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Unlocking Success – The Transformative Power Of Understanding Your Team

Written by: Claudia Romero, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Claudia Romero

In seeking a fulfilling life and a thriving work environment, I have always advocated for prioritizing simplicity and efficiency. It is not about cutting corners or doing the bare minimum; it is about finding the right approach that minimizes stress, boosts productivity, and grants us the precious gift of time for both personal and professional pursuits.

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My approach to life, the foundation of my business, led me to create the SOUL Productivity Method—Simplify, Organise/Optimise, Understand, and Leverage.


I believe that we can do more with less stress, that we can free up more time, and that we can get the results we want without burnout, overtime and creating a toxic workplace. I also believe that my approach will work not only for you as an individual but for your team as a whole.


Previously, we explored the Organise/Optimise aspect. Now, let’s delve into the third, and arguably the most crucial part of SOUL: Understanding.


Time for some understanding

Understanding revolves around you, your environment, and the team dynamics you foster. It begins with self-awareness—knowing what drives you, what suits you best, and aligning your work style accordingly. Armed with this self-awareness, you can tailor your approach, make informed decisions, and work in harmony with your intrinsic strengths.


Unleash your energy

Ever notice that certain times of the day make you more productive? Recognizing your daily rhythm allows for better planning and a more fruitful day.

For instance, being a night owl, I reserve my peak focus hours for demanding tasks during the evening. I then schedule tasks such as admin which require less thought and focus for other times of the day.

Apply this principle to your own day—are you a morning person or more alive post-lunch? Track your energy highs, plan tasks accordingly, and extend this insight to your team. Aligning tasks with their peak energy levels can significantly enhance results and wellbeing.

Of course, tailoring things to suit everyone is impossible – and there are times when starting big new tasks is unavoidable – but working to the times that work for the team, whenever and wherever you can, could make a real difference to results and wellbeing.


A sense of place

After understanding yourself and your team, evaluate the impact of your physical environment. Identify and work around potential disruptions, it could be as simple as avoiding meetings (online or in person) for times when alarm tests are scheduled or when you know that a noisy delivery or pick-up regularly takes place.

Consider how team placements affect concentration and tailor the workspace accordingly. These seemingly small adjustments can create a more conducive environment for productivity.


Do not fear failure

Understanding extends beyond people and places; it includes acknowledging failures and celebrating successes. It's not about assigning blame or dwelling on the negative but extracting lessons for future growth. Embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, use them as stepping stones for improvement, and develop strategies for future success. Failure, after all, is a catalyst for meaningful progress.

Take the time to assess what works and what doesn't, identify patterns, and leverage people's strengths. A little understanding can pave the way for significant positive change. Discover the transformative power of the SOUL Productivity Method—where personal and team success meet through the clarity of understanding.

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Claudia Romero Brainz Magazine

Claudia Romero, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Claudia is a highly skilled consultant with a Business Management background who specializes in productivity, business resilience, and time efficiency. She understands the challenges faced by senior executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who have to balance their careers, relationships, and personal needs. She has a non-traditional approach to productivity that has been praised for its simplicity and effectiveness in overcoming overwhelm and burnout, helping leaders increase team productivity, achieve consistent growth and increased profits. As a captivating speaker, Claudia delivers top-quality masterclasses on achieving success in all aspects of work and life.



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