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What Are The Akashic Records And How Could They Help You?

Written by: Kylie Feller, Executive Contributor

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I had heard whispers of what the akashic records were when I was younger but never felt pulled to them until recently. The akashic records are an energetic library that contains each soul’s existence within it. It is guarded by the Master’s Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLO). This includes your spirit guides, ancestors, angels and other guardians and light beings and some not-so-light beings that can be found in this space as well. Which is why it is good to be careful when playing in other dimensions. Creating a safe space with clear boundaries and clearing your energy regularly is important.

It was not until recently that I felt called the Akashic Records. I had received a very powerful reading from a friend and had begun hearing other people talk about being guided by intuitive forces in the form of therapy I was practicing, Internal Family Systems. I began to wonder if the Akashic Records were away into the intuitive guidance we sometimes receive, those hunches or feelings that can guide us sometimes, maybe it was coming from the records.

My background is very academic and so I entered this spiritual world with a heavy dose of skepticism but there is no denying the energetic shifts that happen when you open the Akashic Records.

I was recommended to the Akashic Records Coach and Trainer Amy Robeson. She has a strong practice of attuning people into the records and teaching them how to access and move about in this space. Since I felt guided to this training, I took her levels 1 and 2 and I found there was no denying the power that exists within this space.

History of The Akashic Records?

The akashic records have been known throughout human history in many different civilizations such as the Egyptians, Tibetans, Mayans, Moors, Persians, Greeks, Jews, Druids, and Indians before reaching the awareness of the western world. In the ancient past, it was only priests or special healers who could access the Akashic Records but there are a few esoteric traditions that explain anyone can access them.

Each of these ancient cultures has believed that there was a celestial plan that exists that contained the history of mankind and every spiritual notion. The Akashic Records have been also identified as “The Book of Life”. The first western mention of the record is by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) who was the founder of the theosophical doctrine. Other individuals who pioneered metaphysical studies including the Akashic Records are Alice Bailey, Charles Leadbetter, Annie Besant and Manley P Hall. Edgar Cayce also popularized the Akashic records in his Soul Readings. Rudolph Steiner also studied the Akashic Records and provided readings.

What is Possible In the Akashic Records

There is a lot that is possible in the akashic records, even beyond what I am consciously aware of. The history of people using the akashic record shows that people receive not only guidance but also deep healing in the Akashic Records. It allows us to bypass the normal working mind and body of humans and can provide profound shifts in consciousness and health. It gives us direct access to the unconscious mind where a lot of what dictates our behaviour, beliefs and feelings are stored. I have just begun to explore and wander into the Akashic Records, and I will share what I have witnessed so far in the records and what I have been able to support my clients with them.

I have found that each practitioner who is trained in the akashic records can provide a very different experience, the Akashic Records will use the individual who is accessing the records and each individual is a bit different. How an individual is trained I believe also impacts the experience with the akashic records.

6 Ways The Akashic Records Could Help You

1. Working With Your Bodies:

In the akashic records, you can better understand different elements of yourself such as your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual bodies and your inner child, ego and different aspects of yourself. This is the area I am most comfortable in the records as it is similar to the work I do with Internal Family Systems. What I have found though when I open the records and do parts work with my clients the protective aspects of a person are less defensive. It is as if the person's system knows we are in a safe space and thus they allow for deeper work. I have found this very effective for people who have complex trauma that is needing to be healed.

The Akashic Records can create a space where you can get to know these different elements of yourself and work to restore any imbalance that might be happening within that is negatively affecting your current reality. If any of your bodies or parts are struggling it is hard to feel good in life. The Akashic Records can help offer understanding, healing, and balance within.

2. Past Life Regression

The Akashic Records are easily able to help you access past lives that may be impacting you today. If you have unresolved issues or pain in a past life that has resulted in a part of your soul getting stuck there it can impact you in your day-to-day.

I recently had a client who in a past life was killed because of the way she spoke and thus she suffered from a fear of public speaking and speaking in general in his lifetime. We were able to go back and heal this past self so she could feel calmer in this lifetime when she needed to use her voice.

Sometimes our fears and barriers in this lifetime are not from this lifetime but from a previous life where part of you is stuck. The Akashic Records can help find these places and offer your previous selves healing. When you do this, you also receive the gifts your previous self may have had to sacrifice to carry their burden.

3. Future Self Guidance:

You not only have the ability to access past lives but also can sometimes access your future self. When this occurs, it could be due to being stuck in life or not being able to make a decision, sometimes a future self can come and give you some guidance.

4. Chakra Balancing:

Within the akashic records, it is easier to see and feel what areas or chakras in the body might be out of balance. I was trained how to use crystalline energy to help clear out different blockages that might be in the body. Also, your chakras can hold previous lifetimes that are needing healing. Exploring your chakras in the akashic records can shed light on what is out of balance in this lifetime or previous lifetimes and then gives you the pathway and tools to heal it.

5. Direction and Clarity:

When you access the Akashic Records you make contact with the guardians of the records the Master Teacher and Loved Ones (MTLO) that will pass on information and healing to you. Therefore, it is possible to ask the MTLO different questions that will help guide you in your life. I was trained in a way where I do not just give you this information but rather help you to experience the answers for yourself, so it feels more like truth for you.

6. Entity Clearing/ Healing:

Just like there are light entities there are also dark ones that feed off fear, trauma, and pain. When you begin working within the psyche of individuals and the Akashic Records you will begin to run into different entities light and dark and lots of neutral ones that might just be stuck, souls. Many entities you run into are often spirits who have gotten lost and do not know they can evolve and move towards the light. Others are attached to people to use their energy as they feel they need this to stay alive, again when these are found you can offer them away to the light so they can evolve and if they do not want to you can banish them from the system.

I feel like a lot of people's mental health struggles and even psychosis could be the result of an entity. This idea and possibility give me a lot of hope as many people who fall into major mental health or psychosis have limited options and hopes given to them. If it is indeed an entity like many traditional cultures also believe it could be removed and the person can again gain access to their source of energy and sovereignty. Many people in our culture, especially if there is a history of trauma do not know they are sovereign beings and lack the ability to say no and thus they are easy targets for entities that feel they need an energy source.

Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about the akashic records. I also have a podcast episode where I talk about my experience in Akashic Records and how I have seen it help my clients. I will also share my experience with an entity I found in my own system and how I was able to clear it.

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Kylie Feller, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kylie Feller, M.A., is a registered clinical counsellor and life coach. She specializes in helping people understand and heal trauma while connecting them to their own innate healing force, their True Self. She believes that there is nothing people cannot heal and that all individuals can thrive and flourish if given the right formula. She has also launched an online program to help individuals navigate dating in a way that promotes greater growth and healing called, Swipe Right into Loving Yourself. She is a trained Internal Family Systems therapist, Empowerment Coach, Akashic Record Coach, Reiki Healer, and Yoga Teacher. She works with individuals one-on-one online helping them to access inner transformation so they can truly succeed in all levels of life.





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