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Why September Feels Like A New Beginning For Business Owners

Written by: Zuzana Taylor, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Zuzana Taylor

As the calendar page turns to September, there is a sense of change in the air. Summer's end brings cooler weather, falling leaves, and the promise of a fresh start. For many, September feels like a new beginning. Kids go back to school, and we can benefit from harnessing the energy of this transitional month. Here's why September might just be the ideal time for you to embrace new opportunities, set goals, and reinvigorate their ventures.

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1. Back-to-school

Even if your school days are long behind you, September often triggers a "back-to-school" feelings. It's a time associated with learning, growth, and setting goals. We can tap into this collective energy to refocus our efforts, learn new skills, and implement fresh strategies.

2. A season of change

In nature, September is a season of change. Trees shed their leaves, making way for new growth in the spring. We can use this time to shed what no longer serves us, whether it's outdated practices, unproductive routines, or unprofitable offers and services. This creates space for creating something new and fresh.

3. Q4 preparation

September marks the beginning of the fourth quarter for many businesses. It's an ideal time to review financials, review your progress, and create strategies for a strong finish to the year. Planning in September allows you to set marketing campaigns, promotions, and initiatives for the Q4 and Christmas.

4. Reflect and reset

The change of seasons invites reflection. This is a great opportunity to take stock of your accomplishments and challenges so far this year. What worked well? What needs improvement? September offers a chance to reset goals and adjust strategies accordingly.

5. Energize your routine

Returning from your summer holidays may bring a refreshed perspective and newfound energy to your business and the way you work. Harness this enthusiasm to make the most of this energy. Perhaps for brainstorming sessions, new projects, or collaborating. Don't let this energy go to waste.

6. Networking opportunities

September is packed full of events, conferences, and networking opportunities. These events can be valuable for your business to connect with other likeminded business owners, gain insights, and explore potential partnerships and opportunities.

7. Reconnect with clients

As we all settle back into our routines after summer, it's an ideal time to reconnect with your clients. Reach out with informative content, special offers, or updates on your business's progress.

8. Embrace new beginnings

Ultimately, September is a reminder that change is constant and that new beginnings are always within reach. If you embrace this mindset and you can tap into the energy of the season to innovate, grow, and pave a path for success.

September represents an opportunity for you to align your strategies with the changing seasons and the energy of new beginnings. By taking advantage of this transitional period, you can set your business on a course for growth, innovation, and prosperity in the months ahead.

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Zuzana Taylor Brainz Magazine

Zuzana Taylor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Zuzana Taylor is a holistic transformational business coach, and Accredited Certified EFT practitioner. She empowers women to build the business and life of their dreams… whatever that looks like to them. Through her unique approach, she helps you turn your intuition and spiritual strengths into your superpower, so you can attract dream clients and create limitless growth!


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