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5 Simple Principles To Enhance Your Career

Written by: Michelle L. Raymond, Executive Contributor

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One day, a young graduate asked her mentor, “what should I do with my life? There are so many choices. How do I pick the right one?”

Her mentor smiled at her and said, imagine your life and career as a river. You can get into your canoe and paddle upstream towards your dreams and goals. Towards whatever you deem to be your idea of success and happiness. If you reach this place, this destination you have set your mind to, you may feel exhausted.

Or, he continues, you could go downstream, with the flow, and steer yourself when you need.

If you are evaluating or re-evaluating your life and career choices, consider these five simple principles when

  1. Nothing in life is certain

  2. There will always be opportunities

  3. Less ego, more curiosity

  4. Honour those who helped you along the way

  5. Enjoy the ride

1. Nothing in life is certain

Whether you decide to paddle upstream or steer yourself downstream, there is no way of knowing what you might encounter.

It is easy to confuse certainty for preparedness. You may have the best survival training and the most hi-tech equipment. Heck – you may even be Bear Grylls himself! But even he cannot know for sure what life will throw at him.

In the same way, you can have a sort after qualification, certifications, letters of recommendation, a scholarship or years of experience to launch or relaunch your career. Even with all of that, there is no guarantee of success or certainty, even if you have well-intentioned goals.

Five-year plans are great but think about your life five years ago. Would you have ever considered your life would be where it is now?

There is no way of knowing what the future will bring.

Certainty is an illusion. It is born out of a need to control (the situation, others, etc.) and is a guise for insecurity.

2. There will always be opportunities

Whichever route you take, you will face crossroads and forks. They will require you to make decisions about what you want and need. And depending on your outlook, they will either be opportunities or they will be challenges.

Either way, be open to them, invite them, consider them and then choose. Maybe some will work out, whereas others won’t. Some you will see; others you will pass by without notice. Some you will embrace; some you will let go.

However, which way you navigate your life or career, do it with integrity and compassion.

3. Less ego, more curiosity

There will be times when you will feel on top of the world! Where the hard work starts paying off, and you feel invincible. But it is during these times ‒ when you are caught up in the excitement – that the ego needs a check-in. If it isn’t, arrogance, selfishness and pride come in; shortly followed by greed, obsession and validation. Then it becomes easy to value yourself based on your success or income, and you fall into an inevitable trap where you need to maintain these things to feel worthy and accepted.

There is nothing wrong with riding the wave, but know it is just a wave. It will pass. Other waves will come and go. The key is to remain open to the waves and not hold on to just one because that is impossible. By keeping a curious mind, we can naturally keep pride at bay while also enjoying the ebb and flow of life.

Curiosity is also a great remedy for stuck-ness.

4. Honour those who helped you along the way

It is wise to honour those who have come before you and those who have supported you. Remember your teachers, mentors, guides, and those who helped you through tough times. Those you met spontaneously who, with a story or quote, changed the course of your life.

Remember the people in your corner, those who had your back and believed in you. And even more important is to realise the impact and effect you have on others and what your words could mean to them on their journey.

Mentors and guides help to keep you honest and accountable.

Everyone needs support in some way.

5. To enjoy the ride

There is a delicate balance one needs to hold in life. It is between doing what is necessary to get what you want, and not taking life too seriously. To have goals and dreams, but not hold them too tight. To put in the hard yards, but also take time to play.

The girl looked up at her mentor, slightly confused and disappointed. He knew what she was thinking. This is not the answer you were looking for, was it? No, she replied. To which he said, can you still get into the canoe, ride the river of life and be ok with not knowing everything?

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Michelle L. Raymond, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Michelle is a multi-potentialite. She has worked in numerous industries throughout her career, gaining extraordinary experience and perspective. This has given her a unique ability to creatively problem-solve, strategise and connect with people on a deep and authentic level.

Her experience includes Executive and Leadership Coaching, Psychoneuroimmunology Diagnostics, Trauma Coaching, Relationship and Family Coaching, Young Adult Coaching, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting, Integrative Well-being and Spiritual Coaching. Michelle looks at things holistically and has a practical and "down-to-earth" approach. She is trained and certified in numerous methodologies and frameworks and thus can pull from her knowledge and intuition to find the best fit for her clients' journey and outcome.

As well as being an avid writer, Michelle also records podcasts and vlogs to promote conscious living, personal mastery, spiritual growth, healthy relationships and parenting and mental health.



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