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4 Ways To Quiet The Inner Critic

Written by: Erin Ekman, Executive Contributor

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How to Quiet the Voice of Doubt and Break Free of Limitations

Everyone has heard the voice of the Inner Critic at some point in their life. Everyone has fallen into the mindset of uncertainty and doubt at some point in their life. Inner Critics often show up at a time of change or transition when you are about to embark on something new and take a step into the unknown.

You may know this voice well, it’s the one that tells you that:

  • You are not good enough

  • This isn’t the right time

  • It’s selfish to make this change

  • What will everyone think?

  • What if it doesn’t work?

The voice of the Inner Critic is confusing, demeaning, and it’s holding you back.

What’s the purpose of the Inner Critic?

Surprisingly, the Inner Critic serves a purpose. If we pay attention, we will discover that the Inner Critic has become a part of the chorus of voices in our heads at moments in our life where we felt a lack of control or we were in a situation that created fear or shame. The voice you’re hearing now actually emerged to protect you from these feelings (whether real or imagined) and served as a warning sign for moments that feel familiar to those early events.

Unfortunately, as soon as this voice starts to limit you in any way, it’s a sure sign that the Inner Critic has overstayed its welcome.

4 Ways to Quiet the Inner Critic


The first step in quieting the voice of the Inner Critic is to become aware of it. Just by creating awareness around these thoughts, you reduce the power it has over you. Stop and notice what am I thinking and feeling right now as if you were a witness to someone else’s life. Notice the feelings that are present are you feeling doubt, uncertainty, fear or shame? These are sure signs that an Inner Critic is present.


The truth is, this voice is NOT you. This may be what you are feeling at the moment, but it is not who you are at your core. The Inner Critic will try to steer you to the safe path (even if it limits you living a full life) by having you doubt your ability and worthiness.

An easy and effective exercise to separate the Inner Critic from your sense of self write down all of the things your Inner Critic says to you and imagine yourself saying these things to someone you love. You won’t get far it all sounds too terrible, mean and untrue! You would never speak to someone you love in this way, so why would you do this to you?


Your Inner Guide will never steer you wrong it is the voice of clarity, intuition, and true alignment. Our Inner Guide is always there, but we are not always listening. It speaks in whispers, it doesn’t shout loudly or demand your attention. It waits patiently until you are ready to listen. The voice of the Inner Guide is kind, compassionate, and unconditional.

When do you last remember hearing or feeling the voice of the Inner Guide?

When do you last remember feeling connected to the most confident and clear part of who you are?

In nature? Listening to music? Dancing? Meditating? Doing Yoga? Riding your motorcycle? This is your gateway to the Inner Guide make it a regular part of your life and you will begin to hear the Inner Guide more clearly.


Nothing quiets the Inner Critic faster than to say, Thank you”. What do you believe the Inner Critic is trying to protect you from? Imagine yourself saying, “Thank you for all that you have done for me, but now I am stronger and I no longer need you. It’s time for you to go”.

We may never be rid of the Inner Critic entirely, but we can learn to quiet the voice of the Inner Critic and make space for the part of us that is confident, clear and ready to break free of limitations.

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Erin Ekman, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Erin is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the principal facilitator and leadership consultant with Centrivity Inc. She has worked in coaching and leadership development since 2009 and holds a Professional Co-Active Coach Certification (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute. Erin is passionate about developing people and teams as they actively move towards their personal and professional goals, and partnering with organizations that recognize that their people are their greatest asset and pathway to long-term success.



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