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Unleashing Your Inner Leader in Times of Change

Written by: Angelie Kapoor, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise


I’ll be completely honest with you. I’ve been working on writing an article for the past couple of weeks. I’ve found that with everything going on in the world and here in the U.S., it’s difficult to get my thoughts straight, know what things are best to write about and be able to put together an article that will be helpful to others and not just sound like I’m writing in order to vent or in order to reclaim some sense and organization to my thoughts and feelings.

But then I think, with everything going on currently, I’m not the only one struggling with their thoughts and feelings, so maybe this is exactly what others need. To hear that they are not alone.

What keeps coming up for me is how drastically things have changed in the past few months. How what we once knew as normalcy seems to be long gone and how a new “normal” is still questionable; it’s still evolving, seemingly its identity very far off from existing at this time. And how here in the U.S., we are now also finding ourselves working through deep-rooted issues that have been long overdue in awareness and in seeking effective solutions. This is an added aspect of our current situation of uncertainty and change. And can understandably add to the overwhelm in our processing.

So much change in such a short period of time. And many huge, drastic changes. Historically change, especially on the scale and speed in which it has occurred in the past few months, may not be processed well by many. Typically whenever a change occurs, it can be uncomfortable. It can bring about resistance as well as growth. But in order to grow from change, you have to not fight it and be open to its lessons and possibilities.

When you think about it, great leaders have emerged from times of uncertainty and change. I’m not talking about people who are famous or who have big names. Commonly people think of leaders as having certain titles or having certain positions and having some type of authority or power. Other times people think of leaders as being born. That there are certain skills, qualities and talents that are needed to lead which certain people have this natural tendency and the required abilities.

This, I believe, is a misconception. We tend to overlook or not consider the leaders that emerge who do not necessarily have titles, positions or natural leadership abilities. You can find these people every day, throughout the day inspiring, motivating and supporting others. People who do not just have a goal but a brightly burning passion for accomplishing that goal. A passion that inspires and empowers. You can find these leaders in the workplace, in your neighborhood, your community. You can find an amazing leader staring back at you every time you look in the mirror.

You, me, everyone can lead. We all have the innate qualities needed to lead, to be a leader. We are leaders of our own lives. We all have goals and desires we want to accomplish. We all have things we are passionate about. We all have it in us to influence and inspire. And we all have the ability to learn to develop our leadership skills with proper tools and techniques.

Your inner leader is needed now! Now more than ever, as we together navigate this historical time of uncertainty and enormous change.

It’s time to unleash your inner leader, utilize your inner power and strength in order to strive forward. It’s time to lead through the discomfort, be open to the lessons that are being presented at this time, and the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

We’ll need to utilize our innate qualities in order to lead ourselves and in some cases, others in setting goals in order to progress and thrive through this time. These qualities include but are not limited to:

  • Integrity – being honesty, reliable – being able to be counted on and being fair

  • Humility – taking the time to listen to others, being mindful, practicing gratitude, and being smart and brave enough to ask for help when needed

  • Confidence – believing in yourself, being positive and having a growth mindset

  • Empathy – the ability to learn to stand in someone else's shoes in order to see what they see and try to understand what they feel creating a realization that someone else's feelings, their pain are just as meaningful, as important as your own

  • Passion – having strong emotions, an intense desire towards success and accomplishment

  • Courage – the strength to conquer and overcome fear or difficulty

We will all need to utilize these qualities and others to be the leaders needed in accomplishing not just our personal goals but the bigger, larger goals we want and need to accomplish as a people, as a society. We will all need to utilize our passion to influence, inspire, motivate and support each other through this time of evolution and revolution.

Allow your inner leader to see obstacles and turn them into opportunity.

A quote from Robert Schuller sums up this time and what is needed rather nicely, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

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Angelie Kapoor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

After 17 years of working her way up the corporate ladder, Angelie Kapoor is a Leadership Empowerment Strategist. She has years of experience, skills and passion for helping and supporting others to succeed as well as coaching and spiritual mindset tools which have positively impacted her life in various ways. With her achievement motivation and results driven approach, she helps ambitious, outgoing, hardworking spirits create a deeper level of fulfillment and balance in their careers and at home. Here is what she says about her work: "We are all meant to shine. We were all given all that we need to create and live the lives we truly want and desire. I help people, mostly women, discover their light, inner power and strength to approach accomplishing their goals and desires with clarity, positivity and empowerment. I help my clients grow and develop in a space where they feel safe, comfortable, are challenged, motivated, have accountability and are celebrated for their successes as well as who they are."



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