3 Steps to Becoming a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur, and What Your Soul has to do With it

Written by: Amber Dietz, Executive Contributor

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You know that little voice that keeps calling to you? You know the one, it gets loud when you get that 5 minutes of alone time in the shower, before bed, or on a morning walk that is telling you to pursue something over and over again? It’s that gut feeling, and that notion to do something like move to a new city, leave the job, start writing again. That is the fire in our soul that gives us direction on what we should do, yet we so often push that voice deep down because we are so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t even give it a chance to speak up.

Maybe that voice is telling you to write that book, start that blog, live your life as a painter, travel the world for a living. Whatever direction it is giving you, we tend to ignore it, but its telling you the exact steps becoming successful with your soul on fire.

I remember being in my cubicle, day after day, & year after year always looking out the window knowing there had to be more to life then simply dreading the weeks, being on survival mode and it always feeling like Groundhog Day. My soul kept calling to me that I was meant for more, but I kept pushing it away because of all the limiting beliefs that I could actually do something else in the world than the 9-5 I dreaded. There was always the opposing voice that said, “I don’t have the time,’’ ‘‘I don’t have the education’’, ‘’I need to wait until the kids are older to follow my passion’’ and on and on.

That voice became louder and I finally chose to listen to it. I took the leap even though I didn’t know how I do what it was telling me to. Following that voice led me to travel the world, and then becoming an entrepreneur and helping others do the same. I figured out my soul always wanted me to chase my dreams and then show others that it is possible for them too.Once I aligned with that fire in my soul and kept following its guidance, the success happened effortlessly.

“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion” -Oprah Winfrey

In our digital age, it is easy to get consumed with what seems to be working for everyone else that is bringing them success and copy that. But, you will quickly realize that it is not going to bring you the same success if it is not your passion. You must listen to that voice, find your zone of genius and let the success come your way easily.

Here are 3 steps to being a wildly successful entrepreneur:

  1. Figure out what your genius zone is – This can be the hardest step because we are so close to our genius zone, we don’t even realize what comes naturally to us yet is exactly what someone else needs. Not to mention, since we tend to ignore that voice that is guiding us, our passions get lost from around age 10. Find out what your genius zone is by grabbing a pen and paper and brain dump all the things you love to do. This includes the things you did when you were young that you have not done for 20 years. Then, write down all the things that family, friends, & coworkers ask you about all time. Think about if you had to speak on stage about one topic you love, what would that be? What hobbies and activities light you up when you are doing them? Make this page messy as needed, just get it all out of your head and soul. Next, circle what stands out and overlaps. The things that you love the most by what you get asked about the most.

  2. Riches are in the Niches – Whether this is the first-time hearing this or the millionth, it has never been so true. When you know what you like to do and then narrow this down, this is where the magic happens. If you found your zone of genius to be about helping others with health, you will want to get more specific. Will it be on low carb diets? Keto? For Moms only? The more narrowed down you can get, the better. Don’t think that narrowing down will narrow your audience, it will do quite the opposite. Once you have it narrowed down such as, a Heath Coach teaching the Keto Diet to busy 9-5’ers, you are going to see your tribe of people show up.

  3. The sweet spot- This will come easy when you are aligned with what your soul is telling you to do, plus what others need. Once you have figured out what you would love to do most on this earth, and then have narrowed it down to be specific, the last is to understand those you will serve. Although your soul is light up with excitement to pursue your passion, you cannot simply decide that it’s exactly what everyone else wants. Get to really know the person you want to serve and what they need from your expertise. Get to know their lingo, their desires, pains and pleasures. Write all of this down and know your ideal client very specifically. You can then road map with exactly what they are asking for, with your expertise and that is exactly the sweet spot to success.

Once you have your genius zone, your narrowed down niche, and know how to serve your audience, the universe aligns, and this is where success flows easily as an entrepreneur.

Whether you are just starting out by following your passion, are currently down the road of entrepreneurship, or have been doing it for 10 years, ask yourself if what you are doing is setting your soul on fire and if it’s anything less, start back at step one. Now that you are listening to that voice, that burning desire on your soul, you can live beautifully untamed and build a business doing it.

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