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Why Celebrating Business Success Is Essential To Boosting Resilience

Written by: Kelly Perry, Executive Contributor

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In today’s volatile, uncertain, and complex world, resilience can be a key component to business success. The good news is resilience is a skill that can be learnt and developed.

One way resilience can be enhanced is through celebrating successes along the business journey.

According to Feder et al., (2013) taking time out to do this can switch on the neural circuitry benefit reward of the brain. It releases dopamine, our feel-good compound, and increases our chances of adaptive responses to challenging situations in the future. This ability to recover from challenges, and even become strengthened by them, is termed as resilience.

Three further reasons on how celebrating business success can enhance resilience are:

Enriches positive business association

Celebrating business success can increase optimism and positive emotional association, which are key factors in improving resilience (Baker and Baker, 2021). Dedicating time to stop and celebrate wins can increase the likelihood of when challenges and setbacks arise, that grit and determination will prevail.

Focuses attention on success techniques and creates cognitive flexibility

Allocating time to business success and reflecting on how these eventuated, allows deliberation on the strategies and techniques which contributed to overcoming challenges. This insight and reminder to what has worked is a supportive, solution-focused approach. Practising a success focus can also contribute to cognitive flexibility, which is the ability to switch from a negative to a positive mindset improving thought clarity, determination, and resilience. (Feder, et al., 2013).

Improves confidence in the ability to meet future challenges

Research has found reflecting and celebrating success can boost confidence in one’s ability to take on future challenges. It can create a snowball effect of continual belief in extending oneself to achieve business vision, even in the light of challenges (Baker and Baker, 2021).

Allocating time and effort to celebrate business success can enhance resilience. This is achieved through improving optimism and positive business association, creating cognitive flexibility to a solution-focused mindset, and improving confidence in overcoming future challenges. This skill can be a vital component in managing business challenges in this complex and fast-changing business world.

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Kelly Perry, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kelly Perry is an ACA Registered Counsellor and creator of the Business Women’s Resilience Program. She was inspired to create this program after founding the Sports Science Education Institute and discovered it wasn’t her technical knowledge or business skills which were the most impactful but the ability to handle tough business challenges. Today she educates businesswomen on how to gain resilience and counseling techniques to enhance their business and life.



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