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The Must Items In Your Wardrobe For Your Special Events, Conferences And Client Meetings

Written by: Lisa Joans, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Lisa Joans

Have you ever wondered why some people when they enter the room, they already get the audience attracted to them at speaking events or client meetings? 

Photo of woman in her pink attire.

Why is that? Why is that that they are top sales performer in the company they work for: technology, finance, government, luxury. 

The reason is they know what to wear and they dress well. They always look super elegant and classy. Their suit or dress is from high quality luxury sustainable fabric, and they look fantastic. 

The colors they wear match their profession and personality. 

No matter what your skin tone or hair color and body shape is, you can also look exceptionally unique during your important meetings, presentations, and conferences. 


First impression is so important, and it takes only 3 seconds to make a good first impression. 

For those who are still in challenge how to increase your personal brand through fashion. 

I would suggest to always in your wardrobe as a woman especially to have an elegant business dress: black dress is perfect as it could be matched with different jackets. Do not be afraid to play with colors and add more visibility to jackets, blue, red or white are perfect jackets suitable for black dress. 

I also recommend having a full suit with the same fabric and as a designer for me the quality of fabric is important. As the founder of the luxury brand Lisa Joans, we always choose to work with Italian fabrics and manufacturers. 

Make sure when you buy a suit and you choose the one which is made of the same fabric in one color, choose velvet silk, and duchess fabrics those are high-end quality products. 

Next item could be outfit which is divided by mix of colors and materials such as skirt and jacket and different trousers and jacket. 

When you choose a jacket, I recommend you to be bold and choose a jacket with pattern design that means that a part of the jacket has pearls or a Swarovski pattern, and that small item would give you more sophistication and class. 

Sometimes also a simple outfit which is made from beautiful silk or line shirt and trousers with an elegant belt as an accessory with heels make a huge difference. 


I would highly invest in those items whenever you do your shopping so fabrics: high-quality sustainable Italian production such as velvet, duchess, satin, cotton, and line. Be bold with a pattern design on your jacket or dress, to give it a bit of shine on your fabrics so that it will make a huge difference in your total look. 

Choose also fabrics which are unusual such as: jacquard velvet with stamped design and pattern. 

I would recommend checking our website for your inspiration and take some inspiration for yourself or contact us for styling consultancy. 

Or think about the brand such as: Armani, Cost, Chloe, Massimo Dutti, Pinko Guess 

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Lisa Joans Brainz Magazine

Lisa Joans, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Fashion Designer Accademia Del Lusso in Milan, Accademia del Lusso trains the key professional figures that operate within the sector, from fashion to marketing, brand management to fashion design, and fashion communication. Founder of Lisa Joans Luxury brand for special events based in Switzerland made in Italy. Her mission is to help women be the best version of themselves by creating customized elegant luxury collections for important events, such as business meetings, weddings, and events on stage. Fashion is a communication language. You are your personal brand, so what you wear is what you communicate to the world. Lisa wants to not only sell products but also educate her target audience of women in leadership.



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