7 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make with Hashtags That is Costing Them Exposure!

Written by: Stephanie Pye, Executive Contributor

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Hashtags don’t work, they’re no good!! The algorithm has changed and it’s glitchy! These are just some of the comments I was getting, so it was time to debunk the myths and lay it out and clear the air! When used properly, hashtags can help you reach thousands, if not tens of thousands of people (FOR FREE!!!). You’re probably thinking, that’s great, but why would I even want that?

What does more reach do for you?

  • ➡️More eyes on you

  • ➡️More eyes on your profile

  • ➡️More eyes on your products and services

Let’s talk about the 7 biggest mistakes people are making with hashtags RIGHT now!

1. Not using them at all

I see this all too often, accounts not even using them at all, but if you’re not sure how to use them correctly, which ones to use and when, it can be a little overwhelming.

2. Not using all 30 hashtags

Each hashtag you don’t use is a missed opportunity of an audience base.

3. Using hashtags that your competitor uses not your ideal audience

The last thing we want to be doing is attracting our competitors use, let’s use Hashtags your ideal audience uses.

4. Not engaging with the hashtags

If you work for IG, IG works for you!

5. Using hashtags that are too big and you get lost

If the hashtag is too saturated, you will get filtered down so quickly it is not effective.

6. Using the same hashtags every post

Keep them relevant but rotate through your day.

7. Not doing hashtag research and throwing hashtags together on the fly

This is not efficient or effective – Plan once, build your sets, and then just copy them over.

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