein… Yes, this is what our society has become. Hold on, wait there's more… All whilst promoting their ‘only fans’... What chance or hope do our youth have if this is the repetitive content being sinked into their subconscious minds?

7 habits that are destroying our youth

1. Technology/video games

Our youth are drowned in technology in this modern time… We have been a technologically reliant society and our youth are hooked… We have phones, TV, computers, video games, tablets, Escooters, Ebikes and so much more… Technology is being used heavily by our youth and it is affecting all levels of their health.


2. Smoking/vaping

Our youth today are heavily addicted to smoking/vaping… It is rife… Programming from TV, music and social media influencers that this is the cool thing to do, to be someone you must vape… Given the way our subconscious minds work in which they seek safety and comfort in the bigger group, this is the bait in the mouse trap for our youth. Vape sticks and cigarettes are destroying the health of our youth plain and simple.


3. Alcohol/drugs

As our youth journey through life alcohol becomes a chemical that they pick up… This occurs in so many ways such as… Normalisation through movies, tv shows, sporting clubs, ads/commericials, the culture amongst society and from the family home environment… Once hooked on the alcohol, then the drugs come in to play as they continue down this viscous cycle. Alcohol anf drugs are destroying our youth. Simply, there is nothing healthy about drugs and alcohol, even in ‘moderation’... They are proven poison to the human mind, body and spirit.


4. Porn/onlyfans

Sex is everywhere down here on Earth. Everywhere you turn… Movies, TV shows, magazines, and of course, the internet, which is where Pornography is free. Moreover, sexual energy is a powerful and extremely potent energy. Simply, it is life force energy… Think of it like this: the energy can create and birth a life, a human life. Our youth are exposed to pornography at dangerously young ages. Porn is destroying our youth, it is poisoning their brains, wreaking havoc on their central nervous system and altering their perception of women along with sex, love and relationships…Porn is free on the internet. Oh, I wonder why? In these modern times, we now have ‘onlyfans’ and sexual subscription platforms for everyday people to sell themselves online for a quick buck… See here.


5. People pleasing

People pleasing is rife amongst our youth in modern society… Through the schooling system, they are jostling for a position amongst a certain tribe… Whether it’s the ‘popular cool’ group or whatever the tribe may be, they are conforming and pleasing others in order to fit in and find their place… They may not like what that tribe is doing, saying, or thinking, but they will conform anyway because it's familiar and safe inside the subconscious… The part of the mind that seeks safety and comfort in the bigger group…


People pleasing is rife amongst our youth in modern society. The schooling system has them jostling for a position in a certain tribe. TV programming does not help this at all; take a look at any teen movie, and you’ll see. Simply, our youth are conforming and pleasing in order to fit and find their place… Because they are masking and hiding parts of themselves… This part of the mind, known as the subconscious, seeks safety and comfort in the bigger group.


6. Comparing themselves to others

The influence of social media is outrageous. Our youth on a daily basis are comparing themselves to others, especially people on their screens and to those around them… Whether it's a new flash piece of technology, the latest clothing material, or a piercing/tattoo, it really doesn’t matter. Why? Because they are disconnected from themselves and are pretending to live and be someone they are not… We need to encourage our youth to come back home to themselves and begin to love and appreciate the body they have inhibited for this human experience.


7. Junk food/drinks

The food that our youth are consuming on a daily basis is highly toxic and not real food… Simply, it is garbage. The fast food chains which target our youth are pumped full of toxic chemicals which would choke a rat. Mix in refined sugars, caffeinated drinks, sugar drinks, and even sugar-free ones. All toxic, any wonder why acne and skin problems are so prevalent amongst the youth… It starts with what they’re putting into their bodies on a daily basis.


As I stated before in this blog, there is hope for our youth of today. They simply need better and real, authentic role models to mirror, mimic, and copy. People who are moral, ethical and are leading by example each and everyday. The more people who are taking care of themselves and leveling up in their lives the better chance our youth have of succeeding and reaching their full potential… There is work to be done, but we will get there with patience, resilience and discipline…


You came here for a more important reason than playing small and being mediocre. You are worthy, you are enough and you are capable of amazing things… Go out there and be awesome


As always, reach out anytime, I am always here for you… Jump on my website to see my offerings if I can help you along your journey!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are!

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Nathan Francis, Youth Self–Sabotage Coach

Nathan Francis is a leader in the Youth Coaching space. Drawing from 10+ years experience inside the mainstream system, it became quite evident to him that the system is failing our youth. Nathan has dedicated his life to helping our youth unleash their innate human potential. He is the founder of where he offers 1:1 and group coaching programs. Author of Breaking Free: A Teens & Young Adults guide to identifying their addictions and overcoming them. He is also the host of the breaking free podcast.



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