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Why The Best Coaches Are Highly Intuitive

Written by: Anik J. Malenfant, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How much easier would your job be if you could read your client's mind?

The best coaches out there are incredibly intuitive by nature. They know precisely which questions to ask and how to word them to help their clients gain inner clarity and awareness to move forward.

They know when to press on and when to ease off; When to prompt and when to circle back around to keep their clients open and comfortable during the discovery process.

They know how to put their finger on exactly what is holding their clients back.

They can clarify and reframe what the client is trying to express but is struggling to identify.

These fantastic coaches are masters of their craft because they tap deeply into a higher wisdom, not found in any book. What’s their secret sauce? Simple, they're tapped into their intuition.

You, too, can tap in and master your craft!

When you delve into energy psychology, it is crucial to acquire the skills to “know thyself” to keep your fears and ego out of “the work.” To be a master of your craft, you must have a deep level of discernment between your higher perception and your fear mind.

As your intuitive capacities develop, you must continue expanding your discernment capacity. It needs to keep up with you; otherwise, intuition can quickly shift from a blessing to a burden! As a coach, you’ve experienced transformation and growth within yourself as well as with your clients, and you know that each expansion has a natural cycle.

Contraction, void, expansion, void.

In every phase, there is an opportunity for growth and wisdom, as well as an opportunity for your ego and fear-mind to get out of balance. These phases will show your gaps in growth as you move through them and into “new territory,” and by their very nature, expand and transform you personally and professionally.

It is vital for both you as a coach and your clients to “know thyself” so you are able to discern between the soul and the ego (check out my article Discerning Soul vs. Ego for a deep dive on the how-to’s).

To be able to discern when the client wants to change from when they want to want to change, will save you endless hours when you are able to effortlessly include it in your practice. Your clients will have a better experience, and you will avoid wasting time and energy.

When you can keep your own fears and thoughts at bay; When you hone in on precisely what the underlying motivators and goals are for your client and discern between the voice of their fears and their deepest desires… Immediately, the ride becomes so much smoother and enjoyable for all involved.

That’s why, when growing my business, I focus on developing my intuition and continuing to expand my capacity for discernment. I work to create unity in my “inner committee” to hold space for my clients and lead by example, as I support them in gaining inner unity to reach their goals with joy and ease. Because we all know, everything is that much harder when you are busy fighting with yourself.

Taking the words right out of their mouth.

There is nothing that develops rapport and trust with clients more than when you pluck the exact words out of their heads and use those in the process of inquiry. You know what I’m talking about those moments where my clients say, “It’s like you're in my head.“

My clients feel confident and safe because I get them; I can clearly observe the workings of their inner minds and read the vibe they are putting out. This skill makes illuminating their path so much simpler and allows them to easily explore their opportunities for transformation.

The best training for a coach is founded in moving the practitioner forward and embeds personal development within the professional practice. The most effective method I have found is ThetaHealing. It dramatically opens up your intuitive capacities and is founded in growing your level of discernment as you expand your intuitive skills. Your result is a clear and focused perspective, better able to help yourself and your clients make powerful transformations, overcome challenges, and achieve goals.

I know you have the motivation, the drive, and the compassion to be a great coach… Now I want to help you unleash your true magnificence. If you want to unlock your true coaching potential and develop the skills to help you and your client, it’s time you switch your focus to your own intuition. It may feel counterintuitive to help yourself to help others, but trust me, it will be a major win for you and your clients!

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Anik J. Malenfant, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Anik guides leaders, visionaries, and change-makers to connect their inner wisdom, awaken their gifts, and embrace their authenticity, empowering them to be the catalyst for change they came here to make. Managing a multi-million dollar firm by the age of 30, Anik found herself feeling unfulfilled and empty at what she thought was the top of her career. No longer able to stay complacent, she courageously took a leap of faith and surrendered to her soul’s call transforming her life into one that nourishes her soul. Now, she illuminates the path to empowerment, purpose, and prosperity. Anik blends cutting-edge science with time-tested spiritual practices in her work as a Certified Instructor, Educator, and Coach.

Her philosophy is simple: “Unlock your Inner wisdom, own your zone of genius, and allow your soul’s purpose to thrive.”



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