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The Revolutionary Decision-Making Process For CEOs – The Clarity Process Unveiled 

Written by: Darla Delayne, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Darla Delayne

Are you wanting a business that leaves a legacy after you’re done working or even generations from now? Then you have a vision about it, a big one, a dream so big that you probably didn’t even tell anyone about it at first, right?

A photo of businesswoman explaining the business plan.

Having the reality of this legacy vision happen in the relatively short time you have during your life to set up, build, grow, and scale it to that level, all comes down to one vital action… YOUR CEO decision-making.


The key to legacy: CEO decision-making


Decisions have to be clear, convicted, and committed in a way that is inspired, fresh, locked in without doubt, and with multiple avenues of allowing the outcome to happen in record time. In other words, you need a revolutionary approach to what would ordinarily take way too long to allow that legacy business to happen.


Implementing that will have you running your business like a visionary CEO surely creating long-term success without working harder. It won’t happen if it’s not set up for this; there’s just not enough time, which can feel so frustrating.


The turning point


Believe me, I understand and I have created a legacy business but it wasn’t always like this. Eight years ago I was walking down the streets of New York bawling my eyes out behind my oh-so-stylish sunglasses…


I had just left the courthouse where I was told there was nothing they could do, I had been wiped out. I lost my awesome New York apartment, my kids were going through a lot dealing with what was occurring and all I could think was, “What the heck just happened???” I had done everything the “right way” and still felt like it just wasn’t working for me for some reason. I knew there had to be something different than what I had been doing because this kept happening to me and what I wanted to build was going to take way too long. I was done and ready.


So the search began.


With my education and psychology background, I knew I could find a way around what had NOT worked in the past in HOW I was approaching my business. This led to creating a system where I got off that major drop in revenue (and emotion) roller coaster and achieved some consistency plus started rocking out my personal life without having to put in more time because frankly, my kids needed me too.


But, I wasn’t growing fast enough to create this legacy I was envisioning so I assumed it was something I wasn’t doing. As I looked around at other businesses, I reasoned I needed online marketing training, robust automated funnels, paid ads, to get better at sales, a great offer, or something. So I signed up for and did everything they told me to add these tactics and not only did I not grow, I started not to enjoy my business anymore. Truthfully, I hated it… so technical, doing things I didn’t like and I lost myself, and along the way, the clients I wanted to help and the focus was all about the machine and the algorithms. So that wasn’t the answer.


I began tweaking how I was working, my time management, and some other helpful areas but the most important change I made was to shift how I was making decisions and what I was doing after the decision was made.


The shift in decision-making


Eventually, I started having even more time for myself and the people and projects I loved —and I wasn’t losing anything. I was enjoying my business again, I had more fun and fulfillment, I felt better physically and emotionally, my kids were doing better, plus I was making more money.


Using this revolutionary decision-making process I continue to break my records and attract dream clients that often reach out to me. My clients use this process and are finding joy in working in their business again, working less while increasing profits and making what used to seem impossible to them not only possible but a reality.


Creating a new system


Over several years, I dedicated myself to the creation of this system, engaging in extensive research, undergoing trial and error, and refining successful approaches drawn from a diverse range of disciplines such as:



I also discovered the biggest hang-up, and what most often holds us back in how we make decisions, is the huge difference between choices and decisions.


The challenge: Choices vs. Decisions

When you act without decision, clarity, and certainty and just make a choice, you leave your actions open for the possibility of other choices. The minute you move forward, doubt will creep in and your brain will be uncomfortable with the newness and throw a different choice your way out of fear. You won’t be able to set up goals or intentions that will get follow through because you don't have clear priorities. And you certainly can't decide what to do over a long period or be able to have a plan for the week or month that moves you forward. Oh, you’ll find plenty to do but it won’t be things that make a difference. Your actions in general will be reactive, instead of proactive from a place of empowerment and vision.


During that time when I was creating this process, I was in such a low place that the first one I tried this on was making a DECISION to find some happiness no matter what was happening in my life. And believe me, there were some tragic and traumatic things happening. I figured the worst that could happen would be that even if I didn’t get anything I wanted, I would AT LEAST be happier and that was better than how I’d been feeling and I’d count that as a win! So I practiced my unique revolutionary process on this decision and the outcomes way outperformed any expectation I had and I knew I had found the answer.


A revolutionary decision-making process


My unique business model, Growth Driver System, begins with this decision-making process I call the “Clarity Process” and it’s one of my 12 areas that support skyrocketing consistent growth without working harder.


The Clarity Process consists of 3 steps to getting what you want easier and faster through a unique decision-making and follow-through process. None of these ideas are new but what is revolutionary are the steps and the way they are combined.


Step 1: Clarity


In the first step, we make a clear, certain decision. To do this it’s imperative to,

a. Feel the connection

This is where you connect your heart, wants, and desires in a way that has you in touch with what you really want, not what you think you need. It also connects us to our source or higher power and the energy vibration that aligns with love, appreciation, and abundance.

There are several ways you can get this connection, here are a few:


Meditation quieting the mind to connect to the heart

Movement as in walking, dancing, skipping, or hopping up and down

Laughing smiling, laughing, giggling

Location let’s call this your “happy place”


Next, we allow,

b. Free flow of choices

These come from all the areas of your life and business where you want to make this decision. You ask yourself the question, “If I could have                                                      anyway I want it to be, what would that look like?”


This is the focus to begin the free flow of choices. Almost like a movie you’re watching or swiping left or right on an app, you begin from connection to let your heart and soul sift and sort through the choices or possibilities. That means all of them. having no judgment here is vital. This is anything, anyway. What do you want with no boundaries, no limitations, no duality of hard or easy, worthy or not, ready or not, etc? What do you really want?


And lastly, get to the,

c. Full on yes

This is where we move from choice to decision, from uncertainty to clarity. Feeling our way to the yes, following through on more scenarios, checking in for where you might be holding back or settling. Reconnect if you need to if you start judging it. Reconnect if you need to go deeper and come up with more possibilities. Go deeper and deeper and keep asking, “What if” until you get to the yes, yes, yes, this is exactly what I would want if I could have it any way I want it!

That’s your decision.


Step 2: Conviction


Within Conviction, there are three actions to take. The first one is a mental process.

a. Knowing it is done

To be convicted in your decision it might take some deconditioning of what we’ve been taught culturally and remembering and embracing an idea that is backed by science and spirituality alike. Ask and it is given. ASK leads to believe which leads to know.


Once you create the picture in your mind of what this decision is and how you want it to turn out… it is done, energetically at first. You saw it, right? It WAS there so it IS there. As you ask for what you want, or decide that’s what you want, the fact that you made a decision leads to believing and over time leads to knowing. Think of asking like placing the order and you believe it will be delivered so you know it is on its way. Done!


After getting to the place of knowing, you can feel there's a difference between “I believe it” and “I know it.” Knowing is deeper, it's in your gut, it's in your solar plexus, it’s in your power. You may have heard, “If you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it”, let’s just change believe it to know it and see how that shifts how you feel.


From here we want to help our brain see this as truth so we,

b. Vision it done

Now you will lock in this clarity decision by seeing it done and adding a high-vibe emotion so that your brain will accept it and allow it easier. This is the part in the second step of conviction in knowing that assists this allowing by removing the resistance of disbelief or doubt.


So let’s expand on the original issue you wanted clarity and a decision about and ask, “Now that it is done, who am I? What do I do? What is my life like? What else awesome could happen? How do other people react to me?” This is not a second asking, it’s a fun time of seeing what it looks like now that it is already done, enjoying it, eager anticipation, and playing in it since it is already done.


As you do this you’ll feel the excitement grow and it’s time to.

c. Celebrate

A high-vibe celebration deepens the knowing in your brain so it thinks it truly must be done because you are celebrating it. Get more excited thinking about all that you just envisioned and do some dancing around, jumping up and down, yelling, “Yes!” Locking it in like this with a deeper knowing helps to remove doubt and resistance which supports allowing ourselves to receive the outcomes we want.


Step 3: Commitment


After we get Clarity in our decision and have Conviction through knowing comes the long-term commmitment to allowing it to happen through our actions. In allowing we step out of the way, let go of the how, release our grip on the outcome and we are in the action of opening our hands and hearts in receiving. So…


How will it come in then? Through the path of the least resistance we have to it being here.


What is receiving? It’s open arms, hands out, and no pushback of doubt, worry, or looking at that it’s not here yet resistance. There is a feeling of worthiness, of course I can have this, I ordered it, asked for it, and I KNOW it is done so I’m just patiently waiting for the “package” to arrive.


So what am I supposed to be doing?? Your job is to widen that path of resistance so it can occur faster, easier, and even better than you could’ve imagined.


Here are some tools that help release the resistance and allow.

  • Emotion commotion. Notice your emotions, they are signaling whether you’re aligned with that clarity decision being already done or not. If you feel calm or better you’re allowing, if you feel bored or worse there’s resistance to letting it happen.

  • Intention attention. Wherever you give your attention expands and your intention is how you feel thinking about that decision being made and the outcomes of completion.

  • Pivot. Shift out of negative emotions to allow a higher vibration of allowing. A quick easy tool to pivot feeling resistance is to change the physical way you feel by looking at something else, laughing out loud, or jumping up and down. This doesn’t mean shoving down or ignoring your emotions, just get some relief to then regulate them and not let them gain momentum.

  • Appreciation. Practice appreciation which is a super high vibration and supports allowing and removing resistance.

  • Increase momentum. When you feel calm or better, stay there awhile and increase the momentum of energy to work for you towards what you want.

  • Inspired actions. These are the “how” and the what “to do” that will come to you as inspirations, intuitions, gut feelings, etc., and will allow the outcomes you want much easier and sometimes faster. Only take actions that you’re inspired to do, that you want to do, no should’s, have to’s or need to’s.

 A new approach to business


If you are ready to know that you can expect an end outcome you want instead of the hopeful, business model of trying what has for sure not been the right thing, then you need a new approach, one so revolutionary it shifts everything for you. The Clarity Process can do that.


Check out for more details on this process or other courses, programs, resources, and specifically, The Decision Escalator Mini-Course for the complete training on the Clarity Process. Want a free cheat sheet on these steps? Click here.

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Darla Delayne Brainz Magazine

Darla Delayne, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Darla Delayne is a master coach and speaker whose expertise in educational psychology has served her well in her 35+ years in business. With experience ranging from the real estate and entertainment industries to several direct sales businesses, she got her start by selling encyclopedia’s door to door after she left public and corporate education. Darla is founder and CEO of SHE’S C.E.O. that empowers women to skyrocket success and multiply their time through a fusion of mindset, energy and business structure and strategy. It offers business coaching as well as in-depth courses for startups through scaling. Darla’s mission is to make business education available to women around the world.


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